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Scientific Experiment V2 #2


Are you satisfied with MON as manager  

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  1. 1. Are you satisfied with MON as manager

    • Yes He's the MON
    • No We need something new

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Stealing an idea from the long lost and dearly lamented IainG (even if he couldn't spell his own name)

Quick one, no discussion needed. Based on current feelings only, should he stay or go?

Will repeat the poll on a weekly basis until we get bored or he is replaced.

Well week 2. How have the win over fulham and the deadline day deals impacted VT opinion.

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It really saddens me that the question is even being asked. Of course there will always be some who will go against the majority. Its human nataure. But unless things go very wrong over a lengthy period of time it embarresses me to see fellow Villa fans questioning the best thing to happen to this club in a very long time.

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My opinion remains unchanged, still think O'Neill is the man for the job.

I expected more from the transfer window, but the players we have managed to get in are good, so hopefully they'll help us repeat challenge at the top of the league. Now out of europe aswell which is disappointing but will allow us to focus on the league and domestic cups, so maybe some silverware!

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