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  1. Excellent game, put to bed in the first half....overall rather stress free, which is not something we've been used to recently. Big well done to AW10 and J-Bowz! The boys put in a hell of a shift. This does not make up for the shit shower of a season, but it's nice to be safe at long last. Onwards and Upwards!
  2. I for one will be bringing a change of undies! Or I might just sit there in my soiled shame if we lose.
  3. My idiot Liverpool supporting mate at work, harping on that he thinks we'll get a point against Man City! I all but laughed in his face, I told him we'll be lucky to get 1 point against Hull, let alone against City. I genuinely am shitting myself!
  4. He's apparently not very well.....I wouldn't fancy wearing a suit if I felt like shit.
  5. Man, I'd give my left nut to have the "weakened" Chelsea team as our first team!
  6. I'm dreading this, but realistically it's our last chance at getting any points! I'm not even going to put what I think the team should be, because let's face it....it'll probably just be the same starting 11 we played at Swansea.
  7. You're right mate! Moyes has managed at a top level for a very long time and got the best out of Everton with a very limited budget. Which then won him the Manchester United post, even though it didn't work out for him. He still has what it takes to manage at the top level and we would be very lucky to have such a manager.
  8. He really has just become part of the furniture at Aston Villa and he seems to think that it will see him safe and so far it has. We need a manager to come in and see that he is a bit part player....an impact player to have from the bench as it were, rather than a starter. His pace is electrifying and must be terrible to play against, but what's pace without control and end product?....I tell you what, it's nothing. I like Gabby and I really hoped he would come through and make the grade and when he had players around him who IMO - made him look good, he did look pretty awesome for a time, but when he is expected to lead this team and justify the money he earns, he falls short.
  9. Ron is a passionate guy and wears his heart on his sleeve and is unable to hide his disappointment when things don't go his or the teams way, which I can appreciate in some way. For the second goal, he was at fault, his clearance was poor but did he have an influence on Guzan's positional awareness...not really. The last few weeks he hasn't been as "concrete" at the back as he has been, but please...look at his supporting cast? He has a RB who let's face it isn't really a RB and a CB partner who is a walking liability....his confidence at the minute must be shot. We need to get this season out of the way (hopefully with us still in the PL) and hopefully next season, Ron will have colleagues who can pull their weight, rather than those who barely contribute and expect him to mop up their mistakes.
  10. I like Lambert, I really do! He's a nice guy and he's tried to do a job within the parameters he's been set, however; it's just not good enough. Yes, he had a limited transfer budget but it's on him how it gets spent. Bringing in young players is all well and good if you're a strong team who can afford to wait for that "Bedding In" period, which we can't. It gets even more frustrating when the players he brings in don't start and some don't even make the damn bench. Then, when he realises that we need experience to help some of our youngsters it's too late and the best he can do is bring in Grant Holt....(The Horror). The position we're in at the moment, I accept that we can't expect the big name signings and some of the players we bring in are going to be rather "Unfashionable" which is the way when you're budget restricted! However' teams in and around us and even above us have done that and it's worked out for them because they have that old fashioned grit which is required to grind out results, which our youngsters are unfortunately unable to do. I don't like calling for managers heads, I imagine it's a tough job having the expectations of thousands of fans on your shoulders, but that's the nature of the job and that is what he's paid for and he's done very little to meet those expectations. #LambertOut
  11. It seems like he's too scared to drop players, even when they're obviously playing like tripe! Baker has been a liability for weeks and still he gets picked at the back, why not give Clark a go? Let's face it, he couldn't do any worse. One player I'm sick of truly is Andi! He had a decent season last year, got a pay rise and a new contract and seems to think that "he's made it" and doesn't need to put the effort in anymore, drop him for Tonev. Anyways, getting back on point....when Jonjo Shelvey scores a 60 yarder against you, you know it's all down hill from there and I wasn't surprised when it got even worse for us. Ratings: Entire Team - SHIT Lambert - SHITTER Fans - Outstanding travelling support who deserve better for their efforts!
  12. He has posted videos on his KEEK account though, which show him sitting outside of Bodymoor Heath in his car, there are also videos of him when the lads were in Germany, of which Guzan, Weimann, Westwood and Bowery appear in.
  13. I love that the boss man is going to kit up for the game! Top bloke.
  14. It was his first game at VP, I imagine he was a little bit nervous....but he still showed glimpses of brilliance, his corner for Vlaars goal, the ball through which lead to Benteke's penalty and his overall approach to the game was very positive. Yes, I agree, he did try to over do it at times, which lead to him losing the ball or running into a bit of trouble, but taking into consideration the amount of game time he's had over pre-season I think he did very well and will only get better as he grows in confidence on and off the pitch.
  15. Yacouba has shown since he came in that he is built for this league, he is very physical, got good pace and has an eye for a pass. I know quite a few people have said this, but I think he is the kind of player we have missed since George Boateng. I'm looking forward to seeing him push on and establish himself as a starter on a permanent basis as he did towards the end of last season.
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