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  1. Wow woke up to the first four game of thrones episode leaked online , great morning
  2. You do realise the amount of concussion in game at moment is very very high, if you push defences back 10 , you are guaranteed to treble the concussion, as for choke tackle , I see it as an art , Les kiss introduced it to the Irish game, if anything it speeds the game up with attackers know they must either use the ball or take it to ground
  3. 1: MOTD when we win 2: GoT 3: Jericho
  4. Should be awesome , mcgregor never fails to entertain
  5. Shame he didn't get the finish but he dominated that fight. Ya fair dues to other guy, lot of other guys would have tapped
  6. Nice job paddy holohan
  7. pete101

    Carles Gil

    Valencia are a top 4 club in Spain. It's like saying 'if he's not good enough for Arsenal, then he's not good enough for us' Madness. They also have one of the best academies in Spain - the fact that Valencia would've preferred him to stay shows me that he must be up there with their top prospects, as it must be difficult to break through with such an array of talent. This young kid is being put so high up on a pedestal so early is ridiculous, hopefully he fits into our system and dose well, but he is coming from a very different footballing culture and will therefore need time to settle in,
  8. so finally took the plunge into breaking bad, watched whole lot from Monday to Saturday, really enjoyed it but did find first 2 and half seasons bit of let down, finale was as good as could have asked for
  9. 1st episode is pretty boring but stay with it, starting to get better each episode in, the actor who plays penguin is doing unbelievable job , worth watching for penguin alone
  10. Love/Hate is back in few mins on Irish tv ,should be good
  11. Just watched Lucy , what a load of muck ,
  12. That was great fight, Gunnar made a mess of story's face but story fully deserved the win
  13. if this gets completed today, is saturday too soon , or would you throw him straight in?
  14. prob been mentioned many times before, started watching hell on wheels last week, 1st few episodes wasn't too sure but as season continued the characters developed and became more familiar, it really turns into a great show, im on 1st few episodes of season 2 at moment and cant stop watching
  15. these guys cant win, if he says nothing , he will be compared to zog, if he opens his mouth , it a pr stunt, the guy is a avfc player and our best one at that, get behind him or f off down too saint Andrews and slagg the lack of talent they got down there
  16. Only seen this once or twice. Sport that interests me a lot, as its on local tv and so many Irish are involved, gonna give it a watch tonight, should be good
  17. Leftovers seems to be all over the place and right now it's close to losing me, I'll give episode 4 a chance but really needs to improve
  18. pete101


    they are clearly not feeding the players off the pitch http://youtu.be/6yMZkFvlfkA surely if action is not taken against this assault against the pitch , then they can not keep suarez 4 month ban in place
  19. Watched season 1 in last few weeks, the flash backs work very well and is slightest bit of humour in between some very dark scenes ,
  20. Started watching banshee this week. I'm hooked , great tv show
  21. for me it was pretty much simular to last seasons end, second last episode was all action and last just pulled the curtain down
  22. Started watching bear grylls new series the island , pretty good watch
  23. dinner for schmucks, watch this film the other night , couldn't help but think about randy bringing PL and PF to dinner to meet his mates
  24. Said it so many times before, vlaar only looks good because the other 2 are so bad
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