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  1. Its something to do with the management side, if their is any news to pop out.
  2. And here we have the proof. I pmed that little snippet and without any googling he posts it as a possibility. Sorry Mendi but if you were in the know you would have told me I was wrong. Silicon Valley is very funny..... Well it not from me i posted it in hoping you would comment and you have. you said to post it on your behalf because you had issue posting. This bloke wanted us last year but Randy was not keen on him. So the answer to your sad pm is he does not want us, so cut down sending me emails after emails.
  3. But you said Ellison was buying us? Will you just keep changing the story each time your stories are proven wrong? on the second matter Ellison wants us but we have others in the wings, so how that changing subjects Since you are active, Mendi. Care to respond to my earlier post asking you a couple of questions? - http://www.villatalk.com/index.php/topic/11199-%C2%A3200-milion-us-takeover/page-405#entry1341964 Sorry i don't like to comment.
  4. because up to now, he not broken in the team has he.
  5. Which people saying it until Matt from Birmingham mail does not say a word their nothing to report. I seen the daily star man tweets but like i said the takeover isn't anywhere near to be done until lerner lowers his demands. We got 5 people who want us.
  6. he will not get into the chelsea team for a fact.
  7. he a good player , when he wants to be.
  8. Peter Gregory who has made his billions through various internet businesses.
  9. I have heard little snippets that a consortium headed by Peter Gregory
  10. are their ban lifted now.
  11. Example of like what he got right. I tell you now i have some one in uk and in USA who is updating me.
  12. He join Liverpool that my take.
  13. I don't care what you say, many people are on my ignore list. So everyone falls for KWAN who said in his post he not to sure.
  14. Stop begin mean to me, because a guy comes on saying what he has you all fall for it how sad..
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