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  1. Yep, and the expected goals from that game back up our style of play as well. Dean's style of play so far this season is to press upon losing the ball but only in short burst. Afterwards we drop into a low block pretty much inviting our opponents into our half. This stretches teams out and opens them up for the counter from our inside forwards. That low block is what opens us up to conceding more shots than the average prem team. The majority of those shots are bad shots though. The xG from the Brighton game had them at 1.32. So those 20 shots were mostly from ineffective areas. Our xG was 2.92 so we definitely generated far better chances and should have at least scored one more. Norwich game was the same way. xG of 3.68 for us and 1.85 for Norwich. We concede shots but they are mostly from poor scoring positions on the pitch. Then on the offensive we are consistently generating shots from effective scoring positions and then also scoring bangers like the 2 Douglas has put in. To summarize throwing out a stat like shots conceeded without any other info really doesnt say all that much. Also, if anyone is curious our league position based on xG goal difference is 11th so we are exactly where we should be right now.
  2. Probably the second worst game we have played this season but Jack Grealish is just so damn good.
  3. Grealish grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. Love our CAPTAIN!
  4. Rightdm00

    The NSWE Board

    Wow Randy Lerner's last big F you to the club was selling Villa to that fraud of an owner. What was his fit and proper test? " Tony Xia please pat your head and rub your tummy."
  5. Were you around for the MON years? Then you would remember us starting the season on fire, MON naming the same 11 every week and just when a Champions league spot was within our grasp those 11 players would lose game after game due to fatigue. This board complained every week as MON named an unchanged side. Rotation is a necessity in the Prem even more now that every team is required to play a pressing style of defense. Not rotating players is definitely going to end up costing us. Thankfully this season our only worry is not finishing lower than 17th.
  6. That article makes a couple great points especially the one about Nakamba being the first line of our defense. It then throws in that awful line about Nakamba being an average at best because he completes 84.5% of his passes. As others have mentioned that's a joke of a stat if you are trying to say Nakamba isn't Prem quality. Still, our midfield has been very porous all season with teams not having to work very hard to get the ball into our final third. I am pretty sure Ming's wishes he didn't have to make multiple goal saving blocks a game. Dean took the first step to address that issue by moving Grealish to the wing. The next step, especially versus stronger opposition, will be pairing Douglas with Nakamba and using both of them to help defend the middle 3rd. Also, just to be clear Nakamba is definitely a prem quality midfielder. I would almost venture to say that outside of the Top 6 we have the best midfield in the Prem.
  7. I mean what else is he supposed to say? He is in a brand new country, a brand new team, new culture....I could go on. The last thing he wants to do is create a flash point. Many minorities grin and bear racial issues when the only other option is to stir the pot. That is why it's important for the Club and other stake holders to speak out, have Nakamba's back in a sense. The response by everyone involved has been spot on so far. Which as a black kid who was always the only little black dot in the team photo's it's been great to see.
  8. And in the 3 Prem games before the last 2 we allowed a total of 1 goal. Our defense is more than adequate to maintain our Premier League status.
  9. Barnsley played a suicidal high line and made that Brentford front line look AMAZING! Hopefully he kick's on from that game and justifies a move by the winter window.
  10. This article pretty much shows that Mcginn is pretty much playing off of Wesley sometimes even ahead of him as the second striker. He really isn't doing a lot of the midfield work, which is fine because he is our #1 goal threat, but it shows why we had to get that extra midfielder in the lineup. Can't wait til we get that double pivot lineup. Douglas & Nakamba with Mcginn, Grealish, and one of our wide men behind the striker. I feel going forward that will be our preferred formation.
  11. Exactly. He just signed a new deal right after the window closes. If he leaves it will be for a stupidly high fee.
  12. You defend from the front. Once we have an attacker running at our back line that means two lines of defense have already been played through. Currently we sorely lack steel in the middle of the park. Teams have been playing through our midfield with regularity this season. I'm pretty sure that was the main reason Jack got pushed out wide. Connor is probably fine at home as Nakamba's partner but on the road it has to be Douglas. You could almost make the point we need another pure DM to break up play as neither Douglas or Nakamba really fit that role. I know it sounds crazy after spending $140 million but the January transfer window will be key to our relegation fight.
  13. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Moving Grealish to the left was pretty much the #1 suggestion on VT after our midfield got overrun vs Arsenal. Deano makes it work and makes us all look like tactical geniuses . Having a manager like Deano who is always thinking of ways to make his team more progressive, more attacking is a blessing.
  14. I have to admit on first viewing I thought he shinned it. On replay I had to eat my words. Fantastic touch and placement.
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