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Peace Cup - Juventus - 2009/08/02 @ 21:00 - Match thread


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Anyone care to dig up who is available on both sides for this match? I can't seem to find any kinda match report about the Juventus-Real nor the Villa, concerning the cards picked up and injuries. Anyone?

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I'd love to hear what fans from Real Madrid and Juve think about this tie

How do chaps, very much looking forward to the tie as we have been gash against English opposition for the last few seasons.

Granted, it's only a friendly, but our boys didn't see it like that last night.

I think Diego may be out for the game as he has a muscular problem so it will probably be Seba Giovinco behind Delboy and Amauri. Midfield will be 3-man with Zanetti or Melo in front of the back 4 with Tiago and possibly Marchisio on either side. Defence will be the same - Canna, Chiellini with Brazzo and Grygera/zebina on the right.

there were no injuries for us last night but i think Ciro may rest a few players. He's still experimenting with the line up and finding out who works best. At a push, i think we'll play:

------------------------------ Buffon -------------------------------

--- Zebina --------- Canna ------------ Chiellini -------- Molinaro/Brazzo

-------- Marchisio/Camo ------ Melo --------- Tiago --------------

------------------------------ Giovinco --------------------------------

------------ Amauri --------------------------- ADP ----------------------

Madrid were no real contest, we beat them every year - looking forward to playing against Birminghams best.

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Could you explain why Juventus let Mellberg leave for Greece ?

In a word, he was pants !

The first game of last season, we played Fiorentina - we dominated the whole game and in the 90th minute, Mellberg loses Gilardino and they equalize.

That was the story for much of his season - he was caught out of position too often. Granted, the blame doesn't rest on his shoulders alone, but he was always average at best. We had tonnes of defensive injuries last season, and when we really needed to rely on him, he went AWOL. Juventus missed a leader at the back - this season we have Cannavaro.

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I see :( Thanks for that. I would thought Juventus plan to use Mellberg and Cannavaro partnership.

Don't think we could get away with that ! A combined age of 66 for our two central defenders would have *risky* :)

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