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Is Tony Cascarino an idiot?


Is Tony Cascarino an idiot?  

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Is it just me or anyone else think Tony Cascarino is a complete bellend?


Writing on Footballpools.com, Cascarino said: “The loss of Emmanuel Adebayor may be a problem for Arsenal next season but for me, there’s an even deeper problem at the club.”

“The question that is plaguing me is why the hell is Arsene Wenger staying at Arsenal?”

“It has been reported that Wenger was the first choice for Real Madrid as their new coach. Now who in their right mind would turn down a project like that?”

“He would be in charge of some of the best players on the planet at the biggest club in the world with the opportunity to compete for all the top silverware.”

“Surely anyone who turns them down is off their trolley. You could argue that Arsene is being loyal to the club but will the fans and the board be loyal to him in return if the team is unsuccessful? I doubt it.”

He added: “Was Arsene too afraid to become manager of Real Madrid?”

“I can see no other reason why he wouldn’t jump at the chance to join them.”

“If he had left he would still have withheld the affection of the Arsenal fans if he‘d explained simply that he was ambitious to win the Champions League, to have the finances to sign the very best and not to have to sell them year on year.”

“Even the most diehard fan would have understood that reasoning after all the work he’s done in North London.”

“However, he chose to remain in a job where he become a ‘Dario Gradi’ type figure.”

“This is a slight exaggeration but the fundamentals are the same. Dario spent many, many years as manager of Crewe where he spent little but encouraged youngsters to progress and perform in the first team, cultivating young talent before selling them on at a big profit to bigger clubs.”

“Now, that’s basically what Arsenal have become in recent years.

“Adebayor may not have been the most popular player amongst the fans at the Emirates but the fact remains he was still one of the better players at the club.”

“Ok, he had an indifferent 2008/09 season but he still possesses the ability to make a big impact.”

“It seems that year after year a big player is sold which of course makes the club a great profit but means the team doesn’t have a chance to grow together or gel.”

“I have no doubt Arsene will bring in 2 or 3 young players and the process will start all over again when what he needs is a few players of stature, not kids but men.”

I've (somewhat briefly) read some of his tripe on Villa previously. Here, is he just trying to make headlines by comparing Arsenal to Crewe and calling Wenger a bottler? Why would Wenger go to Madrid when he knows he would only be there for a couple of seasons if that.

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Cascarino has tried his hand at being a jobbing footballer, has tried his hand at being a jobbing Irishman and is presently trying his hand at being a jobbing journalist. Without ever really convincing anyone. With a bit of luck someone will finally have a word with him so that he can go and try his hand at something else.

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He had a stint on Talksport a few years ago and although that station is hardly the shiny jewel in radio entertainment he actually managed to drag it to new levels of shiteness (is that a word? It is now!). I cannot believe anyone would give him a job in journalism, he's an absolute pleb.

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To me, his opinion would be on par with that of a used tampon. He offers no insight when he writes such tripe, and clearly just wants to drum up some interest by being controversial. The man is an utter turd.

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do you think arsene would put up with what perez is doing with the squad? do you think perez would do it anyway?

has cascarino ever seen an arsenal team? what part of arsenal can he link to anything that madrid are about, its obvious he wont go there, but to label him as scared is unfair bullshit IMO

and if proof was needed that he's an idiot, listen to talksport where they asked him to translate for robert pires during an interview, pires spoke perfect english and this tool decided to translate him anyway

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Hm, didn't he write a very good biography some years ago? Don't know the guy, but you can ask why anyone would turn down RM, apart from say, SAF and Pep Guardiola these days. However, when did Madrid ask for him to be thier manager? Ah well, sure he's an idiot.

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