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  1. Our "expected goals for" stat (https://understat.com/match/11654) was 1.66 to Bournemouths 1.63. If you remove the penalty they would have 0.86. Our score of 1.66 was only beaten by Brighton, Southampton, Man City and Sheffield Utd over the weekend. This stat ofc dosent tell the whole picture, far from. But it does show that we indeed did create enough to have gotten something from this game on a different day. Theres obviously plenty of improvements to be made and we really need to get those major errors out of our game. But we're only two games in and we've shown enough to still warrant believe and optimism imho. Agree the fans really need to stay behind the team rather than focusing on all the negatives so early into the season...
  2. Rotation due to injuries, form and cup plus just regular substitutions should give all of them a chance to make an impact this season
  3. trom_borg

    Living wage

    In a time with hundreds of millions spent and player wages soaring it is quite frankly ridiculous that this is even an topic in football. The discussion goes to free market economics and PR ect but should really be about ethics and long term sustainability for anyone involved with any club, from fans (ticket prices ect) to low level employees.
  4. While I understand the sentiment to do so, basing the judgement on how well he's done purely on how everything pans out is wrong imo. The will be multiple reasons and explanations to why some player might do well or not, or how well we do as a team. Some of those reason might be down to things that should've been foreseen, other reasons might be very hard or impossible to predict. No matter how we'd approach this window there is a big element of risk involved. With my limited knowledge of players available and their value around the world I cant see how we could have done our business much better tbh. If it all comes crashing down and most of our signings turns out to be shit the management team will get some deserved criticism ofc. But even then it would be hard to argue against that we've had a sensible and clear strategy and goal behind our business which is more than you can say about the last 10+ years. Even if the execution falls short I'll give them that.
  5. You mean the same Abraham who started last night for Chelsea in their last pre-season game? As Chelsea cant even replace him theres no way he would come. Honestly dont think he would want either, he seems very happy having a go there this season under Lampard
  6. We'll have to agree to disagree here. But I do find it a odd thing to say that a 20year old with 2 PL games and 37 championship games under his belt has no talent what so ever. Dont think many people would say that about him 2-3 years ago. Now based on current form and skill as well as the trendline on his development I very much agree that it seems more and more unlikely that his talent will transcend into a Premier League quality player. But I'd not write him off yet and I hope the club wont either.
  7. Sensible post and not what I was aiming at mate. Though I'd not put RHM ahead of him at the winger depth chart based on twp pre-season games against lower league opposition. Anyway it's a big season for both of them and ideally they'll both get a decent run out on loan at a lower level.
  8. A clear contradiction on its own. Whether Green will ever be a Premier League footballer is of course very much up for discussion, but at the end of the day none of us know yet. And football is full of evidence that you can never be certain about anything, there is so much affecting players development and performances at various stages during their career. Now its totally fine to speculate and share opinions of course, thats what forums like this is for. And I very much agree its looking less likely now than it did 2 years ago. But the need for many on here to completely write him off at the current stage is simply baffling to me.
  9. I agree, but as a newly promoted club we cant expect to have "premier league" quality throughout the squad. The squad will undergo a transition, with big changes obviously coming already this summer, but we cant do it all at once. Also, there is no guarantee that the replacements will be top quality either, Lansburys potential replacement f.ex cant be promised more than a back up role due to the competition and only a certain caliber of player would accept that. Your last sentence is obvious, but we need half a new team just to fill the squad at this point so I'd focus on filling all the gaping holes before we start thinking of replacing our back up players. Unless someone throws silly money at them ofc....
  10. Id keep Taylor and Lansbury around for another season, we need a squad.
  11. Yeah this is my plan exactly, I'll take the night bus from Amsterdam arriving Monday morning, heading back home on the same bus late in the evening. Chances of getting a ticket, at least for a ok price, seems less than slim but I'm going anyway as I really want to spend that day with the rest of the Villa faithful! So hoping there will be a big crowd watching in a pub somewhere near the ground. Will the above mentioned Green man also show the match? I was there before the FA cup final a few years back to enjoy some pre-match atmosphere, which was great, but I ended up watching the game alone somewhere closer to city center. Dont remember why, maybe I had some other reasons for heading there , but can't recall seeing any screens at the Green man that day....
  12. trom_borg


    Stepping in the line behind @Czechladand @GarethRDR Just booked a 22hour bus round trip to spend the 27th in London, really want to spend that day with fellow Villans! Usually get to travel to UK for one game each year but I have yet to this season so chances of getting tickets is prob slim, though needless to say I'd be forever grateful if anyone with a reference could help me out. Regardless though I'm over the moon we'll have another go a Wembley and I can't wait to be there (or thereabouts )
  13. I really enjoy MOMS but cant compare it to much except the holtecast, which I dont like much. Will check out the villa view!
  14. The amount of money we've wasted since relegation for a quick return to PL is criminal. FFP didn't fail to recognize it in my view, rather we failed to adapt to the situation and think long term. With that said I don't think FFP is working well either and it's not really helping creating a "level" playing field.
  15. Thought he was lively when he came on and made us more of a threat from both sides. Beat his man a couple of times with a neat first touch do get in good positions. Squared a ball for Grealish who should have done better. Needs to work a lot on his crossing and passing and he loses the ball to easy sometimes, but I genuinely dont understand so many fans are ready to write him and declare he's not good enough. AA is better at keeping the ball but thats also often cause he picks the easy option.

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