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Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • L Young
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Clarke
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Albrighton
    • Petrov
    • Carew
    • Reo-Coker (for Milner 84)
    • Wiemann (for L Young 85)
    • Bannan (for Albrighton 88)

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Friedal - 7 - Solid and made a decent save

Young - 8 - Composed and reliable, kept possession well and defended well

Dunne - 8 - Typically beastlike

Clark - 9 - Higher rating because it was his second start. Composed and very comfortable with the ball to feet

Warnock - 7 - Solid but had a few dodgy moments

Albrighton - 10 - Brilliant

Petrov - 10 - Composed and controlled midfield brilliantly, nicked a goal and got forward well

Milner - 9 - Typically tireless and put in a good shift. I'll be gutted when he goes

Downing - 9 - Different player from last season, linked up well and put in some good work down the flanks

Young - 9 - Dangerous and created plenty

Carew - 6 - Lead the line well but looked a bit naff in front of goal. There was also a moment when he lost the ball and just stood looking meh.

Thanks for saving me the typing!

I thought Ash was dynamite, though. It was his switching around that bewildered the West Ham defence, allowing Stu and Albrighton to have such fantastic games.

As for Albrighton, he was magic, but there were a fair few dodgy crosses in there. Is he as good as he looked today? Hard to say, but I'm delighted.

And as someone who never wanted to boo James Milner, his goal and send off were amazing. I'd love to see him stay now - the 11 we put out today were incredible. Ireland wouldn't get through the same amount of work and would get in Ashley's way.

Newcastle away isn't easy, but as the premiership goes it's pretty far from hard. Could be a very nice start to the season building.

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Friedel - 8 Did well the few occasions he was tested.

Young - 9 So, so solid, much more attacking threat than I would think. Seemed to love playing.

Warnock - 7 A bit sloppy on occasions, but overall good performance, also in attack.

Dunne - 7 Didn't always seem up to speed, but did what was needed.

Clark - 8 Mature and calm display. Lots of good interceptions, worked well with Dunne. As with Albrighton, good game to ease him in.

Albrighton - 9 MOTM. Could see how he flourished and developed almost from minute to minute. Excellent first game to expose him.

Petrov & Milner - 9 Instrumental. Nice to see such fluid passing. Chuffed for Petrov's goal.

Downing - 8 So, so happy for him to score and have a good day. Not MOTM, but he should gain plenty of confidence from this display.

Young - 9 Excellent return to good, old "classic" Ash. He had a field day in his free role.

Carew - 8 Did all the right things except scoring. Made lots of room for our attacking midfielders, which made their job easier.

The most uplifting today was probably how effectively Downing, Albrighton and Ash went on their attacking, switching sides at will and tormenting their defense. This is how we hoped it would be when Downing got here!

Let's not get carried away just yet. Were we really that good or was it just West Ham being abysmal? Of course it was a combination of these two but either way we will not see how good this team really are before we meet a bit more qualified opposition.

Bit shameless self-promotion:

Suddenly I had a vision: Villa will shockingly destroy West Ham, but in the end the score will be "only" 3-0.

Missed the goal scorers, but quite happy with nailing the quoted part!

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Friedel 7: comfortable but little to do

Young 8: played really well and didn't put a foot wrong

Dunne 6: outpaced a couple of times but his composure is really important alongside a youngster

Clarke 9: fantastic and a future Villa skipper

Warnock 6: a few sloppy passes went astray but otherwise performed well

Downing 8: good game and looks much more comfortable on the left. Also scored and hit the post a couple of times

Petrov 6: played well first half, good goal. Right formation and opposition for Stan as they don't really press. I felt he should have been replaced with NRC when we were getting pushed back at the start of the second half

Milner 8: struggled to get in the game early on but got stronger and stronger

Albrighton 9: great game and MOTM for me. Really went at his full back. Maybe needs to learn a bit of variation as better full backs will sort out his game better.

Ash 8: did well. I still think he is better out wide and would have liked to see more interchange with Downing.

Carew 7: battled well. Shooting boots well and truly misplaced.

Kevin Mac 9: set us up great. My only issue is that I would have liked to see him respond to Wet Spam's H2 changes quicker. I thought they dominated the early stages of the H2 and I would have liked to see NRC on for Stan to give us more energy and them less space. Didn't like the switch to 4-4-2 either although I guess it was only for 5 minutes.

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I thought Albrighton was excellent but I've given my MOTM to Downing for the goal and coming close to two more, with his shots that hit the crossbar.

We played like a lot of us knew we could Today. It makes me feel slightly justified for the stick I occasionally gave MON for not playing Luke Young, for rigidly sticking with 442 and for reverting to longballs.


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I thought Albrighton was excellent but I've given my MOTM to Downing for the goal and coming close to two more, with his shots that hit the crossbar.

We played like a lot of us knew we could Today. It makes me feel slightly justified for the stick I occasionally gave MON for not playing Luke Young, for rigidly sticking with 442 and for reverting to longballs.


Yep. I supported O'Neill but does make you happy to feel right about some of his faults. :P

Looks like Young is staying too, good news.

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Incredible, I couldn't have wrote a better script myself!!

I really am truly proud to call myself a Villa fan today. I'm proud of the players performance, I'm proud of KM, and most of all I'm proud of the supporters, Milner played fantastic today and it was great to see that applauded.

I'm stunned at the difference in football, I really wasn't expecting that!

Sums up my feelings too.

Despite the poor opposition I have never seen us dominate a game from the first kick like this. A fantastic display.

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Friedel 7- Good save in the first half and not a lot else to do really. Did everything right.

L.Young 7- Refreshing to see a right back look so composed on the ball. Did well at his first job which is defending and covered well a few times.

Clark 8- Looks an excellent prospect. Really comfortable on the ball and had Cole et al. in his pocket all game (along with Dunne). Can't see Davies ahead of him at all.

Dunne 7- Typical Dunne performance.

Warnock 6.5- Had a shaky start to the second half but looked good first half. Needs to cut out the sloppy starts after half time.

Albrighton 9- Great to see a refreshing winger running at players and frightening them. Deserves all the praise he is getting and hopefully he can carry it on.

Milner 9- Was everywhere. Good reception at the end, shame he is probably going to go but great professionalism today.

Petrov 9- Looked up for the game from the start and ran the midfield the whole game with Milner. Good to see him get in the box a few times and capped it with a goal as well.

Downing 7- Tidy on the ball and threatened the goal a lot. Think he will get a few this season if he keeps that up.

A.Young 7- I prefer him on the wing but did well enough today. Got kicked a few times for good measure but linked up well with Albrighton.

Carew 7- Could well have had a hattrick today. Looks a lot leaner than last season and if he could have finished a few chances the score might have been 8.

Not rating the subs as they didn't really have enough time but it was nice to see them get on.

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This was the team that MON could have sent but never did. The right formation, players playing in the positions they fit best, made me happy and proud. Man City can keep their money, on this performance we are getting stiffed with the offer on the table. To Ireland I would say you go and hold out for that 2 million, I'd even suggest that perhaps you could go for 4 million. Milner was Paul Scholes today, how much would you pay for Scholes in his early twenties?

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Albrighton and Milner were the standout performers for me. Ash had a great game too. In fact everybody played very well today. Carew should have scored, especially with that header mid way through the second half.

West Ham looked dreadful though. They had a ten minute spell at the start of the second half where they might have got back into the game, but they were very very lucky they didn't concede six or seven today.

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great performances today from most of the team

we played well and west ham were absymal, it should have been 5 at least, it could have been 8 comfortably

the midfield 5 (if you include young) were all fantastic, clark was great, l. young showed how comfortably you can play right back

carew's build up play was fine - if he had his shooting boots today it would have been embarrassing

up the villa

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