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  1. Just been on Sky Bet to have a tenna on Grealish signing for Utd and they are no longer taking bets! I can only assume that he has signed already........We will miss you Jack........….........................Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...........The entire media has been telling us that Jack is going to leave. Unlucky bitches! The skipper ain’t going anywhere
  2. Calling it now. He is going to be ace. Much needed pace, power and directness. He knows the country and this move will reinvigorate him. 10 goals this season.
  3. M_Afro

    The NSWE Board

    Best leadership I have known in all my time supporting the club (38 years). These guys deserve huge credit and thanks from a support that has suffered hugely in recent years. Long may it continue. UTV
  4. Yes yes yes yes effing yes!!!! What a statement of intent from the owners. We are back baby!
  5. M_Afro

    Keinan Davis

    Fully deserves his extension. Let him prove himself in the Championship. He is a handful. His overall team contribution is good. If he can start to score 10 to 15 goals per season he will be a great option to have in the squad
  6. I saw that too. Hope it’s correct. It’s only a matter of time I would imagine. Good times
  7. I thought he played well yesterday. He gets some undeserved stick in my view.
  8. M_Afro

    Matty Cash

    I just watched the game and thought he did ok. You can see that he has all the attributes to be very successful. He was a bit rusty but I am sure he will be very good for us.
  9. He needs to back himself and work hard to earn the shirt back whilst taking comfort from the fact that he is earning a fortune to do something brilliant. Life is full of knocks and he needs to show some stomach for the fight. I am actually sure that he will. He seems like a fighter to me.
  10. We need options. This is all too exciting for me. More wine and more signings required!
  11. It’s crazy that we are signing/linked to all these players and yet we do not seem close to a centre mid. Really happy with what’s been happening but we must be in for at least one. I wonder who? A Kante type player and we have lift off.
  12. His reading of the game is exceptional. Really great but if recruiting
  13. He was brilliant against Watford last day of the season. Played a massive part in keeping us up ironically. I am well happy with this.
  14. Rob Green used to Chuck em in for fun
  15. I am so excited by this. He is massive, a good age, athletic, commanding, can play out from the back, a sweeper keeper and a bit nuts. Ticks all the boxes and is a real show of intent from the club. Get in Villa
  16. No way he chooses Brighton over us. Expect it to be announced over the weekend
  17. I really hope this works out. I think the signs are very good. It seems like years since we last had a really good gk. I know Heaton looked promising but he was not in the team long enough to really make the spot his own. This could be a huge step forward for us
  18. Celtic rely on their crowds and CL money to balance the books. It will leave a massive hole in their finances that will need to be back filled somehow. Eduoard is their most saleable asset. I will be surprised if he doesn’t get sold this window. The competition for his signature will dictate the price. I think come the end of the window there will be some absolute bargains to be had.
  19. If he does want to sign for us rather than stay at Arsenal I think it’s really encouraging. Just the attitude we need. He seems like another player with personality too. All good.
  20. They have no crowds and no champions league. The amount of interest will dictate the price. If there isn’t much, then I could see him leaving for £25m. If there’s lots of interested parties then he is unlikely to come to us anyway.
  21. I didn’t know that. When did he say that? We would need 2 very good defensive midfielders to enable that. Luiz plus one other.
  22. I agree. We need pace down the right. Jack will almost certainly play down the left. I like Benrahma but he is not right for us at this time unless money is totally no object.
  23. Now that we have revealed our ambition by splashing big on Matty and Ollie, I wonder if some of our other targets will be more easily tempted to sign? Get swept along in the excitement. I think things might start moving now.
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