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  1. You sound like a good man Ingram85. There will be a whole host of people who have benefited immensely from the work you do and have done, as you know, you will never see it, but it is there. It's a long game MH, I couldn't do it. I share your view of the NHS psychopaths, scary people indeed.
  2. The media, generally, are a disgrace, and only serve to encourage these acts of intolerable violence. They need an effective moral code.
  3. There's also the possible Clement Freud connection, which links to a far greater conspiracy theory.
  4. The acid test is the Mooney Test.
  5. Ye. Same old tit for tat, us vs them. I don't know why he bothered really, it's not like anyone takes Panorama or the BBC, or any media news seriously anyway. I enjoyed watching it though.
  6. Come on Bicks, tell us some tales.
  7. I reckon Bicks has loads of great stories, but he just alludes to certain events. Apart from taking a piss in Brian Epstein's house (and not in the toilet), which he told in great detail and with effervescent enthusiasm a while back. So come on Bicks, tell us some tales.
  8. This is pretty much a universal truth. Frustratingly sad, and I'm as guilty as the next person of this. Sometimes I catch myself being absolutely sure of something , take a step back, and realise how fundamentally wrong I am. Concrete thinking.
  9. Started watching it but turned it off after a bit. Like you say, 'effin weird people in it, like the Dad pulling him off in the car because paedo boy was feeling horny. WTF!
  10. There's a Wimpey just down the road from me, they still do them, and they are still delicious. Wimpey do great fries too.
  11. Interesting discussion. What are people's views on immunisations? I mean like MMR etc. Just thinking about anti-vaxxers

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