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  1. Exactly. Second time Bamford flopped to get a Villa player sent off. Would have fooled a championship ref. I was happy Mings man handled him. word removed deserved that and more.
  2. First time we had played from behind all season and it showed. Our press which is only halfway decent on a good night absolutely fell apart at 1-0. Pretty much every aspect of our game got worst. It's moment like these that I remember we don't have a single field player older than 27. We got mentally disjointed and no one on the pitch was able to snap the team out of the mental haze it had entered. Live and learn, we didn't play that bad, but you can't quit like that just because you concede one goal. Smith will need to get right on addressing that.
  3. I felt the game was pretty even at the end of the half. The first 15 belonged to Leeds but we were pretty even for the last 30. This was a game where Leeds took their chances and we didn't. We had an xG of 1.5 and got nothing. Feels like yesterday was our luck evening up a bit after we got a couple lucky ones versus Liverpool.
  4. Doesn't make sense. Then they assume the risk if anything happens (injury, loss of form......) between then and the end of the window. Price doesn't change between the January window and summer so why not spend all season evaluating then pull the trigger in the summer. Even if he does go, as the most obvious departure, Lange and company should have a number of replacement options in mind. If current form continues the one that scares me the most would be a club coming in for Konsa or Martinez. Or some other player we didn't plan on leaving. Then we are scrambling and that's a terri
  5. I think Bielsa is spot on. Leeds fluffed their chances in the 1st half and allowed Wolves to find their footing. Wolves looked dire in the first half. I know they are trying this new 3-5-2 out but man it is definitely not clicking yet. The xG chart from the game shows leeds had the lion share of chances in the 1st half. What's funny is that this was Leed's main issue all of last year in the championship. Can't put away chances. Leed's movement off the ball is very good. They like to overload one side of the pitch sending 3 runners at 2 defenders. Worked great against Wolves in the
  6. Yep, real interesting to see what Leeds try on Friday. They can try that high line press at their own peril. It will be Liverpool version 2.
  7. Just a Twitter rumor now but it looks like VVD has done his ACL. Man City looks very pedestrian this season. Prem is wide open.
  8. With us out of the league cup and no european campaign their really isn't much football to go around. About 40 games total if we make a FA cup run. Jack is a nailed on starter on the left. Maybe he misses a couple games for injury/rest but ideally he plays 30+ for the rest of the season. On the right we have Trez and Traore to split 40 games. Notice I haven't even mentioned AEG. That doesn't leave much playing time at all for a new wing player. If I'm Buendia or Benhrama I'm looking at our lineup and thinking where do I play. If the manager says I'm being signed as injury cover th
  9. I still have hopes for a wage cap but I agree, it would seem a longshot. I do think one way to stop teams from stockpiling talent would be to ban loans for anyone over a certain age. Loans as a developmental tool are an excellent way to help the growth of a young footballer. Loans like Villa getting Barkley off of Chelsea only allow teams like CFC to over sign senior players then use the loan system to alleviate their squad bloat. The limit could be a certain # of first team appearances. Once you hit that #, and a team wants to get rid, they either come up with an agreeable transfe
  10. Agree. I think most here have forgotten Jack was carrying a knock into the Liverpool game. It's obviously still bothering because that was a pretty bulky wrap he had on his hamstring versus Wales. Gareth did Villa a massive favor keeping Jack on the bench for the last 2 games.
  11. Seems like it would be enough right but it isn't. I got lost on the TIFO Youtube channel one time. In one of them it went over the various bonds ManU has issued over the years. To keep it short United pretty much can only miss the champions league group stage 2 times in the next 7 years. When you make that kind of promise the best way to ensure champions league is just to make yourself a permanent member of the league.
  12. Honestly a euro super league wouldn't be that bad of an idea as long as it had promotion/relegation with the associated national leagues. Of course we all know the major european clubs will want a closed league to ensure/protect their revenue streams.
  13. No doubt the English game is at a tipping point. Right now, if the winner of the Championship doesn't immediately spend upwards of £100 million on squad improvements they will finish bottom of the Prem. Teams like Sheffield United buck the trend at times but if they don't start spending at the required levels then they too will be sent back down. Presently, a club's wage bill is one of the key ways to determine league finishing position. That is a fact that holds true at all levels of the pyramid. If true goal is to restore a fairer competition level then a hard salary cap on wages/tran
  14. Seriously, the Other 14 have a simple question that still hasn't been answered. What's in it for us? Why would any club outside the Big 6 vote for this.
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