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  1. Wish my missus would loose her sense of taste,
  2. I never mentioned the nationality of the rioters, just that the rioters were scumbags and that that disaster could t be compared to the one at Bradford
  3. But you can’t compare this event to scumbags rioting and killing.
  4. The point I was trying to make was that for 40+ years my dad paid into pensions for HIS benefit after he retired. He died 11 months after retiring, therefore he got no benefit at all from 40+ years of having less money in his take home pay, a double whammy of shit for him, and when my mom pops off whatever is left will disappear never to be seen again.
  5. You are assuming that the op will live to 85 years, which in all probably he won’t, my dad paid into work pensions all his life, retired at 65 and dead 11 months later, he got no benefit from all the money he paid in, could have not bothered and had extra cash every week and enjoyed it rather than loosing a chunk of his take home every week.
  6. If you are doing ok why would you take that other persons means to support his/her family? There's obviously enough work for both of you, you could run it as you are, if their customers come to you over time because you offer a better service then that's the way to go, to knowingly destroy their business for your own gain is greed and greed has been turning reasonable people into c#nts for centuries
  7. That's only because Stobarts can't undercut the rates the Turks will do it for
  8. The good old neck pains holiday fund, getting you to Spain since 1974.
  9. Drunk on power and seeking infamy, just like Salmond before her
  10. Then go Ltd, pay yourself £7k pa + dividends and a nice end of year tax free bonus, pay no personal tax, no NI and just stump up the tax on the profit of your company.
  11. I think all he'd shine at Arsenal would be the first teams boots, and possibly a seat on the subs bench if they were desperate.
  12. The good old lack of service excuse, it's been used on here since the JPA days, (probably before)
  13. He's supposed to be the assistant manager, assisting the manager in training, personnel recruitment, tactics, motivation etc. Now let's say that he is doing all those things to the best of his ability (and we are quite crap) then why would anyone even think about him taking over as manager when he obviously can't even assist a manager in the first place!
  14. Amazing how a Billion notes can change the fortune of a football club
  15. I did put "if" at he start i was just looking for another angle to remove the Klingon from our club.
  16. if he's failed a medical then that would mean he isn't fit/able to play professionally anymore (most would say they knew that over a year ago) what's the possibility of claiming on the insurance and getting rid of him that way?
  17. 3 X nothing = .......................
  18. Are you implying that anyone who worries about immigration is a racist? massive generalisation if you are!
  19. This will only end when the terrorism sponsors decide to end it, it hasn't escalated enough yet, nothing to blame on Russia to drag them further into it.
  20. You're right, the euro is never going to happen now. no one mentioned the minimum wage, unskilled migrants driving wages down, ie jobs which were above minimum wage are now heading in that direction, why pay a brit £10ph when an immigrant will do it for £7.50 Boris is an opportunist, Cameron is a puppet for Obama. perhaps Cameron should of commissioned a leave plan on the off chance the vote didn't go his way. I will check out your professor. (is he in the pay of the EU?) don't understand "tin foil hat", I'd suggest a nappy for when your eyes open to
  21. why just pick that line, do you honestly think that if remain won we wouldn't of been drawn further into the quagmire, have the euro forced upon us, more and more unskilled immigrants driving the wages down further, or did you believe everything remain said. ask yourself why cameron was a leaver before obama came over and told him what to do? where is the emergency budget that would punish us all straight after the vote? check out Dr Paul Craig Roberts. your eyes will open to the truth of the EU american project.
  22. lapal fan, earlier on you were blaming a vote less than a week ago for a recession and the reason you couldn't get the job of your dreams (boo fookin hoo) and that in 10 years you've only had one pay rise, then you go on to say older ppl shouldn't of been allowed to vote, these are the same old people who stood up to fascism so you can spout the shit you are coming out with. Maybe all your woes are your own doing, if you thought remain was the way to vote maybe you should of done something to convince these old people who were lied to in 1975 and have watched their country turn to shit because
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