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  1. The thing that really pisses me off about this transfer is the fact Spurs fans think he’s shit and don’t want him. If he wasn’t injured half of last season we probably would have gone up. There’s an argument that not having him this season would seriously dent our chances of promotion. With this in mind we should not be accepting anything under 35-40 million. In theory should be a good move for Jack (higher wages, opportunity to play Champions League, might get England call up) however he’ll have limited game time. Hopefuly on Saturday he’ll pull on a Villa too but I’m sadly doubtful and can’t help but feel it’s a bad move for all!
  2. I still don’t get this FPP and that we have to save £40 million (is this figure just a rumour?). In the last three years we’ve spent NET circa £30 million on players. This figure is literally peanuts in the game today (even at Championship level). Wages might be an issue but even then is this causing the £40 million black hole?
  3. GNeeUs

    Alan Hutton

    I absolutely love Alan Hutton and he has had a superb season. However Alan is either absolutely horrendous or literally the Scottish Cafu. I sadly think if we do get promoted, which hopefully we will, we’ll see more of the bad than the Cafu. Im sure Alan will continue to perform like a real professional and get a contract at the end of the season with another Championship Club. It will also give us the rumoured 60k per week in wages to play about with. Thanks for everything Alan!!
  4. I’ve been a supporter of Bruce. I believe he is the right man for the current job, he has the CV etc. HOWEVER As a Villa Fan who doesn’t live in England yesterday’s match is the type of game I would have tried to have attended being in the holiday season. Bruce’s style of football is so utterly boring that even watching it on AVTV was bordering a waste of two hours, actually it was a waste of two hours. Im hoping we’ll finish top six, maybe even promotion. Bruce will get us over the line and no more. 1-0, 2-1. Nothing exciting, noting really worth watching.
  5. What has happened to Elphick? All I keep hearing from Bruce is he’s had a hard time since joining Villa. Then Bruce stated that if Whelan wasn’t sick he wouldn’t be playing. Should this really be said in an interview? Elphick was quality at Bournemouth, he was a Captain. He was our Captain when he first joined. What has happened? I’m confused!!
  6. GNeeUs

    Scott Hogan

    Hogan is totally wasted at Villa. Our style of play does not suit his strengths. Hoofing it up to him expecting him to hold the ball up is laughable. Whipping in floaters to him is utterly pointless. Hogan needs the midfield to move the ball about then slot a ball through the defence or dink the ball over the top. Sadly there isn’t a player at the club that can do this which is a truly worrying and shameful. Id cash in on Hogan unless the team can work on providing to his strengths.
  7. Bye Bacuna. Anything North of 500K and we're stealing money for this chopper.
  8. Interesting window so far. The issue I've had over the last handful of seasons is yes the signings have been more 'exciting' than this one but most the players have lacked serious professionalism. Terry, Johnston, Elmo and Whelan are Footballing Professionals. I think they are all very astute signings. Now time to get rid of those who are more interested in their hairstyle than working hard for AVFC!!
  9. I hope he has a good season but I've seen nothing to convince me that he will.
  10. If Villa want to push for the promotion it's really simply. Concede the same number of goals but double the amount we scored last season. Our goals per game stat for a team that was recently relegated was truly pathetic.
  11. I've watched more Aberdeen than Villa this season sadly (for once). Aberdeen have a great group of players, play exciting football, get the crowd on their feet BUT the opposition bar Celtic are terrible. I don't think any of their players would improve Villa. Hayes is excellent at Aberdeen, as is Rooney but the Championship (never mind the Prem which is where we'll hopefully be heading next season) is a MASSIVE step up. Celtic are light years ahead of Aberdeen and imho would be a mid table Championship team.
  12. Aberdeen fan here. Ryan Jack is nowhere near our level. Villa scouts were up here last season to watch him and were gone by 1/2 time. An absolute nothing midfielder.
  13. What if the other out is Toner? Please be McCormack!
  14. Solid Window if all is true: Outs: Gestede - £6 million Cissokho - Loan (view to buy) Tsibola - Loan (experience) Ayew - £5 million (+Taylor) Westwood - £5million McCormack - Loan (hopefully view to buy) or £8 million. Potentially £25 million Ins: Lansbury - £3million Bree - £3 million Houlihan - £3 million Bjarnason - £2 million Taylor - Free (Ayew other way) Bedeau - £1 million Hogan - £15 million Potentially £27 million. Pretty decent business getting rid of wasters and bringing in some solid professional players.
  15. People keep saying get your cheque book out Tony! All I want is 11 players to put in 100%. The only two that seemed to do that today was Chester and dare I say it Hutton. im sure there are 8-9 players out there that would honestly cost **** all but would play their hearts out. Since O'Neil I've never seen such an anti can't be arced football club like Villa.
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