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  1. Pretty funny to watch. Someone needs to tell him he’s quite slow. He looks overweight too. Not sure why this doesn’t get mentioned more. He looked podgy the day he signed and that hasn’t changed.
  2. He’s had an absolutely awful season. But then, we all knew he would. He played well 4 or 5 times in the championship and someone at the club thought he’d be able to do it week in week out in the premier league. Madness. Get rid.
  3. It’s an insult to Weimann mentioning Trezeguet in the same sentence. Weimann was limited but a far better footballer than this chap. As someone else said, for the amount of games played and his transfer fee, he has to be one of the worst signings in my lifetime. He is absolutely nowhere near good enough for this division, nor I suspect, the Championship. If anyone offers any sort of transfer fee, we should accept it and offer to pay the taxi fare on top. He’s absolute trash.
  4. I can’t see us being anywhere near close enough for GD to matter.
  5. It’s why I like him more than El Ghazi. They’re both absolutely dreadful players though, make no mistake.
  6. As well as we are doing. The inevitability that they’ll just produce a bit of quality and score is painful. They’ve got world class players all over the pitch.
  7. It’s a valid point. He’s a good player, but he’s been shite this season.
  8. Spot on Stevo. Our wingers were garbage when we came up and we decided to stick with the one and sign Jota and Trezeguet.
  9. Our playing out from the back gets us in trouble at least 5 or 6 times every match. Our players aren’t good enough to do it so why the likes of Hause and Konsa keep trying is beyond me. This ‘approach’ is most certainly on Smith. (One of the few things I blame him for)
  10. If we're still within 2 points of Watford by the time we play Palace, I think we'll stay up. That would mean them only getting 1 point from Norwich/Newcastle and Chelsea games though, which I think they will get more from.
  11. One thing you know about Guilbert is he is going to give 100% every week and he'll always be fit enough (If not injured) to go the distance. He is a solid athlete. I don't think he's great. I think he is probably a Championship standard right back and he will almost definitely be one of the first names on the team sheet next year. How much did he cost, 4m? He's been one of our best signings and probably one of the cheapest. Just shows how much we done f***** things up, baby.
  12. There is so much pressure on the United game now. Watford will have played Norwich and Newcastle by the time we kick off against Palace. We could realistically be 5 points behind them at that point. Psychologically, I think we'd be done if that were to happen. I think we have to beat United to stay up. It just so happens we're playing them at a time when they're arguably playing the best football they've played in years. The Newcastle game was massive. And we blew it. Not because we didn't try. But because our players aren't good enough.
  13. I think everyone stopped that a long time ago.
  14. Hourihane wasn’t good enough last year and we finished 5th. I’d be disappointed if Nakamba was still here next year too
  15. Why have a Gem from the lower leagues when you can have Trezeguet for 8m?
  16. Trez won’t leave for more than we paid.
  17. If by an off day you mean the team bus doesn’t make it to the ground, yeh, we have a chance.
  18. We’ll be 1/100 before a ball is kicked against Palace.
  19. It’s more a case of how many we beat them by to be honest. We need the GD so we should try and put 4 or 5 past both. And if we don’t, well, we’re just a bunch of bloody bottlers.
  20. I wholeheartedly disagree. But I’m tired. So I’ll let you have this one.
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