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  1. Can anybody confirm that Ollie was first bought to our attention by Chris Wilder?
  2. If that’s true then Smith’s neck will be well and truly on the line. It’s a massive investment for an unproven player. If he flops then there’s no way Smith will survive
  3. We may need to swallow our pride, reassess our options and look at loan options. We could really bolster our squad by loaning some quality players. Chelsea have been buying like crazy so will be loaning out some quality. With JT in the set up I’m sure we could do some quality business.
  4. Did big Kienan get an assist for this one?
  5. The Bournemouth fans seem to rate him more highly than Wilson. Some have questioned his attitude and fitness though!
  6. I would rather sign King than Wilson. He is more suited to our play, is quicker and won’t cost as much. It does feel a bit underwhelming however. Anybody starting to think we sacked the wrong man in Suso?....... I jest of course.......I think! In all seriousness we need to wait and see what happens. Dean is not really a big attraction to players and to counter balance that I always hoped we would go large on the DOF. We have a clear plan that will take a while until we see the fruits of our labour. I am keeping the faith...... just!
  7. I love the way we all think we know better than a man who graduated from Cambridge and Harvard and has been the main man at Liverpool and Chelsea and is also in possession of all the facts required to make the decisions whilst we only know what fat Bob has posted on Twitter! You gotta love VT
  8. We have been terrible negotiators for years. We have had our pants pulled down more times than I care to remember. Finally we have a management team who are better versed at getting the right deals done. It will happen in time. Everyone keep the faith
  9. Good shout. Very good GK too. Hope you’re right
  10. Morrison has all sorts of psychological problems. Edwards seems more akin to a young Grealish. Maybe having Jack alongside him and also someone like Hendrie at the club would really help him straighten out. Definitely worth the risk in my view. He is insanely talented.
  11. Edwards makes sense. He is young, English and has loads of potential. I would be very excited if we signed him. He is so exciting when he starts running with the ball. Him on the right, jack on the left and Eduoard on down the middle would be mint.
  12. Every time I feel like this I remember that we could have been relegated. We would have had a real summer of anguish then. For what it’s worth, I predict that everybody will be feeling much better by this time next week
  13. Still 1/10 to sign for Villa. Spurs 6/1. Nothing to see here.
  14. Gonna throw this out there. What do people think of Sebastian Haller? West Ham are seemingly skint and would probably offload for less than £20m. I know he struggled last year but he has always done well prior to that. I really think he could turn it around. Still a good age and I think our style of play would suit him better than West Spam. Thoughts?
  15. Absolutely this. It’s been good so far. We have kept all of our players and signed a really exciting full back. Let’s see where we end up. Keep the faith. Thank God we stayed up otherwise this thread would be hilarious.
  16. That could be true but it could also be true that we were never interested. It’s so hard to say these days. It always felt like an unusual one for us. Hopefully we have got better lined up.
  17. I am sure he will sign for us. He’s not a Jose type player. I doubt he wants to sit on the bench watching Kane play every week. Paper talk nonsense.
  18. Fantastic start to the day. Bullet well and truly dodged. Move on to bigger and better.
  19. Connor still in our starting midfield too! Still lots to do. Cash is a good start but plenty still required
  20. What difference does it make? There are probably 15 year old boys who could beat the best women in most sports. Males have genetic advantages that women cannot overcome. We should only be benchmarking in a like for like basis. Our team played one of the best teams in the World yesterday and performed very well. Much to be positive about. UTV
  21. M_Afro

    Sergio Romero

    It just doesn’t feel right this one. I think we are in for a gk but I think it’s somebody else. I still think that there’s a chance Butland will end up here (pure speculation on my part).
  22. Villa not having a game next weekend really gives Southgate the perfect excuse to pick both Ty and Jack for the next game. I think he picked his favourites against a dire Iceland in the hope that they would shine before picking Jack against a very good Denmark team in the hope he flops. Now that his favourites have flopped no doubt they will get a second chance whilst Jack continues to get splinters in his arse.
  23. He’s from Coventry. Probably a Sky Blue. Those boys hate us so maybe he won’t want to join. Fingers crossed......
  24. He was clearly scared that Jack would come on and make him look stupid. Jack has no England future until Southgate gets the boot
  25. Please, please, please sign.……..........................................For Newcastle
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