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Christmas Photo Shop Favor? Pleeeeease


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Hi there guys, just wanted to see if one of you gentleman could help me with a photoshop request.

As we all know, times are tough and Christmas is around the corner. I don't really have the money to buy each family member a personal gift, so I thought of the following idea. I've got this photo taken from a professional for one of his portfolios. I wanted to see if someone could photoshop it to make me look like Santa Claus. Make my beard white, put a red hat with white ball on the top on my head, make my black shirt look like it's Santa gear. You know, the hole nine yards. Just make sure it still looks like me! Also, on the right side of the frame, if you could put some Christmas lettering vertically that says "Merry Christmas" or "Ho Ho Ho!", that would be great.

After you've photoshopped it and I get it back from the internets, I will then print out some gloss copies, write some sweet holiday dribble on the back, and send it to my sister and various parents.

If there is anyone that could do me this Christmas favor, I would really appreciate it!

Happy Holidays

Pura Vida



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Not my best work but here goes:



That is superb.

That is great!! Could you emphasize the white ball on the head better? Maybe make the red and whites brighter? As well as the white in the beard?? Maybe make the beard burlier, somehow? lol Otherwise that's great!! I can add the text!

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I think the beard whiteness and hat redness are spot on. The ball on the top of the hat does look more like a full moon in the sky though.

I'm okay with it as is like you say Rev, but the ball does look a bit like a moon!

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