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Feedback on this Matter cheers


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Is there any true that if you sent a picture or anything to be signed the club will not get signed as i got this mail saying autograph signing are not allowed.

Why have the club got this rule in placed as other club are happy to get the fan what there want.

Thoughts please.


Dear Supporter

Many thanks for your recent email.

We fully appreciate receiving mail from supporters and thank you for your interest in Aston Villa Football Club and the Team. Unfortunately we are unable to send a personal email reply to you, simply due to the very high volume of mail that we receive from fans both in the UK and worldwide.

If you have access to the internet, why not log onto www.avfc.co.uk to keep up to date with all that’s happening at the Club or check out our official Facebook page.

If you wish to make contact with other supporters in your country, then please visit www.avfclionsclubs.co.uk which has all the details of every supporter’s branch.

We do welcome mail from our fans and you can write to:

Fan Mail at Aston Villa Football Club

Villa Park


B6 6HE


To ensure a response, we ask you to include an A5 stamped and self-addressed envelope or for international addresses, a stamped ‘International Reply Coupon’ which you can purchase from post offices worldwide.

Please note, due to the very high number of letters requesting Aston Villa Memorabilia, original signed photos and autographs of our players, we regret we are unable to assist with this. We are unable to accept items sent into the club requesting autographs, but we aim to acknowledge all special occasions such as landmark birthdays and weddings.

We trust you will get behind the new Manager Alex McLeish and the players for the new season.

Thank you for your continued support!

Up the Villa!

Community Department

Aston Villa Football Club

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To answer your question. No, you can't just send stuff to the clubs for the players to sign and them send it back to you. If you want something signed you have to go to the training ground.

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Can you post the responses you got from other clubs?

sorry not got the emails, i just leave it there , i was seeing if fans had issues with villa about item and etc cheers everyone for the comments.

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Man Utd certainly stopped players signing stuff at the training ground because people were turning up every day with balls etc, getting them signed by the whole squad and banging them on ebay, the following day they'd get up and do the same thing.

As to whether this is linked, I have no idea but it certainly wouldn't surprise me.

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My missus wrote an email to the club asking for a signed birthday card for my 40th in January. We got no correspondence back from the club at all. I guess 40 is not classed as a "landmark birthday" by our club!

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Another dig at the club for no reason...talk about kicking something whilst it's down.

Who are you referring to?

I refer to no one in particular, I just feel like this topic has been created for another dig at AVFC, just because it can.

I don't even totally blame McLeish for the mess we're in right now, just an easy target.

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Too many people out there making money fro selling autographed goods and iirc Villa have an official "memorabilia partner" these days too[/quot

Why say landmark birthdays and not honour it with even a response?

I remember the old days of taking a book into reception at Villa Park and getting it back with the autographs of the whole squad, including Platt, Cowans, Daley, Graham Taylor etc. What happened to that?

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