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  1. Larscapaldi


    Well tbf I'm a claret member, and it's perfect for us overseas fans. I didn't want to take the chance this year having to pay over the odds like I had to do last year. I only have a 4 game history so the membership has been an ideal solution... That said, I get your point though.
  2. Larscapaldi


    Just ordered mine. Had to go through the pain of breaking my fingers yesterday as I couldn't get the day off at work.
  3. I hope he does a Jay Rodriguez against them
  4. According to transfermarkt his contract does expire next season, so as long as United don't offer him a new one it's a no brainer to get him in on loan for his final year.
  5. He was suspended. Accumulation of yellows I believe
  6. I hope they make an example out of BCFC.... This can not be tolerated
  7. Watching the game and should have had an assist already
  8. Yes we’re aware of that. I’m actually not quite sure myself why it’s written that way. I’ll ask this Saturday, might come back to you with an answer
  9. Larscapaldi


    Any decent away pubs for this one? We'll be in Reading around 10 am coming from Belgium so need to kill some time before the game
  10. I agree, send back if possible.
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