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  1. Constant gradual improvement in every area of the team's performances. The Smith Effect™
  2. The standard of goalkeeping in the PL seems to be as high as it has ever been and he is the best of the lot.
  3. They paid Spurs three hundred grand for that pitch and it looked like when Jim Carrey stole the lawn back in Fun With Dick and Jane
  4. We weren't good on the ball but I've played on park pitches in better nick than that shite. Next time we play there we should have one of the BMH pitches plowed so we can practice on it
  5. Stupidest shit ever. Can you imagine having a clause that guarantees a player to start every game when fit? What if we had 4 games in 8 days? The imaginary clause started as him playing every minute when fit. And then when he started getting subbed off it became 'starts every game'. Now today when he gets subbed on at the end the clause will be that he is guaranteed to play some part in every game when fit.
  6. £17m in the modern day for this guy is outrageous value. We paid £10m for NZogbia 10 years ago and Bert has already surpassed his goal tally in half a season worth of minutes.
  7. On the other hand, if anyone is obsessed with them, they should make sure to get their money's worth for the next few months because they might just have to settle for being obsessed with an Aldi and a car park after that.
  8. Similar story for me. Red arrows galore, rank has tripled in 4 weeks. My own fault though for missing a deadline and leaving it too late and rushing my wildcard.
  9. The leak happened before anyone knew what transfers Neil Taylor had made. I took Grealish out of my team because of the news.
  10. Watching back the goals he scored to help us stay up now with another two thirds of a season to judge his finishing on it seems like even more of a miracle than it did at the time. After every chance he gets and squanders I lose an additional little bit of hope that I didn't know I even still had that he might be a goal threat.
  11. Didn't Chelsea only concede 15 in the one Mourinho season? Even if they didn't concede a single goal for the rest of the season they'd only equal it
  12. If he wants any chance of being England's number 10 this summer he'll need to outshine Maddison today. If he doesn't then it'll be nearly impossible for him to make it with what is left of this season.
  13. It's from a meme and used to ridicule which ever phrase is given the alternate case treatment. Accompanies this picture of SpongeBob: My favourite variant from last season was 'ViLlA aRe DoInG a FuLhAm'
  14. I **** tripled up on these useless words removed in fpl for their double gameweek and they **** lost to a Wolves side without their only goal threat. They better have one of their scoring 5 games against Southampton now.
  15. AWB is the worst with the ball of those mentioned but without it he's a monster. The amount of tackles he makes as a fullback is outrageous. Defensively the best full back in the league by a distance imo. Not what you want from a modern fullback though and would probably be best suited to playing right hand side of a back 3.
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