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  1. Doing the rewatch right now and Tyrone was downing a freaking Redbull right before kickoff. That is the first time I have ever seen a professional athlete shoot a red bull right before kickoff. Is this a normal pre-match routine or was he a little sleepy at kickoff.
  2. Maybe I came across a little too harsh. Let me try it another way. In American Football(NFL) you have to take a couple deep shots a game to keep defenses honest otherwise they just crowd out the short passes. I feel that Mings was hitting many of those long balls under instruction from Deano. Mings went deep and Engels kept it short or drove into midfield. I think it kept the Everton back line from crowding out the midfield like Spurs did against us in the 2nd half.
  3. I can admit in my younger more hot headed days I was a bit of a trash talker. Seeing Wes getting underneath Mina's skin warmed my heart. Love the all the different characters this team has. Ming's calm under fire, Mcginn the bulldog and Wes not scared of a soul. Edit: Mings has a home design business no idea how good he is at clamming
  4. One game and Mings a hoofer and Hollywood passer. Against Spurs his "Hollywood" ball set Mcginn up for the first goal. He also had a couple pinpoint long balls versus Bournemouth. One of them the Bournemouth defender misplayed and presented Mcginn with a killer chance. Given Smith's after game comments it's obvious that's this a style of play they have worked on to counter act the high press.
  5. Second game in a row he's done that. I think teams know Wes is a bit of a hot head. Ming's isn't about to let that happen. Love him.
  6. Yep another game where he holds off far bigger players with ease. Moise Kean almost ripped his jersey off of him and he looked completely unbothered. He was quiet on the ball but Everton went almost 2/3 of the game with no shots on target. That's on him and the back line. Excellent game.
  7. Yeah these ball's in the air are going to have to stop or at least slow down a bit. We have no one to get on the end of them. This happened in the Championship as well. When teams bunkered down our only resort was to toss crosses into the box. We never really tried to keep it on the ground and play through the middle. I remember reading the same article on Wesley's strength. He has a great first touch, can beat his man on the dribble and he showed the ability to post up and turn his defenders inside the box. We need to try to keep it on the ground more going forward. Play to Wesley's strength a bit more.
  8. This pretty much. On that ball over the top from Mcginn at the end of the first half it was Wesley and Trez versus 8 bournemouth players. The bournemouth midfielders were actually looking around for Villa players to mark but our guys were so late arriving. I'd be curious to see what our distance stats were for the game. Bournemouth look to be very fit. I know we cant get there all at once but we really need to raise our energy level's tracking back and breaking on the counter.
  9. Hand up I had some outsized expectations given Jack's dominance in the Championship. I expected him to roll into the Prem skinning players for fun. About halftime of the Spurs game I had completely readjusted my expectations. The Prem is just a whole different animal. Jack has played well. Could he better, absolutely. I have faith that Dean and the staff will find that extra level as the season progresses.
  10. Dean Smith thread last week. Hopefully we beat Everton and we can come back here and celebrate.
  11. Love how he wins pretty much every 50/50 battle in the midfield. He is also much stronger than he looks. He held off bigger players like Lerma and King with ease. When you consider it was his Prem debut and within a minute your keeper gives away the worst penalty ever he had about as good of a game you can ask for.
  12. So, having rewatched the match I didn't see many negatives. Obviously the two mistakes so early is just something that can't happen in the future. Other than those 2 crucial errors I thought we barely put a foot wrong. One thing I did notice that could be a slight worry going forward was our fitness. We look absolutely done by the 80th minute. Bournemouth has some of the best running stats in the league but that's 2 games in a row we look dead on our feet when the game was on the line. Also, given that Aston Villa has been down in the championship for most of Bournemouth prem existence I had no idea how cynical of a team Bournemouth was. The diving, play acting and time wasting was really over the top. Hearing about Bournemouth's attacking flair all week I expected better.
  13. Watching the Prime documentary on Leeds and Kalvin comes off so well in it. If Leeds don't go up we have to go back in for him. He seems class on and off the pitch.
  14. I definitely thought it was a pen. It was shoulder to shoulder but he just ran him over. Judging VARs use this weekend the Prem is looking to minimize it's interference. It's gonna take a lot to overturn a refs decision on the field.
  15. No one has mentioned his assist for Mcginns goal. Looked exactly like the ball he played to Andre Green last year for another Mcginn goal. Love that both our CBs can hit a pass.

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