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  1. I agree, but as a newly promoted club we cant expect to have "premier league" quality throughout the squad. The squad will undergo a transition, with big changes obviously coming already this summer, but we cant do it all at once. Also, there is no guarantee that the replacements will be top quality either, Lansburys potential replacement f.ex cant be promised more than a back up role due to the competition and only a certain caliber of player would accept that. Your last sentence is obvious, but we need half a new team just to fill the squad at this point so I'd focus on filling all the gaping holes before we start thinking of replacing our back up players. Unless someone throws silly money at them ofc....
  2. Id keep Taylor and Lansbury around for another season, we need a squad.
  3. Yeah this is my plan exactly, I'll take the night bus from Amsterdam arriving Monday morning, heading back home on the same bus late in the evening. Chances of getting a ticket, at least for a ok price, seems less than slim but I'm going anyway as I really want to spend that day with the rest of the Villa faithful! So hoping there will be a big crowd watching in a pub somewhere near the ground. Will the above mentioned Green man also show the match? I was there before the FA cup final a few years back to enjoy some pre-match atmosphere, which was great, but I ended up watching the game alone somewhere closer to city center. Dont remember why, maybe I had some other reasons for heading there , but can't recall seeing any screens at the Green man that day....
  4. trom_borg


    Stepping in the line behind @Czechladand @GarethRDR Just booked a 22hour bus round trip to spend the 27th in London, really want to spend that day with fellow Villans! Usually get to travel to UK for one game each year but I have yet to this season so chances of getting tickets is prob slim, though needless to say I'd be forever grateful if anyone with a reference could help me out. Regardless though I'm over the moon we'll have another go a Wembley and I can't wait to be there (or thereabouts )
  5. I really enjoy MOMS but cant compare it to much except the holtecast, which I dont like much. Will check out the villa view!
  6. The amount of money we've wasted since relegation for a quick return to PL is criminal. FFP didn't fail to recognize it in my view, rather we failed to adapt to the situation and think long term. With that said I don't think FFP is working well either and it's not really helping creating a "level" playing field.
  7. Thought he was lively when he came on and made us more of a threat from both sides. Beat his man a couple of times with a neat first touch do get in good positions. Squared a ball for Grealish who should have done better. Needs to work a lot on his crossing and passing and he loses the ball to easy sometimes, but I genuinely dont understand so many fans are ready to write him and declare he's not good enough. AA is better at keeping the ball but thats also often cause he picks the easy option.
  8. Brilliant win yesterday and great that we can continue our momentum. Yesterday also showed just how quickly things can turn still though, imagine facing Bristol on sat on the back of a loss with both MIngs and Hause out, suddenly our position would be much more vulnerable. Enjoying every moment of our run in but still trying to constrain my excitement and hope a bit, if being a lifelong Villa supporter thought me anything its that! I'd say this though, sometimes football (or sports in general) has a way of unfolding in peculiar ways. And for me there has been something special about this season; from the acquiring of McGinn, Whelans penalty miss leading to cabbage gate, hiring a Villa fan and going on the most crazy of roller coast rides, including many of the best goals and most exciting games I've experiences in my time as supporter. From feeling unbeatable to giving up and back again. The fat lady is getting ready and theres surley several twists yet to unfold, but in some ways I feel that this season has an edge about it and provides a ending that will cement its place in Villa history.
  9. Any news on the extent of his injury?
  10. When Albrighton was the same age as Andre is now he had made 3 sub appearances for the first team. I know its in a different division but still. The jury is still out on Green and he needs to improve many aspects of his game but hes also been injured a lot and needs to build both confidence and consistency as mentioned above. Maybe he'll be a bust in the end but why some Villa fans are happy to write him off and want to sell for peanuts in the summer is beyond me....
  11. Conor sure is a frustrating player to watch at times. He obviously has a great left foot and has shown he can find good goal scoring positions. He also obviously lacks the grit and strength to make an impact defensively and often the games passes by him when we dont have the ball. Most frustrating for me though is his lack of movement and willingness to move into forward positions, or even pass into forward positions. So finding the suitable role for him in the midfield is hard cause he's not showing the ability to play any role very well. He reminds me of a Westwood light with better set piece delivery. I still like him, but I think his role should be a squad player that see limited playing time towards end of games and the odd start.
  12. We all agree theres plenty of reasons to be frustrated and angry at the state of the club. The question is, do you think venting those frustration constantly during games negatively affect our club and the teams performances? If the answer is yes, Id think thats something worth trying to change. The fact that it also happens at other clubs is totally irrelevant.
  13. Thats very true, you cant force anyone or anything. Changing the course of a culture or trend is very difficult, but it can albeit slowly. Merely accepting that things have to stay the same or even get worse is for sure not helping. But how change a negative culture? I really dont know, but maybe some supporter groups can join forces, start a hashtag, really put some efforts into creating new chants ect. Maybe the blogs and podcasts can jump on. Forum threads like this. Anything that fellow Villa fans read or consume can be a starting place for some type of change. In the end there seem to be a lot of fans who see all the negativity as hurtful for the team and club so there should be will to try to change things. Probably Im naive here, its just sad to see the decline of our club and the abuse and lack of atmosphere that comes with it.
  14. Do you believe that the players and manager dont understand when their playing shit unless the fans boo? Also, supporting your team dosent mean you have to be cheerful. Supporting your team when things are not going well is not showing you accept mediocrity, but rather that you urge the team to do better by yourself showing some effort and believe in them.
  15. Disclaimer; Im a european Villa fan who visits Villa Park about once a season, and for the rest try to catch as many games online as I can. I understand those who put more money and time into supporting Villa have reasons to feel stronger about this, but I still think my point is valid. Every Villa fan is frustrated and angry over the decline of our football club over the last 10 years, almost culminating in complete disaster last summer. New owners and the eventual hiring of Smith made it feel like we've somewhat turned a corner, but the last couple of months made the light in the tunnel feel like another train, again. I hoped the new setup would get more patience considering Smiths Villa association, Terrys role last year ect, but people seem to turn just as quick this time around. (Based on whatever atmosphere I get from the streams and comments on here ect.) And I get it. We have all the reasons in the world to be pissed and fed up with lackluster play, poor effort, and just general poor decision making on all levels throughout the club. No one can argue this. But now I think many Villa fans need to ask themselves, why do I follow this club? Why am I drawn back to Villa Park despite everything? Surely it is not the desire to feel shit and be angry all the time. (Unless you're a masochist of the purest sort) No, most of us want Villa to make us feel great, proud and united. And the frustration is high because the club has, except the odd performances, failed miserably at this for so long. But all the negativity is not helping anyone, not the players nor the club, and therefor especially not yourself. All the things you want Villa to make you feel, you can try to force it yourself. Imagine if the full support of Villa Park could be a motivator for players rather than always waiting for a great performances to give full support. The players wont always deserve it, neither do the club, but do it for yourself! Make the support of the team something to be proud about and united around, and for sure going to games will be a much more enjoyable experience. Every Villa fan has all the right to be angry and frustrated, but it dosent mean its the right way to go.

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