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  1. Remastered video of the Mark LaGanga footage. Excellent quality.
  2. Texas Governor has introduced some new executive orders regarding guns following the recent shootings: You can now carry a gun in more places. This will lead to more good guys with guns in more places. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-gun-laws-governor-greg-abbott-issues-8-executive-orders-after-el-paso-odessa-midland-shootings/ The laws that took effect Sunday will: Allow licensed handgun owners to carry weapons in places of worship, including churches and synagogues. Ban landlords and homeowners from prohibiting tenants to own, carry and transport guns on their pro
  3. Probably as effective as thoughts and prayers
  4. Just out of interest, UK people, who carries a weapon in their car?
  5. Before it all happened in Midland/Odessa, I would have said, "Huh, no-one better try a mass shooting around there because they would be shot down pretty much straight away". Then all my Facebook posts are "STAY INDOORS!!! STAY INDOORS!!!" when it really did happen. So where were all the (civilian) good guys with guns? Probably indoors crapping themselves.
  6. All my friends in Texas have at least 2 guns, usually nearer to 5 or 6. I didn't get one, but I was encouraged to get one for self-protection, it would have been easy to legally buy one too as a Legal Permanent Resident. I went target shooting at a local ranch with my mate, he brought a Smith & Wesson and a Glock for us to use. I really enjoyed it, I'd never fired a gun before. It's all so different out there, took a while to adjust.
  7. 20 people shot plus 6 killed in Midland/Odessa, where I used to live. All my friends are OK so far. I used to frequent all the places where this madman went on his rampage across the 2 cities. I know you lot joke about thoughts and prayers, but I am thinking all my friends and the victims.
  8. BillyShears


    It's supposed to be 2-3 times more powerful than Morphine
  9. That comes from some training I had in the USA, when I was working there, so it was part of the hospital training for working with mental health patients. It must have been accredited somewhere. I did my basic training years ago, now an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I'm not a Mental Health Practitioner though.
  10. One pearl I learned in training: The difference between your self concept and your self perception is the measure of your lack of self esteem. Very basic and works. Kurtsimonw you are talking about it, it will get better. It's a long, long game, and time is a bitch.
  11. Another way of saying get there in good time to be ready at the appointed time, not rolling up at exactly the time arranged. You have to leave time for pleasantries and ablutions.
  12. If you're less than 5 minute early, you're late
  13. Watched a similar programme called 'Carers'. The older kids (8-10yrs or so) looking after the babies due to the parents having learning difficulties, and not being able to cope. I think there were upwards of 5 kids, can't remember. There were sleeping babies dotted around the ground floor in filth. The parents being interviewed was the most depressing.
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