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  1. That comes from some training I had in the USA, when I was working there, so it was part of the hospital training for working with mental health patients. It must have been accredited somewhere. I did my basic training years ago, now an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I'm not a Mental Health Practitioner though.
  2. One pearl I learned in training: The difference between your self concept and your self perception is the measure of your lack of self esteem. Very basic and works. Kurtsimonw you are talking about it, it will get better. It's a long, long game, and time is a bitch.
  3. Another way of saying get there in good time to be ready at the appointed time, not rolling up at exactly the time arranged. You have to leave time for pleasantries and ablutions.
  4. If you're less than 5 minute early, you're late
  5. Watched a similar programme called 'Carers'. The older kids (8-10yrs or so) looking after the babies due to the parents having learning difficulties, and not being able to cope. I think there were upwards of 5 kids, can't remember. There were sleeping babies dotted around the ground floor in filth. The parents being interviewed was the most depressing.
  6. You sound like a good man Ingram85. There will be a whole host of people who have benefited immensely from the work you do and have done, as you know, you will never see it, but it is there. It's a long game MH, I couldn't do it. I share your view of the NHS psychopaths, scary people indeed.
  7. The media, generally, are a disgrace, and only serve to encourage these acts of intolerable violence. They need an effective moral code.
  8. There's also the possible Clement Freud connection, which links to a far greater conspiracy theory.
  9. The acid test is the Mooney Test.
  10. Ye. Same old tit for tat, us vs them. I don't know why he bothered really, it's not like anyone takes Panorama or the BBC, or any media news seriously anyway. I enjoyed watching it though.
  11. Come on Bicks, tell us some tales.
  12. I reckon Bicks has loads of great stories, but he just alludes to certain events. Apart from taking a piss in Brian Epstein's house (and not in the toilet), which he told in great detail and with effervescent enthusiasm a while back. So come on Bicks, tell us some tales.
  13. This is pretty much a universal truth. Frustratingly sad, and I'm as guilty as the next person of this. Sometimes I catch myself being absolutely sure of something , take a step back, and realise how fundamentally wrong I am. Concrete thinking.

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