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  1. Has all the raw ingredients of a top player. A bit of coaching and playing with better players and I think we are onto a winner. If we can get him for £25m-£30m it’s a steal.
  2. Maybe I’m pessimistic but I see this as a bad sign. Back in non-contact training so no risk of injury. No official images posted from it when if he was staying the social Media team would be all over it. He looks like he’s on his own.
  3. I’m not a fan of the mantra Grealish owes Villa nothing… - Without Villa he’s not the player he is. - Villa stood by him through injuries. - Villa stood by him through the drink driving etc. - This is the third time he has tried to leave. (Allegedly) For me it also shows if you can keep a player at Jack Grealish at your club you never will keep a player of one of the big boys come calling. At the end of the day, this is modern football. We need to invest wisely and prove that no one player is bigger than our club. He’a gone, we move on.
  4. In other news Sammy Lee could learn a lot from David Ornstein on reporting transfer news.
  5. Fly Giannis in over the weekend to have a chat with Jack.
  6. That tweet from Fabrizio is the ultimate hedging your bets tweet. Man City fans are reading it and confident he signs for them, Villa fans read it and think it’s positive news for us. And what ever happens he wasn’t wrong
  7. Probably the best work in this thread.
  8. He’s wearing white, no sign of claret. Welcome to Bolton Wanderers.
  9. John Percy would never meltdown like that…
  10. Posts that Instagram story yet the odds have gone from 8/13 to 11/8 to stay. Someone’s putting money on City…
  11. Ahh TalkSPORT have said we are interested. It was good while it lasted…
  12. Whilst I agree he’s going, the club are hardly going to come out every time a player is linked with leaving.
  13. He’s not that reliable but no smoke without fire I guess…
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