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  1. Well said. He could have scored 7 goals by now and id still think he was shit. Bloke can’t control the football.
  2. You joke, but if we’d paid them 20m for Maupay, we’d probably be 6 points better off now. Fair play to them for valuing their players highly. You either pay it or go to some tin pot league and try to unearth a gem for less money or take an even bigger gamble by signing Wesley, Maupay and Benrahma would have completed an excellent summer for us. Both very good players.
  3. This is just getting desperate now.
  4. TBH, I think the selection is pretty straightforward. Luis is probably a better player than Hourihane but right now we need his set pieces and the fact I think he’ll sweat more for the cause. Dropping Wesley is obvious. There is not one person I speak to that wants him anywhere near the team.
  5. Heaton Targett Konsa Engels Guilbert Nakamba McGinn Hourihane Grealish Trezeguet El Ghazi (as the striker).
  6. Samba flair? Being able to control the football might be nice.
  7. I can’t say I’m sold on him. He’s shown glimpses here and there but he just doesn’t seem to have found his role within the team. He’s not physical enough to be a DM and I don’t think he’s creative enough to be an AM. He’s kind of in between everything. Certainly not a bad player but I’d like to see a little more from him. Its worth noting he is also only 21.
  8. Got to admit, I really enjoyed reading this. Unfortunately, it's spot on.
  9. What attributes does Wesley have as a striker that make him more suited to the role than Engels?
  10. Please please please please do not quote or reference this account. The 13yr old that runs it is taking you for a ride.
  11. It's shocking. About 1 in 4 sticks.
  12. This is where I'm at as well. I like Targett, he's a decent player, but if we really want to improve, eventually he will need to be replaced (As will Guilbert). Has some solid attributes and definitely worth a spot in this side. Can he play upfront?
  13. --------------------Heaton------------------ Guilbert--Konsa--Engels-------Targett ----------------------Luiz--------------------------- -------------McGinn--Hourihane------------ El Ghazi---------Trezeguet-----------Jack
  14. I think 'useless' is the only one left that doesn't understand this. We're a good side going forward so most forwards would at least get a couple of goals. We're all more concerned by the fact he can't control the ball, run, shoot, head or dribble.
  15. Watching Vardy/Abraham play in the last two matches has only confirmed what we already knew about Wesley. He is nowhere near good enough for this level. Watching strikers move, run the channels, busting a gut to be on the end of everything etc. That's what we all want to see. Wesley just doesn't do anything and when he is called upon, he invariably just gives the ball away or it bounces off him. He has an unerring talent to be absolutely nowhere to be seen when a cross comes into the box. What the hell is he doing? I'm not saying we should have bought Vardy or Abraham in the summer, that would be ludicrous, but surely for the 22m we spent on this donkey, we could have bought Maupay or someone similar. We really got this one wrong in the summer. It was the one position we needed strengthening more than any and we decided to only buy one player and that player happens to be the antithesis of the modern day striker. He HAS to be taken out of the team for the next game. The players don't want him on the pitch and nor do the fans. He's killing us. I'm close to saying I hope he gets injured and before any of you jump on my back, I have spoken to several people who, when he went down at the weekend, genuinely wanted him to stay down and be taken off.
  16. Ok, put Trez there, or Engels, or someone. Someone that can trap it. You mention desperation but last time I checked, we were one place above the relegation zone and our striker couldn’t control the ball.
  17. ‘he hasn’t been bad’... You’re right there. He’s been f***** dreadful.
  18. Keep going MM. There are only a few of you left now. I admire your enthusiasm.
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