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  1. Stop using outliers. For all the Jamie Vardys from Stocksbridge, there are strikers who played for Stocksbridge who didn’t make it and now fit kitchens for a living. Wesley would do well to get a game for Stocksbridge at this rate. Eeh Aaw.
  2. What do you mean, ‘we can’t give him a break’. Last time I checked, there was nothing in Lansbury, Hourihane, Trezeguet, El Ghazi or Nyland’s contract to say they couldn’t play up top?
  3. Where’s @useless to tell us about how we’re all wrong and he’s amazing!
  4. Actually Lol’d. Nice work.
  5. Said the same thing to my dad at half time. Something isn’t right here. He’s not just bad, he’s atrocious. He’s a f***** donkey. Worse than bad. What the hell is going on at Aston Villa that makes us play this guy every week. It’s past the point where we’re arguing whether we have another striker who is good enough to replace him. It’s got to the point now where we have to start looking at substitute defenders/midfielders that could possibly do a job up top to replace this carthorse. He’s putrid. I actually found myself cheering when he was off the pitch injured. Dont just drop him, look to get rid in January. Just f*** off you clown.
  6. See, you’re wrong. And this is an argument that has yet again crept into the debate because we’ve all forgotten what a decent striker should do (hopefully Vardy has shown some on here what a decent striker is like). Wesley shouldn’t be a back up to anyone in this squad. He simply isn’t good enough. He wouldn’t have been good enough to be a back up striker to Abraham last season. He’s not good enough full stop. In any sense of the word.
  7. Voted Wesley MOTM simply because the fact he’s still in our/a football team is an unbelievable achievement in itself. As dirty as I feel saying it, this one is on Smith.
  8. Yeh, but we only paid 22m for him, that doesn’t get you a decent striker these days don’t you know.
  9. Vardy is really occupying our defenders. Sign of a quality marksman.
  10. Heaton, Targett, Guilbert, Mings, Konsa, Nakamba, Luiz, McGinn, Grealish, Trezeguet, El Ghazi.
  11. Our team is average with 2/3 very good players. You can make excuses all you like for your hero Wesley, but we’d be 7th/8th now with a decent striker. If we don’t get a new striker in Jan, we may get relegated then you can kiss goodbye to Grealish, McGinn and Mings. We have a likeable team who all work hard and try to win every game. You can bash them all you like if it helps in your Wesley argument but every other villa fan knows we have a serious problem every time this bloke plays.
  12. I don’t think anyone is expecting him to be a top striker. We just want him to control the ball.
  13. Why? I don't think he has improved either tbh. He's been poor from the moment he joined tbh.
  14. Yes you can. Just snap someone up from League 2. Job done.
  15. At least this bloke controls the ball and manages to get a shot off. Is he available on a free?
  16. He needs to address the Wesley issue as it's costing us points and pissing a lot of people off. Either play Trez, Mcginn or el Ghazi through the middle. It is far from ideal but each would do better than that carthorse up top. We play with 10 men every week.
  17. Don’t be silly mate, it’s all Mcginn and Mings fault he can’t control the ball, shoot, head, dribble, run or beat a man eh @JAMAICAN-VILLAN
  18. I don’t even know where to begin with this nonsense.
  19. You’ve changed your tune
  20. The only defence of him now is to blame the club for not bringing in another striker. *GIF of some chap clutching straws*
  21. And Grealish hasn’t played for England. What’s your point?
  22. I find this harsh. I actually think we recruited well over the summer for the most part. Don’t let the signing of Wesley get in the way of what is a very decent, likeable team. Heaton, Engels, Konsa, Nakamba, Luis, Targett, Trezeguet, Jota etc. Have all shown they are either good players or can offer a lot. They are certainly something to build on. Wesley is the only player, in my eyes, who has been downright shite. He’s a dud. He has nothing to his game to improve on. I’m actually getting annoyed at Smith for persisting with him now and I f***** love Smith.
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