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  1. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    I've looked back 10 years and am tempted to go back another 10. Only one team has gone done with a less -20 GD since 2009. Usually the 18th placed team is sitting somewhere around -25. This is the main reason I'm not worried about the drop right now.
  2. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    I said our first 11 was top ten quality. Problem is you have to name 18 players to a match day squad. Our bench is probably the worst in the Prem and that has been our undoing time and time again. It's probably the main reason we are one of the best first half teams and and then one of the worst 2nd half ones.
  3. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Fully agree. I would go so far as to say our first 11 is easily top ten quality and a prolific striker away from top 6. The drop off though is very steep as soon as you get to the bench. Its probably why Smith persist so long with his starting 11 every game. That's why I'm content with survival this season. Next summer we can work on building a prem quality 18 man squad.
  4. Speaking of thread derailers. Does anyone ever know what happened to Con and his many heat maps.
  5. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    If you can't see improvement from the Everton win to the Newcastle win then that's just baffling. I went back and watched the Everton game. They bossed us for almost the entire game but we pulled off a win thanks to a couple moments of quality. Compare that to Newcastle where we dominated and Newcastle had maybe 2 chances all game. That's improvement. Another example. First game of the season versus Spurs. We nick a goal and try to hang on for dear life. Compare that to United where we goto Old Trafford and are the better side for the entire first half. Once again that's improvement. Yes everybody wants to see the finished article but the Prem season doesn't end til May. The team and Dean deserve time to improve. So I guess I find it hard to understand fans who felt this season was going to be anything other than a struggle. Bournemouth came up as champions under Eddie Howe (no prior prem experience) and finished 16th his first year. Next year they finished 9th and Howe won LMA manager of the year. Now Bournemouth has struggled recently due to some very poor transfer decisions but who here wouldn't take that 2 year window right now. We have no divine right to Top 6 hell we don't even have a right to be in the Prem. It's going to be a dog fight but one I think Dean can surely see us through. This isn't blind Faith by any means. The eye test tells me we are a solid lower half prem team but almost every modern analytical stat bears that out as well. XPts which is based off of xG and xGa says we should be 15th. Also, only one team in the last ten years has ever been relegated with a GD better than -20. Hull City went down with -18 in 14-15. They only won 8 times all season and didn't get their 4th win til week 24. Fun fact Steve Bruce pulled a MON that season and quit a whole 2 weeks before kickoff. He deserved the cabbage. Our one true weakness right now is depth. So barring a bad injury crisis I feel confident in saying we survive this season.
  6. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Pretty much every interview Dean states that's his #1 goal. To win the game. I feel our GD shows that as well. There hasn't been a match all season where we didn't have chances to draw or even win. That the team hasn't taken them comes down to us being newly promoted, having to bed in over 11 new players, and just plain old errors which you have to live with giving the amount of youth/inexperience we have in our roster. Honestly I think some people forget that we shouldn't even be here right now. Getting out of the Champ required us to a break a club record that stood for almost a century. If you go look at our early games this season you will see we are far better now at pretty much every facet of play. What Dean and his staff have accomplished so far is nothing short of amazing I have faith with Dean that we will continue to improve. Barring a severe injury crisis we will be safe come the end of the year and everyone here can agree that was the goal at the start of the season.
  7. Never thought we would get to the end product with him. I can admit I got him wrong. Very happy to see him coming good. 2nd goal we have bundled over the line. Not complaining just shows we really lack that natural finisher.
  8. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Exactly. If Kodija is the answer what is the question?
  9. Maybe I'm confused but isn't Tom Heaton part of the defense.
  10. The chance's were there and that's obviously all you can ask for away from home. Our lack of depth coming off the bench is so telling. Dean really couldn't change the game even if he wanted to.
  11. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Just an honest question. As an American what would be considered a more media friendly accent? I have no problem understanding Dean in his interviews and Pressers. Jack can be a little difficult at times and well John, I love the guy, but I have any clue what he is trying to say.
  12. It's a little surreal seeing a team like ManU take the exact same approach that Small Heath(amongst other championship teams) attempted last year. You would think better teams would have an improved strategy but Jack is just that good.
  13. Rightdm00

    Dean Smith

    Looks a completely changed side from the one that huffed and puffed a win versus Everton earlier in the season. Posters throughout the post match thread were disappointed that we only got a point at Old Trafford. Long may that type of feeling continue at the club. Deano Deano give us a wave, Deano give us a wave,
  14. Conor had one of his outings where he was pretty much invisible for most of the game. You know the type of game that used to get him roasted on here back when we were in the Championship but now no one seems to notice. Now it seems the boo birds have eyes for only one player. Wes had an average game. That is pretty much the consensus on all of the match rating sites out there. Yet some can't wait to rush on here to bash our own players. I'm not calling those posters trolls just saying that it's definitely troll-like behavior.
  15. Think it is more of the later. He is doing more of the dirty work now. For example he was tied for #1 in tackles made and second in ground duels won against MANU. Whereas John used to be the one hanging off of Wesley's shoulder he has dropped deeper now that Jack has taken on that more attacking role. And when we play Hourihane and Jack that is exactly where we need him to be. Our midfield looks so much more solid than it did at the beginning of the season. I feel alot of that credit goes to the discipline John has developed in his deeper role.
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