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  1. Purslow has overseen the club spend an absolute fortune on rubbish. He should be held accountable and if I were the owners I’d be asking him what the hell he was thinking.
  2. He just looks average to poor like the rest of them tbh.
  3. He makes a decent point. Not sure who Will Sawiris is though.
  4. Hmm. We finished 5th and we’ll lose Grealish, Mings, McGinn and won’t have Abraham next season. That leaves some very, very poor players. I don’t share your optimism. Especially when whoever signed all the shit in the summer is probably still at the club.
  5. We’re not a long ball team. We’re not a physical team. We’re not a counter attacking team. We’re not a possession based team. We’re not a get-it-wide-and-whip-it-in team. We have zero identity. Smith is partly to blame but the players we’ve bought and the squad we have is the real reason for this. Can you imagine playing against Nakamba, Luiz and Hourihane in midfield. It would be a dream. Ok, Luiz has done ok lately but he wouldn’t exactly strike fear into me. We’re so easy to play against. We’re so, so beatable. And that’s why we lose all the time. I know there is a big gulf in class between the Premier League and the Championship but I think a few of you are in for a shock if you think we’ll do well next season with this squad.
  6. I genuinely don’t think we could have done much worse than we did in the transfer window. Utterly, utterly dreadful. Whoever was responsible should be held accountable.
  7. I do admire your positivity but even you know in your own head that we’re down. This team doesn’t have a win in them. They’re not good enough and mentally they’re a beaten side. When the hell was the last time we won a game?
  8. Really not hard to fake an injury.
  9. Engels, Wesley, Samatta, Nakamba, Targett, Trezeguet, El Ghazi, Konsa. 90m.
  10. He bottled it against wolves earlier the season and did the same today. Coincidence?
  11. He’s desperate to gift them a goal. He works up these weird and wonderful ways to give a way a goal in every match he plays. He’s a horror show of a goalkeeper.
  12. The reasoned and sane individuals are well aware our squad is very limited and probably not up to the task in this league, but also recognise when something isn’t working (Trezeguet/El Ghazi) and question Smith when he clearly needs to change things. Ive said plenty of times in other threads. Our summer business was atrocious and Smith has been dealt a bad hand, it just doesn’t excuse him for getting it wrong so often on matchday. Im glad he’s changed it today. We’ll still probably lose but I think we’ll lose because we aren’t as good as them, not because we’re set up wrong playing the wrong players.
  13. Smith needs to be proactive today. Just for once, please be proactive. They will bring on Adama and Neto after 60 mins. Why not move Hause to left back when this happens (or before) and move Konsa to the middle and bring on Elmo at right back. Dont make the change after Adama has destroyed us.
  14. Absolutely no chance. Davis plays as a striker today.
  15. He was also extremely lucky not to be punished for that suicidal pass across the face of the goal that went sraight to a Sheff Utd player. A better striker would have buried that.
  16. The fixture list is the worry. We have a harder run in than West Ham and Watford and we will need to finish above one of these to stay up. I don't neccessarily agree we've looked better after the restart either. We've failed to beat Newcastle and Sheff Utd - both were absolutely there to be beaten and we'd have lost to the latter had the ref not forgotten to charge his fitbit. We were absolutely played off the park against Chelsea. I can't see us staying up. We don't have enough in the wide areas to win games and we have a mistake in us nearly every match. Love to be proven wrong, of course.
  17. The team I've wanted to go with for weeks. Maybe swap Guilbert in for Elmo but either way, beats having to play with that fat b******* Trezeguet.
  18. I quite like Hause. Not sure why because he scares me with the ball at his feet and he does make a lot of mistakes. I just think if he believed in himself and had a bit more confidence that he can become a dominating centre half, he’d be a very good player.
  19. I’d probably go and watch him play if I was being told he was signing.
  20. Smith has absolutely no idea what he’s doing anymore tbh. His team selection is all wrong and he has no idea how to make substitutions. He is reactive, not proactive. I want to like him more than I like any of our players and I want consistency, but he’s pissed me off too much now. You only have to look at how well Brentford are doing now to see he really didn’t do a great job there. He seems like a great guy but he’s cost us too many points and will send us down.
  21. No chance he stays if we go down. He’d be a squad player at best in a mid table championship side. The sooner we cut our losses with this guy, the better. Not clever enough, fast enough or skilful enough to ever make it in this country.
  22. I see people are still finding excuses for his abject performances. The sooner he is gone, the better. Awful player.
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