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  1. Honestly this thread has be purged whether he stays or goes. What club can we mock when we have a 100+ pages of posters. This is isn't Benteke leaving, which surely doomed us to eventual relegation. The recruitment/management team will roll on either way. They have shown us nothing but comptency since day one. UTV!
  2. The only place it drags out is on Twitter, internet forums and reddit. I promise you the club is not in a panic over the words of a Reddit ITK. Just typing that sentence makes me . Whether he stay or goes our recruiting team has a plan I promise. They have nailed every window since the NSWE takeover.
  3. Real small club energy flowing through this thread right now. Not everyone but man get a grip. No player is bigger than the club.
  4. Real small club energy flowing through this thread right now. Not everyone but man get a grip. No player is bigger than the club.
  5. Why do I even enter this thread
  6. Thought my phone froze when I was scrolling and this never ending wall of text just kept going. After a long day of work that was the laugh I needed. Thank you.
  7. You realize that behind every match is hours of preparation, physical and mental. Maintaining that constant state of readiness will wear on even the most fit individual.
  8. Where I'm at too. He has to absolutely be gassed after the last 12 months of almost nonstop football.
  9. Love how one thin rumor has powered this thread to 70+ pages. If only their was a way to harness this energy for the good of all humankind.
  10. If he doesn't sign the new deal just put this thread on hold for next summer....
  11. If you look through the league very few PL teams have a decent to starting 11 strikers backing up the first choice. Jury is out on Wesley but given cups, injury, and rotation he should get multiple opportunities to prove his quality.
  12. Wesley should be fully fit to start the season.
  13. Amazing how quickly The Athletic fell into the transfer click bait trap. I honestly think it's what the average football fan wants. Either pump out links or people will question what you are doing all day.
  14. Crazy to me that Southgate could actually catch criticism for how he won the tournament. Is this a UK thing? I just can't imagine most countries caring at all how they won if their teams beings home a major final cup.
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