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  1. It's weird that a supporters group would be against a call to get more support in the ground for the team they supposedly support. Seems like they're more of a Man City Supporters support group than a Man City Supporters group. Support.
  2. They sold the future installments due to them of the original 22m fee for 80% of their value for cashflow I think. Not sure if they sold the sell on clause, most likely Dortmund are the only ones who would buy it.
  3. I've got Salah, Lukaku and Ronaldo (and TAA, Shaw, Antonio, Torres). Rest of my squad is naff though. Tbh I only have all 3 because I played my wildcard and forgot to finalise my team and settle on 2 of them on Saturday morning. I'll probably have to spend 4 this week to shift Antonio and rebalance my team a bit.
  4. Without using a chip or wildcard as well. Probably top 250 of people that haven't used any of them. I need my 4.5 fodder Allan to score 4 to catch you.
  5. Rafinha and Thiago looked like they could have surpassed the Laudrups about 10 years ago but they never did. Socrates and Rai is a great shout, arguably actually better than the Laudrups.
  6. I think this is where I disagree. His underlying stats in 19/20 were outrageous. He was among the best players in the league. In retrospect I'm actually pleased the clause wasn't activated immediately like Delph's or in Jan.
  7. If the owners decided to just say no (like Levy) then he wouldn't be able to leave. Which is my entire point. Afaik a player under 28 can't buy themselves out of a contract within 3 years of signing it according to the Webster ruling. So NSWE could have just said no to a £200m bid if they'd wanted.
  8. His old contract would've still had multiple years left even if he didn't sign a new one iirc. My only point is that his new contract appears to have made it possible for him to leave this summer, or at least removed the option of NSWE to decide to keep him. For all we know though, there was a release clause in that contract as well and they had no choice either way.
  9. Iirc he didn't have a release clause in his previous contract so his new contract actually made it easier for him to leave as it removed NSWE's option to refuse all bids, which they surely would have taken
  10. Well that's his own bloody fault, I would advise Smith to go back in time and not get promoted so quickly so he could get his win % within the acceptable range.
  11. How much did they pay him in wages over those 4 years? If he never kicked a ball for them he was effectively just an expense the entire time.
  12. Phew, I was worried about this injury but this villareport guy is a known bullshitter.
  13. Fans taking down pro LGBT flags. The owners would be proud
  14. They've subtly counted the Sane money twice, once when the deal went through and now counting a big chunk of it again because Bayern are paying in installments. It's a load of bollocks and just a weak PR move to desperately try and make it seem less like they're just buying success. It makes sense for them to try really, owning the club is just a PR/sportwashing move for Abu Dhabi, so it's in their interest to try and make it seem like they play by the same rules as everyone else.
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