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  1. 3 years on the job this weekend. I can still remember being bored to tears watching us under Bruce before his replacement. No matter what happens in the future he has given us a club to be proud of again. Thank you Dean.
  2. Doubt it. Who grows up wanting to be a human size version of a UPS barcode?
  3. One positive to come from this will be that all the Top 6 will push desperately for a strict, enforceable salary/transfer cap. No way are they going to let Newcastle just waltz in and steal a CL spot without a fight. Villa is already built well for when that gets enacted. The key to winning under strict salary limits is to invest heavily in youth since their first couple of contracts will always be significantly less than an equally talented vet. Our youth setup has to be one of the best in the PL right now. UTV!
  4. Just sucks Bruce is gonna get fired now. Dean is going to lose his punching bag.
  5. I think it's mostly on him. That transfer fee must be like a ton of lead on his shoulders. You look at the run Jesus made for City's goal vs Liverpool or the Silva run where he got cut down by Milner. In both instances they took on multiple Liverpool players. I really doubt Pep is telling less skilled dribblers to attack while telling Jack to play it ultra conservative. If it keeps going like this for the rest of the season, City may have to pay another £50 million for Dean and make him Jack's personal coach. So far he is the only manager that has been able to get consistent high level play from Jack.
  6. Why does it have to work to justify both of them in the squad. Are we not allowed to have depth at striker.
  7. Seems extremely short sighted. We could just try a different formation instead of selling our top scorer from last season.
  8. Pretty sure he is aiming higher than that. At least I hope so.
  9. Really isnt that much in the scheme of things. Not for Top 6 and any hope of Europe. The Top 6 spend that every 3 years on transfers/wages and they already had established Prem teams when we arrived from the Championship after finishing 5th.
  10. So many average people in the world but God forbid a footballer have an average performance
  11. The Watkins goal vs Spurs was the first one the 3-5-2 has produced from the first 11 picked by the manager to start the game. Every other goal has come after Dean has made multiple changes to shape and personnel. We just don't have the players to use it effectively over anything more than a small run of games. Targett will never be a wing back. Lost count of how many attacks he wasted because if he can't blast a low/hard cross through the box he has no plan "B". Hopefully after the international break we return with some version of a 4-3-3 .
  12. My local club uses that exact formation with a high press. Only problem is with only 3 subs I don't know how you maintain that intensity for 90 minutes. 4-2-3-1 is the choice for me as well. Buendia, Bailey, and Bertrand is a dream for any striker they are supporting.
  13. If Bailey is fit we have to go 4-3-3. As many have mentioned Targett is very poor as a wingback. He needs a winger/inside forward to overlap with. Leaving him out wide by himself leads to poor crosses and lost possession.
  14. You miss the Brentford game? He was a slip away from an assist in the United game as well. He looked fine to me. Just couldn't get on the ball today because our CBs kept hoofing it OB.
  15. Spurs were equally poor. They have a world class forward with Son though. He carved us open multiple times in the 2nd half.
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