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  1. At this time of a late Saturday afternoon there's nothing quite like some chamber music by Robert Simpson. I'm listening to his 12th String Quartet. Grainy.
  2. Can there be anything anything more stupid, childish and calculated to divert attention from the very very very very very slight lack of utter utter 100% perfection nearer to home than these threads entitled "Let's all laugh at... (whoever)"? Lets all laugh at SHA. If all we can do is all laugh at some pathetic irrelevance such as the self-styled "Birmingham City" then God help us all. Yes they're shit. We've all noticed.
  3. Best part of a fair few. I do remember one bloke outside Deurne Airport trying to get on a bus to the city centre and being shouted at by the driver. So he got off. Some other blokes asked him what that had all been about. "Dunno," he said. "He didn't seem like to like the colour of my money." So one of them had a look at what he'd proffered. "But those are FRENCH francs!" "So?" "Well this is Belgium. They use BELGIAN francs in Belgium. Why were you trying to pay the driver with French francs?" "Well that's what they gave me at the bank ain't it. I said to them, 'ere our k
  4. Interesting. I'm especially intrigued by Brian Little's goals in the European Cup and the Super Cup inasmuch as that he'd retired before we ever played in them! (BOF : Why whatever do you mean ) Oh and I was there in Royal Antwerp's stadium but don't remember Graydon's goal and if you look at the result of the match you'll see why it's something I've blanked. :eek: In 1975 we simply weren't ready for Europe.
  5. I've seen some stupid moustaches but that one...
  6. In the light of some of the bile being directed at Barry in certain quarters, a cautionary tale. Over 30 years ago I was living in London and went to a midweek match between Millwall and Sheffield United. United's captain was Eddie Colquhoun. Their star player was Tony Currie, an England international. Another notable player was their right winger Alan Woodward. Woodward was at that time on the transfer list at his own request. This was obviously the reason why Colquhoun and one or two of his lackeys kept up a stream of invective against their teammate Woodward, "Come on Woodward, run yo
  7. I go back to Jimmy Dugdale then John Sleeuwenhoek, two fine central defenders. Chris Nicholl was bloody good too when he wasn't standing on his own keeper's toes. McNaught, apart from his first month or so, and his partner at the back the wonderful Allan Evans. Laursen, bloody magnificent especially with his head. And you could throw in Leighton Phillips, Teale and even Alpay as well. Olly, unforgettable, consistent over a long period, great clubman. Blimey, not from B6 not from the West Midlands not even British. But a real Villa man. And that business at West Ham with the shirts 10/10 if
  8. Mind you, wouldn't say no to a bit of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell*. Not to mention The Uglys. * Like "You're all I need to get by." Christ what a song. Or how about "You made me so very happy" by Blood Sweat and Tears? No? Well...
  9. A couple of sonatas for violin & piano by Peter Racine Fricker.
  10. No Dave, Hickox on Chandos.What else is there?
  11. Rubbra's 1st Symphony. Not a song but...
  12. No it's a don't know. You can have him for your next year's team if you want. EDIT: But he's awesome.
  13. The threads I like are the ones that simply go: ......................................Foster Nelson..................Laursen.................Davies................Bouma Bentley.................Petrov..................Humperdink etc No explanation necessary. Just a line-up. They're GREAT!
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