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  1. Rightdm00

    Ezri Konsa

    Yeah, definitely suspended. Never heard of a yellow card being rescinded.
  2. To be honest we deserved that goal. We missed two clear cut chances earlier in the half. Let's hope ManU figure out a way to turnover City so we can get some revenge.
  3. Oh man they can't get Trez off the pitch . I counted at least 100 head rubs and at least 400 back slaps.
  4. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Hand up that was me. For the most part I have always seen 3 in the back as a negative formation. This is what changed it for me. Mings and Konsa are so comfortable on the ball. They easily make up for a lack of that 3rd midfielder. Especially if that 3rd midfielder is going to be Lansbury or Hourihane.
  5. Trent Alexander-Arnold moved from the wing to fullback. Pretty sure Targett was a winger as a youth as well. That seems to be the trend and I'm all for it. I'm I'm going to play 3 at the back I would rather my fullback have a nice set of offensive skills rather than be a defensive stalwart.
  6. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    It was a great quote. Also, Dean has Bruce figured out. Hasn't lost to him yet. Long may it continue.
  7. It's just people bias showing. If you think Dean is a poor coach then you turn that comment into something negative. If you work at a job where your boss is not open to comments or suggestions from his subordinates then that sucks. You should find a new job.
  8. Villa Trivia Right or wrong the answer is always Jack Grealish.
  9. Are we really arguing that strength isn't an integral part of excelling in a contact sport? The biggest difference in Jack's game between now and 4 years ago is that he is strong enough to ride the challenges of prem level defenders. Another example, Aaron Connolly, the 19 year old striker from Brighton, got bullied by Mings all game. It was almost comical how easily Mings would ease him off the ball. You can go down the list of technically excellent players who truly didn't become stars until they physically developed enough to deal with getting clattered by grown men 90 minutes every week. As far as Louie Barry goes, he is a stick. Which most 16 year olds are. Imagine him getting clattered by Mings once or twice. We wouldn't see him again for weeks.
  10. Wolves could easily get the winner here. Liverpool look out of ideas.
  11. Was looking for the xG thread a couple weeks back for some reason. Didn't realize it was hiding out here. xG is a tool nothing more. Funnily enough our xG has gotten worst since our switch to 3 in the back. We are allowing far less shots but now they are of much more efficient quality.
  12. Just to second your point. With Luiz/Nakamba starting we took the lead versus Burnley and Leicester in the first half then held on for dear life in the 2nd. That really isn't sustainable. 3 games into Drinkwater starting and we had 65% of the possession versus Watford. We definitely score more than 2 goals if we have an actual striker in the lineup. Drinkwater has his faults but having options off the bench to change the game is something that Dean has been lacking all season.
  13. We will obviously tell them to stuff it. They need something though. They don't finish top half without Rashford.
  14. That's fair I can leave it there. As a wide defender myself I always hated it when the CBs expected me to pick up the huge CF while they did **** all trotting around the penalty spot marking empty space. Just felt the need to defend my boy Guilbert their for a sec.
  15. ManU lose this and we may hear about a 70 million pound panic bid for Jack. They look that ineffective in the final third.
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