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Formula One 2014


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Not the prettiest - could do with a nose job...



You can choose the designation of Ferrari's next F1 car. You have until next Friday (24th).

Pick from between F14T, F14 Maranello, F14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo or F616. The winning designation will be announced on the 24th. Do it here.

I voted (5 times*...) for F14T cuz it cleverly reads as FIAT :)

* you're allowed vote 5 times.


Looks like you got your wish =)

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Watched Rush this afternoon.

Why can't F1 be like that now? The danger, the high risk of death, it came with the territory. They knew what they were getting in to. People still climb mountains and walk tightropes.

Take the cars off rails, let the drivers push them. Let them **** race...

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The FIF1 is the best looking for me so far but it does need to reveal more details. Lovely livery though. I think these cars are better looking than last years. I think the low nose makes them look like old school F1 cars. Racey.

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Something (even this tenuous) to give us hope of a non-Red Bull dominated season? Albeit a different team dominating?

From here

3) Mercedes walking away with it?

Despite everything just said in point two, the paddock has been awash with speculation that Mercedes could be the dominant force in Formula One in 2014 (some have gone as far to say they think Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will walk away with it, turning the title into a straight battle between themselves).

Frankly, no-one really knows where they are, but it would make sense for Mercedes to leave the test in Jerez appearing as frontrunners for the season - they have invested hugely in some of the best technical brains in the sport.

Unlike most of the teams – with the exception of Ferrari and to some degrees Red Bull – they have also had the chance to develop their 2014 chassis in conjunction with the new power unit. This has tremendous advantages, in terms of how they are able to package the car around the engine, whereas customer teams will have had much less of an opportunity to do that.

Although it’s impossible to tell, let’s put it this way: if Mercedes are clearly on top in Jerez, as far as it is possible to tell, no-one in the paddock will be all that surprised.

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A failed front wing btw, just in case you think he went and binned it. There have been a shocking amount of technical issues throughout the field today. It's as 'hilarious' as Button predicted. One thing's for sure. Anyone who can't make it to this test to shake out the gremlins is going to be miles behind. Marussia will miss day 1. I hope for their sake that that's all they miss.

EDIT : Oh and ...


:huh: :huh:

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