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  1. I thought we were going to hammer them when Struijk was trying to get sent off. The kid who came on in his place was class
  2. Those were three good finishes. Respect to Bamford.
  3. They basically made two points and I agree with both. Firstly, that stats unrelated to goals should be viewed in the context of trends and even then they aren't that useful. The example they used was Vardy being labelled as having a bad game against WHU because he didn't have many touches but when viewed in the context of his average touches it was not noticeably different than his touch numbers the previous week when he scored 3. The second was that xA is a better measure of creativity than actual assist numbers. This should be obvious but I've never seen it mentioned on any live coverag
  4. Accoring to Percy, Grealish's new contract puts him on £140k per week IIRC so there's no danger he'll be annoyed we're paying Barkley ~25% less.
  5. Oh shit I didn't even think about that, that has got to hurt him.
  6. He meant top of the tables. Villa are looking to go top of the regular table and Leeds are miles clear at the top of the 'Amount of pundit's spunk received' table.
  7. Nobody is saying that Grealish isn't a bigger threat, just that Watkins is a bigger threat than zero. Not for me to decide, you typed that you have "no reason to fear anything from Watkins" and brought up how he isn't Kane and Lewandowski as if to imply that anyone here thinks he is. That's very different from the point about him being less of a threat than Grealish that you're now making
  8. Even the second one where he had Gomez's pants around his ankles before knocking it in the corner? Nobody is suggesting he is but there are some levels in between strikers you have nothing to fear from and the uncrowned Ballon D'Or winner. He's one of them I reckon
  9. Rumour has it that he was training at home until @samjp26 complained to the front desk about the lunatic on the floor above doing box jumps 6 days a week
  10. Oh yeah I'm not disagreeing, I think Smith and his team will have a plan to maximise our goal scoring chances and minimise theirs. It's not that I think their fitness will help them beat us, just that they run **** loads and it will make the game hard work.
  11. No you're right it doesn't but Smith did also state that Leeds are the fittest team in the league in the same press conference. I probably should have included that The reason I highlighted that other teams all had to put their best numbers up against them was to address the point that the game will already be cardio heavy and probably too much so to have enough left to run them ragged.
  12. Leeds are being heralded as many things they are not, but if there's one thing they are it's fit. I think Smith mentioned in his press conference that every team that has played Leeds so far has recorded their highest total distance run of the season in that game.
  13. 75 I think. I don't remember it either, I just have a Leeds supporting mate who isn't fond of Bayern
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