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  1. What I meant to say (and the statement seems to confirm) was... I can only see the video replays on the big screens being used if the decision is stonewall e.g. an offside or blatant foul. Would they show a replay for a contentious penalty decision? I doubt it. Viewers at home will get to watch it several times over while fans in attendance will probably be left in the dark. Maybe the will but the statement suggests that if its not definitive they won't show.
  2. Can only see it being used for absolute stonewall decisions e.g. offsides. Can't see it being used for many penalty decisions
  3. Since when did David Cameron get a job with the Premier League?
  4. Statement on PL website regarding VAR introduction in 2019-20 campaign https://www.premierleague.com/news/1235515 Interestingly they are going to display video clips for definitive decisions. Surely these will mainly be used for offsides, can't see it being used for many penalty shouts
  5. Might have been posted elsewhere but a new statement on PL website about VAR - https://www.premierleague.com/news/1235515 P.S. we are now shown as a PL club on the website so its now all official
  6. P.O.B


    Would be happy with this as a shrewd bit of business. A player known to DS and Suso and under their regime he will hopefully shine. Not to mention getting another non-featuring player off our books. I personally think he could be an important squad addition, and could make more appearances and have greater impact than people imagine. Get it done Villa
  7. To the Everton/Barkley Leeds/Bielsa tune..... We have a gaffer we call Deanoooo a brummie who grew up in great barr He went down Aston to watch his hero's and travelled away near and far and although you always knew, we'll sing this song for you Deano is a Villan through and through!
  8. P.O.B


    Does anyone know if the recent play off semi at home qualifies as a league home game in the sales criteria? I have five home games on my record this season, one being the play off semi which technically speaking isn't a league game? Last year they clarified it with the play off game counting (see link) but no clarification this year and can't spot anything on the FAQ's page either. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/05/15/play-off-final-ticket-news
  9. P.O.B

    Jose Mourinho

    Coming on here it looks like I'm not alone in thinking this is a typical Mourinho ploy, to take the limelight off his players after an underwhelming performance, it wouldn’t be the first time, and look how many articles it has generated across the media. I have no doubt the anger he showed at the time of the incident was genuine, but he seems intelligent enough to realise retrospectively that the doctors were not in wrong. The doctors are probably in on this sideshow now. If this is not the case, he is indeed losing his marbles
  10. It's Magic.. You Know... Tim Sherwood's Winning Ratio....
  11. Has anyone ever been to a Rome Derby? Going to rome next weekend, and planning to go to the game, looking forward to the exeperience, been to a Palermo game when i went to Sicily last year, but I expect this to be a different kettle of fish. I'm slightly nervous, given the reported fan violence surrounding the game, not to mention the hatred Italian football fans have for the English, me and my mates will undoubtedly stick out like sore thumbs. Anyone got any advice?
  12. In terms of the footballing world, Robbie Savage takes some beating, I also have a loathing for Seb Larsson. Outside of football its a hard decision, kid in a sweet shop comes to mind...
  13. Suprised to read that Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink won nothing worth noting whilst in England, but has got a Copa del Rey and portuguese cup to his name.
  14. P.O.B

    Phone Contracts

    Haha woops, 1GB*, I'm sure you got what I meant. Yeah, I agree, no such thing as a free lunch and all that. But If i assume the handset costs £450, it works out at £8.25/month for those mins/texts and data, not sure if that is good value when compared to SIM only, but a price I am willing to pay to avoid the lump sum costs of the handset in one month. When I lose/break it at the gig I'm going to tonight my opinion might change somewhat.... anyone reccomend an insurance firm when it comes to phone cover?
  15. P.O.B

    Phone Contracts

    I have just upgraded, I wanted a Samsung Galaxay S4 or a HTC one. I phoned up O2, asking what they could offer me. They said £37/ month for a free handset, 600mins, unlimited texts and 750GB of data... I wasnt overly impressed by the deal so I told them I wanted to shop around. I saw a deal on the Phones 4U website for an upgrade to a HTC one on O2, i thought it was too good to be true so i rang up and asked. £27/month, for unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 1MB of data - free handset. They offered me it, and I bit their arm off.
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