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  1. Desperate for better quality in the middle of the pitch. McGinn this time last year needs to return soon otherwise he will soon need replacing. Still a bit of money in the bank though I think.
  2. Our midfield is nowhere near good enough. Otherwise all good. Emi the hero. What a great start.
  3. Unbelievable first half. I love him. Cash looked good too!
  4. I saw it too. It was our old friend Rob Dorsett who was stood in front of his book case full of Leicester City books. He knows sweet fa about Villa.
  5. M_Afro

    Matty Cash

    Smith thought Targett was unfit when he first signed. It took him a few weeks to get to a reasonable match fitness. No such problems with Cash
  6. He is the player I am most looking forward to seeing tomorrow night. Think he will be massive for us in every way.
  7. Pace! On the wing? It will never catch on! What kind of madness is this?
  8. I love this guy. Total gent. I so want him to be amazing and I think he will be. 5 years ago it was almost impossible to like/connect with any of our players. We now have a team full of people who we can really get on board with. I have no idea who my favourite player is anymore but in a very good way. UTV
  9. I am surprised this thread is not much bigger. So far he is my favourite signing of the summer. We have needed a top keeper for years and hopefully we finally have our man. His attitude is also first class. I love him already. Cannot wait to see him in action on Monday.
  10. And he still won’t have signed
  11. Best signing of the summer. Great GK. Great age. Great personality. Great bit of work by the club. UTV
  12. His debut has sort of gone under the radar! He did well. Not spectacular but well. His movement is on another level and his work rate is good. He also showed a bit of steel which we have been badly missing. All in all, a positive start from Ollie.
  13. He seems to have lost his confidence. The problem is he does not really work hard when things are not going well. I think it’s a good time to move him on. He’s given us some great moments but we need better now.
  14. This guy may be inconsistent like most wingers but his top form is much better than the top form of our current wingers. He is also much faster. The opposition have to take that threat seriously, even in a bad day. That pushes defences back, draws defenders and creates the space to play.
  15. I agree. We need some steel in there
  16. I like Ty. He has been great for us but there are times when he is so casual. Eradicate that from his game and he is top top level.
  17. I saw the ref overtaking him at least twice.
  18. Not his best day to say the least!
  19. Didn’t play great but almost scored a hat trick. Great early signs. His movement is so clever. He works hard and has a bit of an edge. Said it before but he does remind me of Bent at his best.
  20. Anybody still think we don’t need this guy? Did AEG beat his league 1 counterpart once? Nope!!!
  21. Unbelievable player. Let’s hope he never gets injured! Top class
  22. Just been on Sky Bet to have a tenna on Grealish signing for Utd and they are no longer taking bets! I can only assume that he has signed already........We will miss you Jack........….........................Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...........The entire media has been telling us that Jack is going to leave. Unlucky bitches! The skipper ain’t going anywhere
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