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  1. BillyShears

    What do you drive?

    I had a 1983 County Station Wagon. That thing was indestructible. Never let me down, was a beast off road. I did a lot of mild tinkering on it but rather out of choice than necessity, I am no mechanic but I could understand what was going on and keep it on the road. Parts are cheap and they are like meccano to work on. I had a 3.5L V8 and had it converted to LPG, so it was very economical to run. They have a unique driving style, I found mine easiest to drive in wellies, no kidding! If you buy one you will fall in love with it, wish I still had mine. I got a Discovery a few years ago. POS thing. Came home on a flat bed more than once, build quality was crap. Never again. I would buy a REAL Landy again though.
  2. BillyShears

    General Chat

    Then it all goes tits up and they move in, with their kids, and without their spouse. Guess who become parents all over again to babies, toddlers, school starters, when all we want is peace, love, and reading? Tough times.
  3. BillyShears

    Things you often Wonder

    It was a Turkey Vulture. They lived on the river where I lived, used to circle the skies all day.
  4. BillyShears

    Things you often Wonder

    Reminds me of getting home from work in Texas at 3am to find an injured Vulture on my doorstep. Dim lighting, dead of night, tired, out in the wilds, me and a vulture in a confined space. Said Vulture was effin massive too. He scrambled into the undergrowth and was there the next night too. Yes, I crapped myself.
  5. BillyShears

    Most overrated band ever?

    Not necessarily true Mike, people like Bowie, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Lou Reed, and many many more were well liked by Punks (huge generalisation I know).
  6. BillyShears

    VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Lindsay Kemp
  7. BillyShears

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I just finished binge-watching '7 Up'. A series about a group of children from all walks of life in England, starting in 1964 at age 7, and revisiting all of them every 7 years. The last one was 56 Up, filmed in 2012. A bit slow and repetitious in parts due to recapping, but also very interesting. Looking forward to 2019 when they will all be 63, if they make it.
  8. BillyShears

    All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    2d. Old money. Real money.
  9. BillyShears

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Gym 5 times a day, strict vegan diet, MMA amateur, long distance running champion, model for New York fashion house.
  10. BillyShears

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Asked where I might find the 30" waist troosers recently, only to be told that 30" waist is now 'outsize' at M&S.
  11. BillyShears

    General Chat

    Any mileage in hanging on to the cliff edge and dangling for a bit? Smoke rises, you are maybe shielded from the heat a bit. You may not have to dangle, there could be a wee crevice to lodge in.
  12. BillyShears


    Bristol is pretty good for gentle eating too.
  13. BillyShears

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    People who gradually raise the volume of their voice as they anticipate answers to their stupid questions. Do you want an answer?, or even a conversation?, or shall I just shout back in your ignorant mouth-breather face?
  14. BillyShears

    The VT Musicians Thread

    Thought as much, it's the Golden Rectangle ratio formula. Fascinating.
  15. BillyShears

    The VT Musicians Thread

    That is all truly fascinating. I know a little self taught theory and have put it into practice with really good results, all based on jazz cycle of fifths, and the relationship between roots, thirds and fifths (bass player). It also helps understand that weird feeling when playing a fretless bass and getting the notes sweeter by rolling the fretting finger up or down a little. Maths, music, nature, vibrations. What is the golden mean????