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  1. I must say that I've not been impressed with Adomah, no doubt he works hard but he doesn't seem to have enough pace or quality. He reminds me of De La Cruz unfortunately
  2. I didn't hear any boos, I was in the lower holte
  3. I still think Baker can make it as a Premier league centre half if it can stay fit. Until last season someone like Chris Smalling looked shocking but now he's a good centre half, and is about a year older than Baker so fingers crossed he can prove us all wrong, this season and then next season as well
  4. I'm don't get all this hate, I'm completely indifferent to him, if he got back in the team and was scoring goals to win us games I'd be thinking he was great, however it's unlikely and I would be amazed if we see him even near the team again
  5. Gardner, unfortunately I think Westwood has the losing mentality that we have had over the past few year, Gardner should be told he has a run of 5 games to show what he can do
  6. Can you not remember Lescott from last season?
  7. Actually, this is a very good point. Benitez took over Newcastle and they were still relegated, but they have benefited from keeping him. Really, since we have appointed RDM we should be giving him until Christmas at least
  8. If you wanted a famous ex player then he'd go for Ryan Giggs surely? However if he doesn't get the England job it would have to be Bruce for me, need a safe pair of hands to try and get us up.
  9. Keepers fault again, ridiculous decision to come for it. He's just shit I'm afraid.
  10. We all know that are aren't going to sign someone we would class as world class, because there aren't many teams in the premier league that have world class players, I'd guess it would have to be Hernadez from Hull, he's got a good few caps for Uruguay and the rest of their forward line ain't bad.
  11. Agree to an extent, but Hutton has been so shit surely anyone could be better. I have been more tempted to loan a young player from one of the big sides, Cameron Borthwick-Jackson for example or someone like that.
  12. At a guess some of the managers must have rated him at Villa Park as well, and whoever wants to buy him!
  13. Unfortunately think he's stuck with the losing mentality that's built up over the years. Think a fresh start would do him some good and I'd be more that happy to see someone else play
  14. Before the goal, Okore was running out of position into midfield chasing the ball, he's just a terrible player unfortunately and it shows as no one has tried to buy him
  15. Yep, apologies, I've been so disappointed with seeing Hutton start the season at right back that I forgot what a complete useless piece if shit Richards was, and also a complete word removed to go with it. How about Gabby at right back? No?
  16. I know, but Hutton is shite as well, I'm clutching at straws I know, I just can't cope with watching Hutton play all season at right back, the thought makes me want to cry, at least i can see an end in site for Sissoko.
  17. Surely he would be better than Hutton at right back? He'd have to be wouldn't he?
  18. I thought Hutton was shocking yesterday's and as stated above, just ball watching on the poor kick when he should have been trying to get goal side. Could Lyden play at full back? Got to be better than Hutton.
  19. What's the deal with Bamford? He didn't get a look in at Norwich or Palace last season, I don't get why so many people seem to think he'd be great for us?
  20. Sensible move really, if he's good enough he'll get a move in a 2 years and be first choice other than back up.
  21. Because he's probably number 3 here currently, and 4 if you count Steer
  22. He must be on about Ade Akinfenwa, he's available on a free transfer so it will save Dr X some cash!
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