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    Dean Smith

    From the BBC. If you looked at those stats in isolation you'd expect us to have won the game 99 times out of 100. To say nothing else of Dean Smith so far, I am actually looking forward to our games now. I expect he will be backed in January without him needing to go crazy - a bit more quality defensively and we'll be alright.
  2. Liking this kid so far, seems all action and always trying to look forward when in possession or provide a good passing option. Like D*lph only a lot more solid and not as slithery.
  3. I am ready for this man to romantically nourish me. Once we've got a bit more cohesion and he is a bit fitter and/or maybe there's some better quality around him, it's gon be gud.
  4. It is hard enough to keep your good quality players when you're in the prem (or whatever we are calling it). I'd hate to lose him as I'd feel we've been robbed of his time here due to the injury, but maybe he'd already be off if that wasn't the case? Definitely one to fight to keep though!
  5. Don't really know anything about him but good stats! Read somewhere (maybe here?) he is a bit slow to get going and "notoriously" unfit at the start of the season so let's try and keep that in mind!
  6. I think first and foremost Moyes would get use organised and playing to our strengths, which is a massive improvement over the past few years. We've got some good potential in the squad and it would be hard for them to be worse than in previous years... Especially dropping down a division. Very much looking forward to the cleanse and a rebuild with an eye on getting promoted rather than just avoiding sinking.
  7. "Cautious optimism" is still the name of the game for most folks I would bet (although I completely understand the more critical amongst us), and we all want to know more! I haven't been refreshing NewsNow or various Villa forums as much for **** years! At the very least we'll have a more exciting summer than we would have if we were still stuck with Lerner so I'm more than happy to see where our latest adventure leads us.
  8. A bit too cruel. To our cars.
  9. I just want to see us be competitive at the right end of the league and not be a laughing stock. Surely we can get someone who can manage the club properly. That said I hope we get filthy, filthy rich.
  10. Couldn't agree more, I look back at this as the game that broke us for the remainder of the season (confidence wise). Why we haven't been able to correct that I don't know, but I think it was the last time we played anything half decent. The subs were mind blowing, bringing on 2 strikers while we were winning and obviously starting to struggle!
  11. Don't care if he goes in the summer. He might be the best manager we've had in recent times but it's not worked for him here he's not been backed. He'd get no blame for walking. A clean slate would be best for everyone concerned.
  12. Might as well look forward to the Championship, clearly circling the drain in the PL isn't working for us, at this point maybe a spell down there will do more for us. I mean we haven't got a choice really. Also, **** Lerner. Glad he's lost a load of money on us.
  13. I'll be the first to admit I don't really know what his role is supposed to be, only guessing based on his reported background, but I definitely think we should hear less from him now. I don't think I've spoken to or heard from anyone who is impressed with anything that he has said... A generous velvet glove for **** sake.
  14. Is Pro-Garde some kind of mouth wash?
  15. To be fair I remember Browns fans coating Lerner off, not that has any bearing on our managerial appointments. I doubt Randy had much to do with it. On topic however I can understand the frustration boiling over a bit in the match thread but people calling Garde a prick etc really is a bit much.
  16. This guy needs to be the right appointment and hit the ground running. Hope he doesn't turn out to be the right man at the wrong time, but I can't help but feel like there would be a lot more optimism if his first task here, aside from adapting to the league, wasn't to save us from relegation. The only positive to the season so far is not being bummed too hard in any of our losses, so we've got that going for us, let's see if Remi can put some points on the board! There is a lot of football to be played yet and a transfer window so we're not completely without hope.
  17. KitKat

    New manager

    He'd claim it was only 20p though.
  18. KitKat

    New manager

    I wouldn't mind Houllier involved in some, hopefully low stress, capacity. Maybe not on the coaching side but he's been around the block and the club does seem to need more "football" men. Whether or not there is actually a role for him is another thing entirely obviously.
  19. KitKat

    New manager

    I've just been reminded seeing Bertrand doing quite well for Southampton, and a few other of our ex players playing for teams doing better than us - if we get a managerial appointment right for once we should rightly be optimistic. We've got some exciting talent at the minute most of which are under performing. It's not going to be easy for whoever we get and I'm not one for the "anyone could do better" approach, but if we get it right we deserve a bit of excitement!
  20. KitKat

    New manager

    We gotta get this one right. We survived off the back of the new manager bounce last year, but whoever comes in this time has to turn our season around and sustain it to see out the season. I think everyone feels that the players are capable of more than they've shown and under the right management we should definitely be able to achieve safety. I also think it's important that whoever comes in gets the chance to fill a couple of the holes in the squad with their own signings. No idea on suggesting who it should be but I would be happy with Moyes, slightly less so with Rodgers. No idea if they're likely at all as we've become a bit of a poisoned chalice. Both of those two guys have a reputation to rebuild, similarly to the club.
  21. Really worried now, Sunderland were one of the teams we were relying on being worse than us and their chances just got a lot better. I'm not gutted we've not got him as much as I am worried they have... How is it possible to be in this horrible position so early in the season?! Just to add as well, there are so many shit aspects as to why were in this position! Nothing is going our way and we don't even have the "it will be OK when Benteke starts firing" ace that we've been able to play in previous seasons. It might even be too late for Randy to splash the cash in Jan a la the Bent purchase too!
  22. Read the articles on the Mail with quotes from Tim. While he can spin a good yarn and give some convincing sound bytes I just cannot get away from the fact that everything he has done this season has been at best naive and at worst sabotage.
  23. I think I'd need to leave my optimist hat on to be able to answer.
  24. Optimist hat on here, we went 2 very long spells under Lambert last season where we picked up absolutely no points at all. It is still very early in the season, so a couple of wins will change things. The players are definitely better than they're showing, so with a bit of confidence, who knows!
  25. (Beyond) time to get rid. Consistently failing to get anything right.
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