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  1. The problem with a 20 year plan to see the benefits is that it is a bullshit position. The only way we will be able to say after 20 years that it was categorically a good decision is if the EU completely collapses and somehow, that not being in it saves us, which is in and of itself pretty much impossible to conceive. Over 20 years there are far too many global events and issues that will shape the world way more than brexit will do. There will be different governments here who's decisions will mitigate against the harm already done or possibly make things worse. If after 5 years things are objectively worse, the upside over the next 15 years to get us back to the status quo will have to be so dramatic that it breaks credibility to suggest it will happen. Can anyone show me an economic, or social, or environmental forecast that has us making the sorts of strides over the next 15 years that will undo the damage of the last 5? The chancellor can't. 20 years of pain to get to this unspecified fairy tale Neverland just condemns a couple of generations for a promise that cannot be made. In the last 20 years we had the global financial crisis, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter created, the war on terror, China broke through as the major economic giant. 20 years is just a stupidly long timescale to measure the impact of an economic decision such as this one. It looked a bad idea when it was designed, it has been a bad idea in practice. There is no evidence that there will be a positive outcome in the future. If Brexit was going to be a good thing for us we would know it by now. The fact is even the people who negotiated it know it is bad for us, as they keep going back to try and renegotiate the deal they made, that they announced with great fanfare and now say are deeply unfair and unworkable.
  2. The argument that it is too expensive not to tip raw human crap into the sea is hardly an encouraging one anyway. It can't be a long-term solution, unless the plan is to physically join Britain and Europe with a bridge of poo, but if it is short term this should come with a plan to stop this dumping being a necessity. I see in the spin they put out to combat all the bad press they keep banging on about the 3 billion to tackle pollution in rivers etc, but at the same time are saying they can't possibly legislate to ban this horrible discharge because it would cost 660 billion to fix everything up. I assume at 660 Billion they are getting Dido Harding rates, from the hastily set up Gove & Mogg Industrial Shit Handlers ltd, via a no bid procurement process. 3 billion to solve a 660 billion problem is like signing Peter Dinklage to play in goal. I mean it is something, but it's hardly dealing with the scale of the problem.
  3. Not to everyone. I spend years thinking that the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim thread was a debate about which one was best, Elder Scrolls or Skyrim. (I did get the Wow reference though... I think)
  4. It doesn't have to be as bad as it is here. We are learning to live with it as our peers are dealing with it.
  5. I was wondering what it would take to get me to check out of football in its entirety. This will help me along the path. TBH it is only really this website that keeps me engaged at this stage.
  6. Looking at the proposed 'David's Law'. I think it may make the title of this thread and a decent number of the posts on here against the law. I'm a bit mixed on this one as I do think that the internet needs to be better regulated to prevent the spread of hate, violence and lies, but I don't trust the Tories to use it for anything much other than to silence critics. Combine this proposal with the other little ditty Raab dropped the other day, when they get to overrule the courts if the Govt think the courts have got it wrong and we have another shift towards autocracy.
  7. It is by design. It is why you can purchase XP boosts in the store that ups all the XP you collect by 50%. They want you to get so bored with the game that you are prepared to pay to skip gameplay. They know what a good game looks like and very deliberately padded it to encourage microtransactions. I should really have this comment in the things that piss me off about video games thread.
  8. This lot thought they deserved to be a Super league team
  9. I know I've written about it before, but my mother-in-law was an American. She died of Cancer after 2 years of treatment. Before she got sick she had several successful businesses, multiple houses, and medical insurance. Even with all that by the time she passed she had lost all the businesses, and the family home was foreclosed on with the family still living in it. There was nothing left other than a mountain of debt. The amount hospitals charge is an outrage, the ability to provide treatments and services that you find out after the event are out of network (not covered by insurance) is a business in itself. The insurance companies are there to not pay for things, they are perfectly happy to see you die as cheaply as possible. They will fight you when you need all your energy to fight whatever you are struggling with. They don't want you to get better, they want to take your home when you die. Just look at what they charge for insulin in the US. The NHS ain't perfect, but it is SO much better than the private alternative.
  10. Good question, not idea as I've not tried it. You could try just not letting in any last-minute goals....
  11. Learned something new yesterday. If you want to skip cut scenes and cinematics that normally require you to hold the x button for 3 to 4 seconds (press conferences in career mode as an example) you can instead just hit L1 and R1 together and it skips immediately without the long hold needed. Just think what else you can achieve with those extra 3 seconds....
  12. I'd be saying the same thing too, right up until I wake up with a hangover and want a Triple Fried Egg, Chili, Chutney Sandwich (tm Dave Lister).
  13. I would be employing a chef / kitchen staff. I'm craving a fry up right now, but have neither the ingredients nor the time to do it myself. How awesome would it be to just send a text and set the team running to pull breakfast together. A housekeeper would be in too, so I don't have to scrub a loo ever again, keep the house tidy, clean and organised. Getting out of the rat race would be a joy. The problem with the rat race is that even if you win it, you are still a rat. Working stupid hours to make someone who never has to come into the office richer sucks, having to pretend that I'm passionate about whatever brand of server blade or cloud storage I'm supposed to be flogging this week is joyless BS. I don't get paid enough to be passionate MF, the best you can expect at those rates is competent. Never having to learn another company mission statement or core values! OMG the joy of not having to pretend that Capita are open honest transparent and respectful or that BP hold themselves to high ethical standards. Mostly though, just take away the noise, take away the busy, star gaze, watch the sunrise, see the aurora borealis, spend time with the kids. I'm not really too bothered about stuff, for me the money would just be buying me space to breathe.
  14. Take That. Basically treated like royalty, for producing generic boy band pop songs. Nothing wrong with generic pop songs, there is a place for them, but they are a really good example of awesome marketing rather than awesome music.
  15. My first perfect run on rainbow road (Super Mario Kart). Oh, and dropping a green shell behind you to save yourself from a homing red shell. Deeply satisfying.
  16. I'd get into politics. I wouldn't do it myself, just lobby using my cash and basically buy myself a few politicians. They don't actually cost all that much when you look into it.
  17. I don't think they will actually have to kill people, money will do all the talking. Let's face it, these guys were already banned from taking over Newcastle then over time the objections at an organizational level just melt away. But if you are a bean counter in FIFA and you find that Newcastle have broken the rules and you are offered a nice holiday to turn a blind eye... The top dogs will never be under threat and frankly won't care if they are still raking in the cash, which I imagine is what cleared the path to the takeover in the first place.
  18. Banning a club with little or no comeback is fine. Banning a club with owners that you know have had someone chopped up and dissolved in a bath of acid for getting in their way is another thing altogether. They won't need to make the threat and are far more likely to offer 'incentives' but there is always the unspoken threat of what happens to people who don't accept the offer. Absolutely agree that the standard corrupt routes will be used in the first instance, I just don't think they will feel particularly constrained by the rules if the standard routes do not deliver the desired results.
  19. Don't know why anyone thinks FFP will be any sort of a hindrance. They have owners who are happy to kill people who get in their way. If they want to spend the money they will spend it. FIFA and UEFA are in it for the money, no way in hell they have the balls to stand up to these guys.
  20. I just thought of a better way of describing it. When the AI decides it wants to score, it lobs a virtual flash bang at your defence.
  21. So I'm doing create a club career mode on ultimate difficulty and god-damn it is hard. I wanted to make it difficult, so I created the worst possible team I could in the English second division. Just finished my first season and finished third from bottom. In previous years I would pretty much do similar and get promoted every year until I won the Prem normally at the first time of asking. There are a few problems with the season and it is the number of last minute goals I'm conceding. It is happening pretty much every single game. It feels very very scripted. The attacking ability of the AI suddenly gets set at 11 and my defenders start to behave differently to the rest of the time. I've had my full back running at a full sprint towards the corner flag to play a striker in the middle onside for a through ball. My centre backs step into concrete and I can no longer switch to the player I want. I've set my defensive line to high, but the back 4 begin to sit on the edge of the 6 yard box with none of the midfield tracking back so the opposition can stroll into the box unchallenged and shoot before a defender can get to them. I am sort of enjoying the challenge in a perverse way, I do want it to be difficult. However I managed to loan in a rapid AF striker and every single defender in the league can not only keep up with him, they can catch up with him when he is clean through. I've checked stats after the game and I have defenders with speed and acceleration in the 40's catching up with a player with speed in the 90's. Playing with your players nerfed is not fun.
  22. Something I found out that saves me some cash is that you can use PS4 controllers with the ps5. There are some games that require the new controller, but not many so good to know as new new controllers are pricy
  23. I don't get why FUT is a thing. It is so far removed from what running a team is actually about. Could you imagine a club deciding what player they want in the team then shutting their eyes and buying 2000 random players hoping that the one they want is in there somehow. I tried it, thought it was crap and moved on, but it seems I'm in the minority again. In related news, my first career mode bug is having players promoted from the youth squad all have their first name on their shirts. Not game braking, but odd.
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