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World of Warcraft


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Another games thread from moi...

Anyone else play this game? (watch this if you havent got a clue what im talking about)

Myself and D1 are on there. I did think Resi 4 was a shoe in for my game of 2005. Now im not so sure. This thing is epic!

edit: 19th October 2007

Just because im a nice guy, some info:

If you are thinking of signing up, make a Horde character on Tarren Mill server and you will get some help from plenty of Villa Fans.
World of Warcraft is a class based game, and what class you pick will have a massive impact on your overall experience. I found the best thing to do when deciding a class is to have a look at this link before you take the plunge.
There are also lots of quests to do in World of Warcraft. If you get stuck on a quest, visit the mighty Wowhead.com

People who play WoW and post on VT. Forum name and in game character name. Some people have more than one character.

Tarren Mill Server (PvP) Horde

Limpid = Limpid, Limped, Limpt
The_Rev = Nayson, Eau (taking a break at the moment)
ED = Evildan, Ewiddan, Lolmangle
Designer1 = Siongest, Sionguest
Risso = Rissok
Trl = Trl, Renew, Handful
Red_5 = Samisdead
Irishjay = Rishj
Juju = Samosa, Merkin, Vilajuju
Craigyh_74 = Tarq, Tarqy

Ill edit more of this later, adding more useful links and the names and servers of the anti social bastards who didnt pick Horde on Tarren Mill. ;)

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In my book, your not properly sad in terms of multiplayer games over the internet, until you load up a flight sim, such as IL Sturmovik and any of its successors such as forgorren battles and pacific fighters.

My pc wont even run the latter, but I am saving for my next hardware upgrade as the same team are working hard on a "Battle of Britain" simulator.... yay!

And as for my silent hunter II - now, a realtime submarine sim.. thats really sad... a week can pass in real time without anything of note happening whatsoever...!

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I met a gaming programmer student today and asked him what game he was currently playing. Sure enough he exclaimed the brilliance of this game. He said it was the best game he had ever played and that he had completed it. I noticed that he also had a beard. :)

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Do you need a decent spec PC Rev, what's the least you need for it to run?

Box says:


800mz pentium III or AMD processor

256mb RAM

32mb 3D grapics card, with hardware transfrom and lighting (ie Nvidia GeForce 2 class or better)

DirectX9 (included in game)

4GB hard drive space

56k internet or better


1.5ghz Intel P4, or AMD processor

512mb ram

64mb 3D graphics card with vertex and pixel shader capacity (ie Nvidia 5700 or higher)

Broadband connection

2 button + Scroll wheel mouse

Im running it on

3ghz AMD processor (well, the 3000+ to be precise)

1gb DDR ram

256mb ATI X800xt platinum graphics card

5 button mouse.

And with that, i can have everything turned up as high as it will go.

So basically, getting it to run isnt going to be a problem on anything other than the slowest PC's.

Its a fantastic game, it really really is.

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