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Championship League 1 & League 2 Play Offs


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Friday 8th May 1st leg

Brentford v Middlesbrough SS1

Saturday 9th May 1st leg

Ipswich v Norwich 12.15 SS1

Friday 15th May 2nd leg

Middlesbrough v Brentford SS1

Saturday 16th May 2nd leg

Norwich v Ipswich 12.15 SS1

Final Monday 25th May 3pm SS1

League 1

Thursday 7th May 1st leg

Chesterfield'v Preston SS5

Sheff Utd v Swindon SS2

Both 7.45 kick offs

Sunday 10th May 2nd leg

Preston v Chesterfield' 12.15 SS3

Monday 11th May 2nd leg

Swindon v Sheff Utd SS2

Final Sunday 24th May 5.30 SS2

League 2

Saturday 9th May 1st leg

Plymouth v Wycombe 7.45 SS1

Sunday 10th May 1st leg

Stevenage v Southend 6.35 SS1

Thursday 14th May 2nd leg

Wycombe v Plymouth SS2

Southend v Stevenage SS5

Both 7.45 kick offs

Final Saturday 23rd May 5.30 SS1

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On the one hand I like to see Ipswich back in the prem, great club but on the other hand you just know mick will sign matt Jarvis and kenwyn jones and reduce the rest of the league to tears with his brand of kick and rush football.

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He also never adds anything to the league. I like Mick he is a character but his football is awful. I think only he has a worst win record than Lambert after 100 Premier League games

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Hoping Norwich but favourites would think have enough to beat Ipswich but local derby anything can happen

Think Preston been in play offs now 10 times 3 finals and lost do they have bottle this time

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Yes if any team looked like winning it I thought it would be Brentford but good game. Fancy Norwich Boro final and Boro to win it. 

Boro might be coming back. Hope Newcastle trade places with them.

 could well be one of the north east sides. 

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Cracker at Swindon tonight 5-5 that's why as neutrals the the play offs. Great from Sheff Utd dishr give it up

Preston v Swindon

Sunday 24 May League 1 Final 5.30


lol wut...



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If Bamford was a Middlesbrough player instead of a Chelsea loan player, there would be a hell of a lot less hype around him. See Kakuta, Chalobah, Baker, Van Aanholt, etc etc

Got the worst possible scenario in the cup final for league 1. Dad is a Preston fan and my stepfather is a Swindon fan. Would like to see Preston back in the championship. Got a few good younger players, can play decent football and there manager and off-field setup is good. Nice stadium too imo

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