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  1. God, I hope not! Another reason not to sell Jack.
  2. We’ve just agreed a deal with his club?
  3. I respect you TRO but this is absolute tosh!
  4. Because it’s so bloody boring! It’s a bit like F1, watch the start and watch the end, the in between you can ignore.
  5. Who cares! Anything outside of Villa is irrelevant
  6. nick76

    Tammy Abraham

    It’s my fear with a lot of quality players. We will be loaded but no quality to spend it on. Ahh well Jack is staying so welcome to Villa, Tammy!
  7. I didn’t, I was thinking the same thing that I hadn’t received any notification and they said we’d be contacted in 48 hours…..
  8. I’m 95% sure he’s staying!
  9. nick76

    Tammy Abraham

    Tammy or Orlando City $10m target Alvarez
  10. I know mate but doesn’t change my stance and a large section of Villa fans will feel. It doesn’t make us emotionally stunted, we just act differently to you.
  11. Guess I’m emotionally stunted. If he goes, he’s turned his back on the Villa that has given as much to him as he’s given to Villa. All the chat he has spoken about the Villa makes me believe he is one of us and won’t be leaving, if he chooses to leave then he’s not one of us and deserves the flack that comes his way. I don’t think he’s going.
  12. He hasn’t gone! He’s still a Villa player. Ok things may change but they may not. At the moment he’s a Villa player. The hate is if he goes
  13. If he goes, who gives a crap what happens then for him. He’s not a Villa player at that point so it doesn’t matter.
  14. I’m not convinced by him so I definitely don’t think we should do this.
  15. that's a contradiction! we have absolutely no evidence of this Wow, completely different situation for 1000's of reasons that have been discussed before Eh? dont even know what this means It would be his decision, if the club are forced to accept the bid it is totally Jack's decision. He cant blame anybody else, this is solely his decision! He can say Yes or No. He doesnt get to blame anybody else, this is his decision, not his advisors or FIFA or raomance of the sport or rival fans. Jack is the one who makes the choice.
  16. I have actually been in this position. I was earning fantastic money and got offered a lot more at another company but turned it down because I loved working with the people I worked with and the job I was doing. I'm incredibly ambitious but I also know friends who earn great money and are not happy in their jobs and for me earning the money, potential for progression and being happy with the people I worked with meant more than the payrise at that time. Jack has that ten fold in that he's living his dream (and our dream), paid incredibly money at a club that loves him and are massively progressing and he's close to his family here. Why would you want to give that up? It could go so well at Man City but there is also a high chance it could go so badly! Plus to leave your boyhood club and potential legendary status adds more to the emotion for him.
  17. but has Jack decided to leave? Nobody knows
  18. Yeah I agree, this would be the best marketing ploy ever.
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