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  1. Barcelona is always a good track for them though, I'm still hopeful that there is plenty of life left in this title race. Monaco should be a much better track for RB
  2. First time I've ever owned Maguire in FPL I think. He's played every single PL minute since he moved to United. I also have Watkins. Enjoyed that one even less than I usually do.
  3. I've got triple LIV plus Bruno. If it isn't rescheduled for tomorrow I've had a shocking week
  4. The games for GW36 and 37 have been pushed back, still no word on whether the GW deadlines will be moved to give us a big double (and a blank) though.
  5. I'm not a professional lip reader but I'm pretty sure he says "**** off you pussy" in the middle rather than "**** off Ross". Seems pretty clear who he's talking to though.
  6. I think it should be stronger than that. They tried to do this the dirty way, new legislation needs to specify that any attempt like this again is a points deduction at minimum, if not relegation.
  7. We did lose a key player. Problem is he never returned
  8. Each game I think he can't possibly fall off further but he does. I was so hopeful for what he'd become this season after the Liverpool game, basically exactly what Lingard has been for West Ham.
  9. Could've been a 100 point week if he'd been fit for Soton. A success nonetheless but could've been a massive green arrow.
  10. Considering who is available I think that's just about our best XI. Squad is paper thin and we all know it.
  11. Has this been confirmed? I was hoping to live like a hippo until team news at 5pm
  12. Spent 4 points to bring in Reguilon for his double and then SHU after the blank. Now I have absolutely no idea what kind of tactics or formation Ryan **** Mason will employ, he could be out on his arse this week.
  13. They are being carried by Kane and Son to a far greater degree than we are by Grealish or even United are by Bruno. If Son and Kane go, which is looking increasingly likely, they've only got about 3 players who are top 6 quality imo. We've got at least that many. How many of their first XI would you swap for ours? That stadium is a weight around their neck too.
  14. When? This week hopefully. One of my money league FPL rivals has him
  15. Almost certain that is exactly what it is. Without the need to qualify for the Super League it is nothing more than a glorified friendly tournament like the Audi Cup, the Emirates Cup or the glorious Peace Cup. Long term it would fizzle out and I think they know that, they're just desperate for CL reform and extra games.
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