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  1. Seemed a strange sub to me as I thought he could have done something on the counter while they were pinning is down
  2. Was it no pen or debatable?
  3. His insta shows him at the airport 6 hours ago, so I imagine he'll be here this afternoon
  4. Is this subject to work permit as well?
  5. El Ghazi still injured I suppose? Hope it’s not too serious.
  6. According to my mate, who supports Hannover, we're linked with Waldemar Anton. Centre half and only 22. He reckons he's got a lot of talent but had a disastrous season. Then again, they got relegated so they probably all did anyway. The article was in Bild but I can't see/link it as it's one you have to pay for.
  7. That Nakamba lad isn't in the Squad for Zimbabwe today...
  8. Missed a sitter for Ivory Coast there...
  9. They also subbed on a player by the name of Talent Chawapiwa. Although 27 years old, we must be in for him!
  10. According to some Belgian media outlet we're in for Marvelous Nakamba, who plays for Bruges where Wesley came from. Their source seems to be The Chronicle (which I have no idea is reliable or not) although I can't seem to find anything on their website. Article in Dutch: Translation with google translate
  11. According to transfermarkt 1 year left. Edit: there's an option to extend it for one more year, although I'm not sure if they both have to agree to that or can Utd do it one-sided?
  12. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2019/06/14/relocation-day-update-2019-20
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