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  1. According to Wikipedia, Ethan Moore has retired.
  2. He has got potential but he’s not tough and his hold up play is average. Pretending to be unconscious isn’t tough. Im sure he will get better but there are strikers out there that would improve us for sure.
  3. I suppose we have to give him time. I don’t really rate him at all tbh. I can’t help but feel if we had a striker as good as McGinn or Grealish, we’d be in the top 8 now.
  4. It’s hard to understand how the OS can get so many things wrong in their post match blurb.
  5. He’s a much better player than el Ghazi but he lacks fitness. I remember seeing him when he signed, he looked a little chubby (still in way better shape than me), and it baffled me a little. It’s clearly an issue and I’m sure it’s something the backroom staff are working on. I don’t share the love for el Ghazi that some have on here. He has one decent game in 6/7 and if we had a better winger who could last 90 mins, we’d have a much better side. We went into the season needing another striker and another winger and it’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in January I imagine.
  6. That’s perhaps a little harsh on Trez. For me, it’s his fitness that lets him down. I’ve seen enough of him to think there is a decent player in there. I’d like to see him start over el Ghazi if he can last longer than 60 mins!
  7. The Hourihane, Targett, Grealish axis on the left side isn’t to be messed with. It’s working extremely well. It allows Grealish to play further forward where he is more dangerous and when he drifts in, Hourihane covers down the left. Targett is acting as the perfect foil, dragging the full back away from Grealish which allows him more space and time to cut inside where it is only a matter of time before he bends one into the top corner. Hourihane may not be as good as Luiz, but it’s a team game and something looks to have clicked with this formation. Leave as is for now.
  8. I find it a bit odd that we’re talking about him going to Man City or abroad next summer when he can’t get in our starting XI.
  9. He’s fast becoming one of my favourite players.
  10. Calls to drop a player if he’s playing poorly aren’t ridiculous. Glad he did well yesterday. Hopefully he progresses from here. Still needs to work on his heading and busting a gut to get in front of his man for crosses.
  11. How good does it feel? Engels and Nakamba for 20m? Fantastic business. The main aim this year has to be to stay up and build on what we have done in the summer. We’re a couple of forward players from being a top 8 side in my opinion.
  12. We won 5-1 and he was my MOTM. Shows how good he is. Top signing.
  13. He’s scored two worldies but not done a lot else. Very tight between him and Hourihane. Hourihane deserves to keep his place for me and tactically it works with him drifting out to the left when grealish moves in field. Great to see genuine competition though. UTV
  14. We’d score more as a team with him in. We’d concede less and not throw away leads so often because he can hold onto the ball and relieve pressure. But yeh. DaViS DoEsnT sCorE GoAls
  15. He's a fantastic player. I never thought I'd say it, but I think he's better than Grealish. Super player. Has everything you want in a midfielder. Would walk into every team in the league outside of Liverpool and City. We'll have a job keeping him even if we do stay up.
  16. I won’t argue with the first point as that’s fairly valid I suppose, Omari. It’s starting to get a little annoying though that people keep stating he can’t be dropped because it might upset him. Boo f****** hoo. We might as well relegate ourselves now if we’re going to get into a routine of never dropping players because it hurts their feelings. If Wesley has anything about him, when he’s dropped (which he deserves to be, no question), he should use that as a kick up the arse to come back fitter, stronger and fully firing. And by that I mean maybe win a header or two.
  17. Stoke just aren’t playing to Hogan’s strengths.
  18. Delphinho123

    Keinan Davis

    Don’t agree that we need to continue playing Wesley so we a) don’t knock his confidence and b) allow him time to gel with the team. We need points and we need them now. This league is unforgiving and I think Wesley is costing us points. Davis needs to be given a run out.
  19. You look at some of the players we have bought, Trezeguet, Nakamba, Engels, Guilbert for relatively cheap, and you have to have faith that our scouts will get it right (for the most part). There is no way another premier league club would sell their striker to us because it would strengthen an opponent. They’d also slap a ridiculous price tag on their head for them to even entertain a conversation. If we’re looking at a striker in Jan and don’t want to be completely ripped off, we need to look abroad. Again, it’s a risk because they need to hit the ground running and that isn’t always easy. Ultimately, we find ourselves in this position because we didn’t complete the job in the summer which is a shame because I think we bought some bloody decent players on the whole. We’re a good striker away from being a top 10 side. I firmly believe it.
  20. If he wasn’t Brazilian, I don’t think you’d all be clambering for him to play. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think he’s done much to warrant a start for me. Hopefully if he does start, we’ll see some of the qualities he apparently has. I’d love to see him succeed because he comes with a solid reputation.
  21. Wesley looks worse and worse while standing on the pitch. First name in the starting line up? Megalolz.
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