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    Can’t imagine the review will last too long. Trezeguet. You’re fired.
  2. It's a bit of both and If I wanted to give you a percentage, I'd say it's 80% the squad and 20% the manager. The 20% is a combination of him not being proactive, not working on a system that suits the personnel and his failure to make changes at key moments in the game. The 80% is, and I don't sit on the fence with this, because of our summer transfer business which was nothing short of disgraceful. We went into the season with the following as our frontline... El Ghazi Trezeguet Jota Davis (Injured) Kodjia Wesley That's a midtable championship standard front line. It's appalling. It's embarrassing. We're crap. We may be in a slightly better position with a better manager but it would only be papering over the cracks/chasms of our recruitment policy. I've said it in several other threads but heads should be rolling over the signings of Trezeguet, Nakamba, Engels, Wesley etc.
  3. Totally agreed. We could and should have looked at the loan system more closely when we got promoted. We definitely need to be looking at it when we're relegated as the money we get for the likes of Grealish and McGinn will need to go straight back into the club to cover our losses. I don't see us having a great deal of money to spend in the summer. Also, look at Ben White (Leeds) and Pereira (Albion). Two of the best players in the championship this season. Both are loans. To write off the loan market because you think it doesnt help a squad is nonsensical and arrogant.
  4. Championship level defender. Certainly at the moment anyway. Our centre backs are all so meh (Mings aside). Konsa, Hause, Engels. They all have their positives but none are cut out for the premier league. I'd put a centre back or two high on the priority list regardless of what division we were in next season. For the record, I think we'd be safe now (just) if we'd had Tuanzebe back this season.
  5. He's a championship level full back. We're probably kidding ourselves if we think he isn't. He's one of our more likeable players as he gives 100% and loves a tackle but to kick on and survive in the premier league, you need better than him and Targett. He'll be fine next year, as will Targett. Our aim needs to be to bring in a centre half to partner Konsa or bring in two depending on how much you rate Konsa/Hause/Engels etc.
  6. I don’t buy into the tactics argument and him not trying to win games. It really grinds my gears when people on Twitter, on here and in the media claim teams set up defensively and to not try and win games. You have to remember when the likes of Villa and Newcastle play Man City and Chelsea, they have 11 players that are better than our 11 players. Teams aren't sitting back and defending on the edge of their 6 yard box because they want to. They are doing it because the other team is so vastly superior that they HAVE to. How do you expect a team like Villa to attack for 90 mins against a team like Chelsea when they can’t even get the ball off them? So no, I don’t think Dean Smith is a negative manager and I do think he wants to win every game. He just has shit players at his disposal so it becomes very hard to do that. Where I think you can criticise Smith is his in game management of substitutions. He’s far too reactive in this aspect and I’d argue he’s cost us 10-15 points this season through either not making changes or making them too late. The real problems at Villa aren’t with Smith, it’s with the recruitment. If Smith was a part of that then he needs to go but I have it on fairly good authority he wasn’t overly involved with a lot of the signings in the summer. He’s been dealt a shit hand and he’ll do extremely well to keep us up.
  7. Delphinho123

    Louie Barry

    I think we’re all expecting a lot from this lad when it really could go either way. He isn’t going to save us.
  8. No. We’ll be gone after 36 games IMO.
  9. Gayle and Adams would be an excellent strike force. Personally, I think Wesley is shite and couldn’t care less if he went. I’d keep Davis, wouldn’t be too bothered if Samatta left either.
  10. Delphinho123

    Keinan Davis

    Definitely worth keeping for the championship. He’s been one of our better players since being back and I’ve been more impressed with him than Samatta.
  11. We will need to use the loan system very well again next year. Another Abraham and Tuanzebe would do nicely. We then need to sign 3/4 players that can compliment what we have, which isn’t a lot without Grealish. Keeping McGinn and Luiz would be a good start but doubtful.
  12. That’s not as bad as starting with El Ghazi, Trezeguet and Jota as wingers. Christ, we got this wrong.
  13. Purslow has overseen the club spend an absolute fortune on rubbish. He should be held accountable and if I were the owners I’d be asking him what the hell he was thinking.
  14. He just looks average to poor like the rest of them tbh.
  15. He makes a decent point. Not sure who Will Sawiris is though.
  16. Hmm. We finished 5th and we’ll lose Grealish, Mings, McGinn and won’t have Abraham next season. That leaves some very, very poor players. I don’t share your optimism. Especially when whoever signed all the shit in the summer is probably still at the club.
  17. We’re not a long ball team. We’re not a physical team. We’re not a counter attacking team. We’re not a possession based team. We’re not a get-it-wide-and-whip-it-in team. We have zero identity. Smith is partly to blame but the players we’ve bought and the squad we have is the real reason for this. Can you imagine playing against Nakamba, Luiz and Hourihane in midfield. It would be a dream. Ok, Luiz has done ok lately but he wouldn’t exactly strike fear into me. We’re so easy to play against. We’re so, so beatable. And that’s why we lose all the time. I know there is a big gulf in class between the Premier League and the Championship but I think a few of you are in for a shock if you think we’ll do well next season with this squad.
  18. I genuinely don’t think we could have done much worse than we did in the transfer window. Utterly, utterly dreadful. Whoever was responsible should be held accountable.
  19. I do admire your positivity but even you know in your own head that we’re down. This team doesn’t have a win in them. They’re not good enough and mentally they’re a beaten side. When the hell was the last time we won a game?
  20. Really not hard to fake an injury.
  21. Engels, Wesley, Samatta, Nakamba, Targett, Trezeguet, El Ghazi, Konsa. 90m.
  22. He bottled it against wolves earlier the season and did the same today. Coincidence?
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