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  1. He’s been poor since he joined. He’s not crucial for us. If he was, we wouldn’t have signed Traore. The worst player in our starting 11 by some distance. Must be early over there in San Francisco?
  2. I still like Grealish as a 10 but we just don't play the system to suit it and I can't see that changing. Not with Barkley here.
  3. Shouldn't have signed Traore then if he can't play against teams that run around a lot.
  4. ----------------------Watkins----------------------- Grealish-----------------------------------Traore --------------McGinn----Barkley---------------- ------------------------Luiz---------------------------- Targett-------Mings--Konsa----------Cash ---------------------Martinez------------------------
  5. Don't really see the point in blaming him for individual goals. He's just not a Premier League footballer. Never has been, and never will be. No amount of running around is going to change that. I'd rather see Ramsey on the wing if we're playing players because they run about a lot. We've signed a 17m pound winger from a team that got to the CL final last year. He needs to start playing. He's been here long enough now.
  6. Needs to get fitter. Quality is there, just a yard off the pace.
  7. Traore has been here long enough now and cost a lot of money. It’s about time the club backed their 17m player. Trezeguet needs to be benched because he’s rubbish.
  8. I think 33 points keeps you up this season.
  9. Yes! Exactly. That goal springs to mind.
  10. The whole nickname thing is a joke in itself. I mean, I look like Brad Pitt, but I ain’t gonna go to work Monday and start getting everyone to call me it.
  11. He does this thing right. He does this thing where he allows players to shoot when they have the ball in front of him. It drives me absolutely insane. He’s done it ever since he joined and I can’t figure out whether it’s been coached into him or if it’s just something he does instinctively. The Bamford goal last night was just another in the long line of chances/goals we’ve conceded where Mings seems to think it’s better to shield the goal instead of tackling the man. Does anyone else notice it? I really like Mings and he’s been superb for the most part this season but he does this
  12. I’ll let him off but make no mistake, he was very poor last night. If he was carrying a knock, we should have played Ramsey who would have given us perhaps less quality, but more energy. Big fan of Barkley. Should be given a few days off now to recover from his knock.
  13. I’d give him a 6 so far this season. He’s good. He’s our best striker. He just needs to score more! Im confident it will come but one thing I will say is that even when he isn’t scoring, he offers a lot more to us than Wesley or Samatta. He works hard, he’s fast and he’s strong. Most importantly, he’s mobile.
  14. I remember at one point in the first half, their defender knocked it across the face of the goal and it fell to Trezeguet who should have just hit it. As is tradition, he stopped and thought he could beat his man on the outside with his scintillating pace. In reality, he’s slow and his one trick didn’t work AGAIN. He’s so limited. His work rate alone keeps him in the side. I can’t wait until we have a decent player the opposite side to Grealish because whenever we attack down our right, I know if the ball lands at Trezeguets feet it’s pretty much attack over. Never a premier
  15. It was a very similar run to his first villa goal. Think it was against Rotherham. It’s a great shame it didn’t go in, it would have been the goal of the season potentially. It’s only a matter of time before he scores one of those though, such is his class. Leeds nullified Grealish but he was still our most dangerous player going forward. I do worry if this 4-3-3 leaves us a bit open in central midfield with McGinn and Barkley (especially) getting so far forward so often. It’s a strange one. As much as I know I should be happy with 12 points after 5 games, I kind of got used
  16. He wasn’t helped last night by Barkley who didn’t put a shift in. Luiz had no chance last night.
  17. Nothing is clouding my judgment. They were much the better side in the first half and should have been leading at the break. They were running straight through us and the fullbacks were completely exposed time and time again. Agreed that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I was saying he should have changed it at half time during the game. Would it have changed the outcome? Maybe not, but I’m allowed to criticise our manager if I don’t think he makes the right decisions - and I’m a huge Smith fan.
  18. Love Smith, but should have changed it last night at half time. We were being thoroughly outplayed.
  19. Whenever he is asked to do anything that requires footballing ability, our move breaks down. He’s a forward player. It’s a bit embarrassing that he’s in our team literally to run around and put his foot in. Just gotta hope that lad we spent 17m on is a half decent replacement because I can’t watch this bloke play much this season. I said at the start of the window that I’d consider it a poor window if Trezeguet got much game time this season. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it was a poor window (my bad) but it is frustrating we have to watch Trezeguet every week. He’s just
  20. We defend so narrow. It’s clearly something we work on and do on purpose but not sure why. The fullbacks are so exposed time and time again. It’s worked so far this season but tonight they couldn’t cope. Gave Cash motm because he did his best to resist the constant onslaught. They were just far better than us. Not sure what to say really. Hope it’s a one off kinda result but jeez, that manager has them playing some nice stuff.
  21. Not even sure we played badly. We were blown away by a better side. Sometimes you just have to say fair play to the opposition. They were brilliant and fully deserved the 3 points. On we go.
  22. I’ve noticed he doesn’t take too many on these days. Barkley and McGinn can do that anyway!
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