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  1. The next edition of FM sort of announced.... Will also be on the Xbox Series X/S console & game pass as well as Steam and the usual other places Football Manager 2022 - Release Date - Nov 9th Will be interesting to see what the new features will be. I know they mentioned adding female players & leagues, but I'd think that would be a few years down the line in terms of finalizing a database.
  2. Another games thread from moi... Anyone else play this game? (watch this if you havent got a clue what im talking about) Myself and D1 are on there. I did think Resi 4 was a shoe in for my game of 2005. Now im not so sure. This thing is epic! edit: 19th October 2007 Just because im a nice guy, some info: If you are thinking of signing up, make a Horde character on Tarren Mill server and you will get some help from plenty of Villa Fans. World of Warcraft is a class based game, and what class you pick will have a massive impact on your overall experience. I found the best thing to do when deciding a class is to have a look at this link before you take the plunge. There are also lots of quests to do in World of Warcraft. If you get stuck on a quest, visit the mighty Wowhead.com People who play WoW and post on VT. Forum name and in game character name. Some people have more than one character. Tarren Mill Server (PvP) Horde Limpid = Limpid, Limped, Limpt The_Rev = Nayson, Eau (taking a break at the moment) ED = Evildan, Ewiddan, Lolmangle Designer1 = Siongest, Sionguest Risso = Rissok Trl = Trl, Renew, Handful Red_5 = Samisdead Irishjay = Rishj Juju = Samosa, Merkin, Vilajuju Craigyh_74 = Tarq, Tarqy Ill edit more of this later, adding more useful links and the names and servers of the anti social bastards who didnt pick Horde on Tarren Mill.
  3. Isometric! Baldurs Gate team! Unity Engine! What's not to like, eh? I Must admit I do struggle with the traditional stats systems these old school RPGs use, but for an RPG like this to look this nice and be so much fun to play, I think Obsidian have played a blinder. A studio that has a great track record...
  4. Anyone playing this? Apparently it completely destroyed Sim Cities sales within the first week of release.
  5. I know there used to be a thread, but it seems to have been pruned. Just re-installed this (using Wine) and I'm thinking about re-subscribing. Is anyone here still playing? Link in case someone hasn't heard of it before.
  6. Anyone else looking forward to this? Though it's been push back till feb 2016 I'm excited for it. Currently playing the first with dlc on my Mac (bought that couple weeks ago) but I did finish it on the 360.
  7. Touted for many years, begged for by fans for over a quarter of a century...has the time for a current gen Elite sequel come at last? Elite sequel Kickstarter goes live They want $2/£1.25m for what essentially appears to be, quite simply, a like for like reboot of Elite and Frontier but using modern tech ofc. The project page explains how, on a 16 bit computer, they were able to replicate a model of the Milky Way galaxy, including ~100,000,000,000 star systems, so imagine what would be possible on todays computers. It's a game from before my time, but is something I've heard so much about since I did start gaming that it almost feels like I have actually played the original, which I never did. The Kickstarter runs until Jan, and although it's not something I'm as excited about as the new Broken Sword (which was also Kickstarted recently), I may stick a little pledge in, just to see the final result. Which is a long way off, by the way, March 2014 they reckon. The kickstarter runs until early Jan '13. It's worth noting, though, that Notch's (of Minecraft fame) spacesim MMO '0x10c' may be out by the time this new Elite is ready. And with what must be almost unlimited funds, it makes you wonder if this Elite will be out-Elited by Notch's new game. Curiously, 0x10c will be a pay monthly game, but that does seem to be the case for Dangerous. I guess time will tell...no screens available for either game yet, and I doubt they will be for some time, either.
  8. I'm just buying this in the Steam sale. Surprised there wasn't a thread already. Any tips?
  9. Please use this thread for discussion of iPhones/iPods/Macs etc and other Apple products, software and Apps etc. Please do not use this thread for discussing how inferior you believe iOS to be compared with other operating systems. Thanks. Does anyone know if theres a way of finding out what time a specific text was sent as in the message part the time only seems to come every now and again. EDIT: For clarity.
  10. I've searche'd for a topic but doesn't appear to be one. Closest thing is the Steam thread. This is for PC gamers to share tags add friends on Steam, Origin and other gaming clients and maybe play games online together and discuss general PC components etc. I will list my PC spec when I am at the machine tomorrow evening. Currently playing shadow of Mordor and Fifa 15. Dying light will be my next purchase if anyone fancies co op. I have other games too like war hammer, sanctum 2 and battlefield 4 if anyone fancies a game.
  11. Out 13th November no news on FM16 mobile or FM16 touch realise date tbc http://www.footballmanager.com/ Features Customise your own touchline manager character & see them and other managers on the touchline Go head-to-head with mates in Fantasy Draft mode Replace an existing team with one of your own. Choose a name, colours & add yourself with Create-a-Club mode Big changes and improvements to transfer, contract, player & contract screens (and many more)
  12. Along with Guild Wars II, this is my most anticipated game of 2012. Over ten years in development, it's finally released on May 15th and I for one cannot bloody wait, and I foresee many hours being sunk into it. Official Site
  13. More and more getting revealed about this, and it's looking great. The latest reveal is interesting... if also could be construed as quite a big spoiler. Not so sure about that choice myself, but the rest of it looks great. It looks like they intend to make it a little more open than Arkham Asylum was, which I buy into, but not quite making it open world. It also looks like they just plummed what was left of the roster for the bosses - Two Face, Penguin, Dr Strange all confirmed, and the Joker is, of course, back. Really looking forward to it, the first game was great fun.
  14. http://www.minecraft.net Awesome!
  15. Has been officially announced. It is RED this year. Out in November, pre order for 2 weeks early access, no new features announced yet.
  16. I've been looking at OOTP for a while but as I know next to nothing about baseball the £29.99 price tag put me off. I have though just picked it up on Steam at 75% off. Anyone had any experience with this?
  17. http://store.steampowered.com/app/344850/
  18. early access for Steam (windows only atm).
  19. Time to start a thread. Really looking forward to this edition. I think we will have the most promising (fm-wise) Villa side since I started playing the game.
  20. Just a heads up that the sequel to the 2012 game of the year (and my favourite game of the last 10 years) is out tonight on Steam, Xbox tomorrow. I've been waiting for this eagerly
  21. I downloaded this game on my phone about three weeks ago, and I am hooked! For those of you who have played the game before, you won't need an introduction. It is pretty much the same. For those of you who have not played it, think FM for Cricket, well you know what I mean. The only issue so far has been with rain. Perfect sun for the whole of a game (county), playing as Warwickshire, it gets to the last day with me needing to bowl the opposition out and each match so far has had ridiculous amount of rain on the last day (not forecast) which left each match as a draw. It felt as though it was deliberate by the game to thwart me... Other than that, great fun! Runs smoothly, great match engine, great sounds, plays really well. You really have to think about field placements, where to bowl etc. I think it is £6.99 on Android. Worth every penny. Not sure on OS cost.
  22. FM2014 has now been officially announced, not long until you all get the opportunity to savage me for not rating players as you'd have hoped! FM2014 Announcement
  23. I've never really ventured into this games forum but I thought I'd see if any other Villains are into the weird world of Paradox Interactive games. For those wondering what the hell I'm talking about, they mainly produce grand strategy games that make Civilization look like something you'd pick up from the Early Learning Centre. You normally start at some fixed date in history where the world was at some interesting turning point (1066, 1444 etc.), you can normally jump into any state/nation/dynasty that was in existence at the time and begin your attempt at world conquest on a very nicely designed world map. I've mainly been playing Europa Universalis 4 as it seems to be the easiest to get into, you play as a nation and though a combination of war and diplomacy (okay, mostly war) takeover as much of the world as you can. I've also tried Crusader Kings 2 which is very highly rated, not being totally up to speed with the finer details of the feudal system means it has been a bit more of a struggle though. So yeah, anybody else out there been suckered into these epic time sponges?
  24. The most played game on Steam by a very long way at the moment - and as anyone who has clocked up some rampages will tell you - with good reason. At the time of writing this, 6.81 has not long been out, the TI3 qualifiers are heading to Europe in a few days, and the current prize pool is just over $6 million. In fact, as I am typing this right now it's making me want to play a game. In the words of PFlax 'Welcome, to Dota 2' EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8HBr1EGX1I - Dota 2 International 2013 Final
  25. As a kid, I absolutely loved playing RTS games. Command and Conquer, The Settlers, Age of Empires, Dune, you name it I'd play the shite out of it. I haven't played an RTS for years, mainly because I simply haven't seen any pop up that I think may be good. I play Civ 5, which is as close as I've gotten recently. Anybody got any newish titles worth playing or any that may be worth going back to from I dunno, 2008 onwards? I had a look at Stronghold 3 but apparently it is pants.
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