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If we sign Baros will you be happy?


If we signed Baros would you be happy with the summer spending "spree"  

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  1. 1. If we signed Baros would you be happy with the summer spending "spree"

    • Yes, couldn't expect any more really
    • It could be worse
    • No, they still lied to us

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Well if we sign Baros, who's to say if we will or not, would that make you happy with our summer spending?

We'd have signed 2 strikers, 1 midfielder, 1 defender and 1 keeper and lost 1 striker (first team that is) and one midfielder unless I'm missing someone.

Our net summer spending would be roughly 6.25m I reckon. That's not the "significant funds" we were promised, but it is more than a lot of clubs.

Personally I still wouldn't be satisfied, but more satisfied than I am at the moment I guess.

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We need Baros (or another quality striker) and 1 other - preferrably a Central defender. If so then yes - it's been a good summer.

However, "I voted it could have been worse". After all, IF we sign Baros (which is the premise of this poll) then DOL would have spent more this summer than any other summer while he has been in charge.

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these 3 options are not mutually exclusive.

In fact, i can see myself ticking all 3 boxes (if that were possible).

so, IMO:

1) they (DOL/The board) have still lied to us re significant spending and previously unobtainable targets

2) It could be worse - a lot worse. IF we were to sign Baros, that would mean a net outlay of around 6 million or so this summer - which is above our usual spend - on player transfers

3) I don't expect any more from the current regime - so would be relatively "happy" with this.

The only thing that really bites me is the sale of Dazz Vass. For £2m, at his age and with his ability, I think is folly. We shall see i suppose.

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I don't know if we've been lied to, but I'm not very happy nonetheless so I couldn't choose an option.

I think we've signed two decent (Berger and Taylor) players and two quality players(Phillips and Hughes). Still, I think we need at least another three signings to have a real chance of making top six.

I'm in two minds about Darius' move as I don't think Darius was of real quality, but I do think if we have let him go and don't replace him, then there was no point in his sale. He was a great sprinter and challenger but wasn't a natural footballer and I think he'll struggle next season with Man Shitty.

He gave us something different but now we don't have that and worse, we haven't anyone else.

To be fair DOL has cashed in so that he can use the money as he knows he is working with very little but he needs to make the signing of Baros or another good finishing striker plus another two defensive players.

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No they still lied to us. Enough money for 3 or 4 quality players does not mean 4 cheap ones and one good signing making the net spend 6 or so million.

Woooohooooo! Doug forked out an extra 2 million because he came through the heart op ok!

A leopard never changes his spots and our board and HDE are no different!

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No they are still a bunch of liars, simple. To make me happy and to do what is right for the club we needed 4 squad players & at least "3" 5Million quality players to replace those who have left and to move us forward. What Elies does not seem to grasp is that unless you win silverware in my eyes that is classed as failure, we are not in it to make up the numbers (Elies makes up the numbers every day).

As far as I know a team, no mattter what sport should think that thay can win something at the start of the season all this aiming for 6 th does my F***cking head in. 6th fits good into the budget thats all, if the prem league had 50 teams in it we would aim for 20th. That's whats changed over the years, more happy to survive.

We lose to the scum every year & never beat any of the top teams, this is the realisation of the Elies dream. He is a liar & enjoys it when other toe the line and lie with him.

rant over....soz

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I will not be "happy" until ownership of the club is removed from Ellis and his supporters, simple. I am probably in a small minority in my thinking, but there is nothing Ellis could do, IMO, to gain my respect or trust (not that he gives a toss, or that my respect or trust counts for anything). IMO Villa needs a rebirth, a new start, to creat the right conditions for going forward.

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Quality IMO = Rooney, Parker, for e.g, a long term investment that will re-coup some of the money spent over the next 5 years in the CL because he is surrounded by other quality players of equal if not higher ability & has years left of playing and desire to win.

Phillips would be quality if we signed him 5 years ago but we all know when his legs go he will be replaced with another 32 yr old for peanuts. The transfer market is about right at the moment price wise & we get what we pay for. Net 250 k, says it all.

So what if we get Baros, when January comes and the injuries stack up in defence how is he going to help us ?

Unless the liars can produce 40 M to let us compete with the top teams then they are failures & will be until we can beat Chelski, manure & arsnail week in week out. This is Aston Villa FC not small heath & until we are the top side in Europe again no matter how unrealistic I wont be happy.

Sound unrealistic ? Well this is the point Elies started from in 1983!!!!!!!!!

Rant really over now ;-) soz

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I agree with a lot of what you said there mate but this I just can't understand...

Quality IMO = Rooney, Parker

Would you really put Parker in the same bracket as Rooney?

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