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  1. He’s a better player than Wesley. (but he’s still f***** useless). Bring him back.
  2. Not if we play to his strengths he wouldn’t.
  3. To be fair, I agree. I just can’t hide the fact that he annoyed me today. His persistence to play Wesley is killing him though.
  4. No one is saying play Engels up front. We’re merely suggesting an alternative to our current, flawed approach of playing Wesley up there. You still can’t tell us why Engels would be worse up there than Wesley. As another poster so eloquently put it, we don’t expect anything from Wesley anymore so having someone up there that doesn’t hinder the team should really improve us. Its not rocket science. Our management team seem to be struggling with it though.
  5. Who’s to say Engels wouldn’t score goals if played in the same position. What is it about Wesley’s game that makes you think he’s better than Engels as a striker? What attributes?
  6. I’m still waiting for your answer, av1. What has Wesley got to his game as a striker, that makes him a better option than Engels as our striker.
  7. Where did I say we should be beating any of those teams? Is it wrong for me to expect our centre forward to control the ball in the matches against them?
  8. You’re late to the party. It’s not so much about Wesley as a player now, it’s more about the teams we’re playing. We’ve had a tough run so we need to cut him some slack. We shouldn’t expect our players to compete in these matches, we only need to focus on playing and beating the lesser teams.
  9. Yay, the easy games!!! Woo, Go Wesley!
  10. ? It was a simple question. You’re bashing me for saying we should play Engels up front. As ludicrous as it sounds, tell me what Wesley has to his game, that makes him a better option than Engels as our main striker.
  11. What has Wesley got to his game, as a striker, that Engels doesn’t? Genuine question.
  12. I’d be tempted to try him there, couldn’t be any worse than that competition winner we have playing there at the moment.
  13. No it isn’t. He can’t do the basics right.
  14. No it isn’t. What’s madness is playing a league 2 level striker (at best) up front every game and plummeting down the table. That’s madness. Changing it around and trying new things to stop the rot isn’t.
  15. What an absolute kop out. Wesleys inability to be able to do any of the footballing basics has nothing to do with who we’re playing. Granted, it may be harder to score against the likes of City and Liverpool, but id still expect him to control the ball in these matches. If we’re giving free passes to players playing against any of the top 10 sides in this division, we may as well give up now. He should be nowhere near the squad, let alone the team. This is like the Hogan thread on steroids.
  16. I must admit, and I feel dirty even saying it, today was the first time I genuinely questioned Smith as manager here. I love the bloke and there is something beautiful about a Villa fan managing us and doing so well. However. His persistence to play Wesley is killing both him and the team. I just don’t know what the management team are thinking with this. We’d be no worse off with Engels up front. If he is so adamant on picking the bloke, he must also understand that it will cost him his job eventually.
  17. Hopefully his next 4 games are somewhere away from this club.
  18. Unfortunately, our management can’t see his failings. It’s come to the point where the entire stadium wishes he was injured.
  19. It’s like he is trying to get sacked by playing Wesley every week. Whats wrong with you, Dean?
  20. Stop using outliers. For all the Jamie Vardys from Stocksbridge, there are strikers who played for Stocksbridge who didn’t make it and now fit kitchens for a living. Wesley would do well to get a game for Stocksbridge at this rate. Eeh Aaw.
  21. What do you mean, ‘we can’t give him a break’. Last time I checked, there was nothing in Lansbury, Hourihane, Trezeguet, El Ghazi or Nyland’s contract to say they couldn’t play up top?
  22. Where’s @useless to tell us about how we’re all wrong and he’s amazing!
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