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  1. Stories exist of players tearing their ACL and finishing whole games afterwards. While on field methods can diagnosis most tears the only way to truly determine one is with an MRI. So if their is no sign of swelling or loss of knee stability a ACL tear diagnosis can be initially missed.
  2. Dont buy it. If Smith had us propping up the table for over half the season then he would be gone and everyone here would be happy to see him go. You ask why Smith gets seemingly more leeway than Bruce and it's obvious. Smith has met every marker laid out in front of him and given us some amazing performances along the way. You have to go back to the MON years to find the last time Villa have been this entertaining. Put it like this, if you were playing FM and you went from 17th to 10th and the chairman binned you off at the end of the season you would call the game a cheat and as
  3. You look at Lingard right now and you immediately wonder what could have been had Barkley maintained his early season form. That's the one transfer we have to nail this summer. This team desperately needs a second creative outlet next to Jack.
  4. Not really an enigma. It's not like we haven't seen footballers who were excellent finishers but absolutely daft at other aspects of the game. He hustles, gives his all and a couple times a season will turn up with absolute class finish. Shouldn't be starting most games but you would be crazy if you said he cant do a job for us now. Keep it up Trez
  5. Think we got our answer on why Arsenal sold Emi. First year in the red for the last ten was 2019 and then COVID hit. Selling Emi was their one move they had to balance the books.
  6. Why do we need to get more defensive? Our problems isn't defending we are second in the Prem in clean sheets. Our issue is scoring goals. Playing someone like Nakamba or better version we acquire in the summer isn't going to help at all with that.
  7. Yes he was a #6. Xabi Alonso was another. Thiago Alcantera and Frankie De Jong are two more who come to mind. A DLP plays just in front of the back line and is always the most defensive of the midfielders on the pitch. His main goal is to gather the ball either by winning it or collecting it from his CBs and open up the attack with pinpoint passing. That's our Douglas and against teams where we will have the majority of possession he's a must start for me. If we want to improve the DM options then for me we find a better version of Nakamba. Nothing against him, I love his energy
  8. The final bottom 3 will not include Fulham. Newcastle most likely then Brighton unless they remember the game is about scoring goals and not how many pretty passes one can string together.
  9. And a Deep Lying Playmaker is a DM. He may not be the destroyer everyone is clamoring for on here but he is playing a DM role.
  10. So now you draw the line on a small sample size. Never stopped you before.
  11. Only one game so by no means a full evaluation but the one game where he played a more advanced role, Newcastle H, he looked awful. He has shown no ability to play the #8 role. Doesn't have the dribbling skills or the athleticism. If he doesn't play as a 6 then I'm not sure how you get him on the field.
  12. You didn't say whether they rated him or not you said unwanted. Arsenal rated Leno and considered Martinez surplus to requirements. Funny how you don't even mention Mings who was definitely unwanted and not even rated by Bournemouth. That 25 million is a bargain now for the English international.
  13. It's obvious he's still suffering. As you said, no burst at all. Wouldn't be surprised if he had an operation after the season was over. The injury doesn't look like it's going to heal on its own.
  14. Mings is another. It's almost like he gets it wrong on purpose.
  15. Loves the cross so much it's like he gets tunnel vision. Turned down so many on the floor passes to send in another aimless cross. Good on defense but I'm ready for Cash to return so we can get our right side attacking again.
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