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2015 Asian Cup


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Cahill has had his time in Europe though, he isn't going to get any better as a player than he is right now and he will be remembered as an extremely good Premier League player.  He might even just break into the club legend tier at Everton (certainly if we are only talking about the Premier League era, he probably doesn't compare to the legendary Everton teams of the 1960s and 1980s) so I can't blame the guy for signing one big final contract.  I take the wider point though. 


As a matter of interest, where do you think Cahill will retire to?  He lived in England for about fifteen years which isn't far off the length of time he lived in Australia for.   He married an Aussie girl though didn't he? He chose Australia over Ireland for an international career too. I guess he might return to Sydney when he finally hangs his boots up. 


I'd suggest probably Sydney. It wouldn't shock me to see him play a season or two in the A League. He's still got a few years before he slows down to the point where the A League is his level.

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