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2015 Asian Cup


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What's the Aussie squad looking like these days.


In fairness they were much better in the WC than I thought, with their squad I was expecting three hammerings but underestimated their fighting spirit. I still think it's a squad inbetween two generations e.g. the Cahill, Bresciano etc era bowing out for the younger players.


Looking at the groups Japan have a pretty easy one so they can build momentum. They underachieved at the World cup imo.,


For an outside tip I'll go for Uzbekistan.

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Japan would be strong favourites.


Australia haven't really found a way to score without Cahill and Kewell. Not against good teams.


We don't have enough players playing in top leagues anymore. Back in say the 2006 world cup squad, we had most of our guys playing in big European leagues. These days a lot of the squad play in Asian leagues, or just in the A-League. We had a far better side when it wasn't financially viable for our talented players to play in Australia.

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I suspect they will go all out attack in the early games to try and get some goals flowing. Robbie Kruse and Matthew Leckie will be real threats out wide but defensive failures have been a bit of a theme of late.

It looks like they will pay 433, use Jedinak to hold down the centre with Bresciano and probably James Troisi up the field.

We tend to struggle a bit against the Middle Eastern teams who counter with pace because we tend towards big lumbering Centre backs geared towards dealing with the physical and aerial demands of Aussie and European football. It will be interesting to see if Chris Herd gets a start on Friday. Ivan Franjic has been preferred in the past but his nice to Russia had not worked out well for him.

We have been told since before the world cup that we are in transition but realistically next generation need to start putting their hands up now.

That golden generation of Viduka, Kewell etc is long gone.

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Aye, there is not much quality amongst the Australian stocks. We are trying to implement a youth program to rival Belgium - but even if we manage that, those players are 10 - 14 years off.


Since we are at home we will make the finals, but I don't see us winning.

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