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Extra Terrestrial Life. Do you believe?


Do you believe in Extra Terrestrial Life?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe in Extra Terrestrial Life?

    • Yes. It has to be out there.
    • No way.
    • I don't know.

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On a pretty wide tangent from the creationist thread I thought I would create this.

I would say there just has to be.

But unless they're hiding behind the moon or there is some monumental advancement in technology we will never meet them. Although communication is not out of the question. Maybe.

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Well, tough one to answer. I suppose yes, because I'm not going to rule out the possibility there might be some form of life on a far distant planet. But I certainly don't believe they/it/them little green fellas are capable of any form of communication with planet earth, like some people mostly from rural areas of the American south claim to have experienced :)

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meaning human-like? or just some sort of life whatsoever?

don't believe in anything like us but surely in some other kinds

Well intelligent life like us I mean. Maybe not our form like star trek might say i.e. humanoid. They could look like anything really.

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I dont see how with the size of our unviverse and not really knowing what is beyond it, and if indeed it is just a small spec of dust in the corner of another universe, that there couldnt be.

I guess the real answer should be, I dont know. cause no one does.

But I think there has to be.

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I believe there must be something out there. Whether it's intelligent life as advanced as human kind (or further) or simple single cell organisms, the sheer size of the universe is surely too much for only one planet to sustain life. Bacterias, amoebas, extremophils, fungis... not all extra terrestrial life has to have little green heads and fly space ships.

Whether I believe human kind will ever make contact or even discover the other forms of life is a different question...

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