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Tomato or Daddy sauce?


Tomato or Daddy Sauce?  

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  1. 1. Tomato or Daddy Sauce?

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HP, not Daddy's.

But it has to be a bottle of Grand Cru vintage HP from the south-facing slopes of Aston, laid down before the factory closed.

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Bacon sarnie = Tomato

Sausage = Daddys.

Most people say the other way around, but them's the laws as far as i am concerned.

Spot on! :D

Sausage and mushroom sandwich with HP sauce.

Bacon and egg sandwich with red sauce.


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HP or Daddies, Ive even tried Branston brown sauce which was pretty tasty! Tomato sauce is cack!

I think that you will find that Branston sauces and baked beans are actually HP recipe.

HP beans now are definitely Heinz recipe and produced in the same factory.

I call it the great baked bean con, but better not get too :offtopic:

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