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  1. We'll have to agree to disagree. I think he went for the ball. Overstretching, maybe, but his foot got the ball and not the man. Harsh booking.
  2. Great subs today. I am backing Paul Lambert even if we are in a desperate scrap against relegation. I wanted him here and am prepared to back him. His team look hungry and work hard for him. We are a bit narrow at times but are fairly good to watch. Glad to see what the goal meant to Darren Bent.
  3. The tackle wasn't clever, but the Albion player ran his studs all over Delphs back once Delph had tackled him. Watch it again on the telly and tell me that the Albion lad didn't do it on purpose. I thought Delph played quite well today but I can't recall him making any key passes. He kept the ball well, kept it moving etc but doesn't make killer passes in my opinion. I thought Bannan and Charlie were good substitutions to make today.
  4. Once he sharpens up a bit, he'll be ok. Big lad, but needs to be a bit fitter for the non-stop Premier League.
  5. Let Gollum sign him and put a massive sell on clause in there somewhere. Championship player at best, a good one mind. Not going to be good enough for Villa.
  6. Newsflash, Martin O'Neill has left Aston Villa. Paul Lambert is now the Manager and I think will do very well. I love the fact that he's got them working really hard. Natural comparisons between the two but I reckon Lambert will overshadow anything that MON has achieved in his career.
  7. Bent is still getting his sharpness back. Selling him makes no sense at all. Once Lambert has them playing the way he wants them, Bent will start scoring goals again. He might end up being second fiddle to Benteke in the fullness of time though.
  8. Dunne is done. End of story. The younger lads can learn off him but he is no longer an established member of the first eleven.
  9. Like most of the Villa players over the last couple of years. I have got a little sick of them talking themselves up off the pitch. We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that etc. Don't talk about it. SHOW ME!! Same with Stephen Ireland. I am yet to be convinced but am absolutely prepared to give him the opportunity under THIS Manager.
  10. Daily Mail is shit!!!! We'll get this all day. As quickly as something breaks, it'll be denied. I'm waiting for Pete Colley to finish his bacon sarnie and report from BMH. Lambert press conference was at 9am aparently.
  11. Daily Mail is useless. Never seem to get anything right. Hopefully, this one time! Dempsey would be a great addition for us and the boost I think the fans need. Bowery deal done according to SSN.
  12. John Carew, Martin Laursen, Wilfred Bouma, Milan Baros (although turned out to be shit, was an exciting signing) Paul Merson, Dion Dublin etc.. And the 3 you mentioned are on a different planet to Stephens and Bowry. Selected short memory there Lexicon It isn't THAT long ago we were talking about Juninho, Saunders, Townsend, Bent etc. The players we are currently looking at might turn out to be great but we are generaly worried about the CURRENT quality required I guess.
  13. Evidence, proof? I suggest you're talking nonsense with Genting? :? And what has this to do with the transfer thread? Lambert has been here two months, in that time, we have sold one player, released two and sent one out on loan. How exactly has Lambert improved the turnover? More twatter nonsense?
  14. Are you posting for effect Morkery? Is the rest of the country "closed"
  15. NRC? Are we REALLY that desperate? Isn't he off to Juventus, Real Madrid or Dortmund, like his agent said? If I was Nigel, I'd part company with his agent. Big No thanks for me, no better than Herd.
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