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  1. Wish we'd been able to get Abraham back. Banging them in for Chelsea. Wesley looks a carthorse to me.
  2. Just think we're really gonna struggle to score goals this season. We're not creating much but when we do Wesley isn't clinical enough to take the chances. First half he should have buried that Grealish cross. Surely a striker is going to be top of the January shopping list if things don't improve up top. Not convinced by any of our wingers either. Jota just looks a bit weak and lacking in quality at this level and gives the ball away too much. El Ghazi is too obvious in what he does and doesn't track back enough. Trezeguet could come good but hasn't looked up to it so far. I'm not sure if Benrahma would have made the difference there but he could hardly be worse than what we've got. Positives are the defence looks very good, I like the centre backs and Guilbert was a fantastic signing - was motm today for me. Marvelous fitted in well to the team tonight and apart from a couple of sloppy passes did a really good job anchoring the back four. Think we will be struggling much of this season unless we can pluck a goalscorer out the air. Wesley doesn't look up to it for me and we don't have any other options. Makes you wonder why we didn't get another striker in.
  3. Need to get the first goal tonight imo, think whoever scores first will win the game. Need to start on the front foot if poss and really raise the energy levels, having the crowd behind us will certainly help. Hopefully we can get a positive result. UTV
  4. Exactly. This is a game we've shown we can win, as we beat Everton who I think will finish higher than West Ham. Any side at home outside of Liverpool and Man City should be a game we aim for 3 points in, yes we won't win every one of course not and games against the other top 6 sides will be extremely tough to win but we are capable of beating anyone outside those two sides at home imo. And I still think West Ham are a midtable side who will probably finish around 9th or 10th, they have a strong set of attacking players but their defence is not as good as Everton's and we scored two against them. Also, while they signed Haller and Fornals, they lost Arnautovic, Hernandez and Perez who contributed 20 goals in the league last season. There's no question that we can't take West Ham lightly but I also feel that we need to believe in ourselves a bit more. We have a very talented team, yes it is new and still getting used to each other, but there is absolutely enough in this team to get a result against West Ham at home. And there's also enough in this team to stay up comfortably, the home form will be crucial to that.
  5. Targett out I think as SGC said. Quite frustrating as I would like to see a defence of Guilbert, Engels, Mings, Targett but Taylor will play again against West Ham I suspect. Most likely the only change from Palace will be Trezeguet out and El Ghazi in but we were awful against Palace so those players keeping their places need to play a lot better, especially the midfielders. Grealish needs to up his performances, as do the wingers and Luiz too. Can't keep giving the ball away so cheaply and gifting the opposition so many chances and we need to start creating more for Wesley. Against Arsenal Smith ought to be thinking about bringing in Nakamba and Targett by then I think but that's a discussion for that match thread. I'd quite like to see us go 4-2-3-1 because currently we're not creating enough and we're gifting the opposition a lot of chances worryingly, with Nakamba alongside either Luiz or McGinn. Hopefully we'll start to see how strongest team and formation in the coming weeks.
  6. Mings is unlucky not to play, both England’s CBs are terrible.
  7. The Spammers def have a few dangerous players but are weak at the back and we need to play with the same intensity going forward against them as we did against Everton. We could do with a win as we go to Arsenal on the Sunday and even if we were to draw we'd have picked up only 4 points from 5 games and defeat at Arsenal could leave us in a bit of bother. I don't think West Ham are as good as Everton so we are capable of winning, I'm fairly confident with the defence but going forward we are just not scoring enough. I think it's 4 goals scored from 4, and all of them have been different goalscorers. For them Haller looks a real handful and they have a number of good attacking midfielders like Lanzini, Yarmolenko and Anderson plus some options off the bench. So not an easy task for our defence so our attackers need to be on their game because West Ham's defence (especially their full backs) is not top drawer and they leak a lot of goals. Interestingly, according to the Fifa 20 ratings, this is our strongest team (player rating in brackets): .........................................Heaton (80)............................................... Guilbert (76)..........Engels (76)..........Mings (74)..........Targett (72) ....................................Marvelous (76).............................................. .......................McGinn (75).................Grealish (77)......................... El Ghazi (74)..............................................................Trezeguet (77) ............................................Wesley (79)............................................ Wonder how long it will be before we see Nakamba and Targett in the team.
  8. You seem one of the decent ones, but the ones I've encountered on social media have just really hacked me off. I don't mind friendly banter and bashing, but some of the comments have been plain hostile and aggressive and for absolutely no reason as far as I can see. We've never really been rivals up to this point.
  9. Villa fans on Twitter been nowhere near as bad as Wolves towards us on Twitter or on that Molineux Mix. If you saw some of the comments you'd think they were Barcelona and not in League 1 only a few seasons ago. I guess that's what money does to some clubs fans. Glad Everton beat them today, can't stand them.
  10. Every team in the league has good players, that’s my worry, we’ve spent over £140mil this summer and most teams still look better than us, our first 11 probably only contains 4 or 5 current internationals. West Ham probably won’t finish higher than 10th so we have to target a win from this, not a draw, a win. We beat Everton who are better so it’s do-able. Already lost to 2 teams we should be getting at least a point from if we’re to be comfortably safe, Grealish looks out of his depth, our best striker will do well to get into double figures. Hopefully my worries will be eradicated as the season goes on and the team starts to look good, have my doubts though.
  11. Scandalous refereeing. So what the ref is saying there is you are not allowed to go down off balance otherwise it's a dive? What an absolute pr1ck! Perfectly fine goal disallowed, there's no simulation because Grealish has not tried to win anything (free kick, pen), he went down off balance and then played the pass to Lansbury who scored. Surely this decision has to be overturned but as it's Villa it won't be! We were crap today and didn't deserve anything, ultimately we must improve, but if the referees actually work against us and conspire to stop us getting what legally we were entitled to is basically going to make this a long and hard season.
  12. Well deserved call up for Tyrone, he’s been great for us since January and has carried that form over into the PL. Hopefully he gets some minutes in at least one of the games and shows what he’s capable of. Jack will be disappointed he’s not in but hasn’t shown enough yet to justify being in, his time will surely come if he up his performances a bit more. Having said that, not quite sure what Jesse Lingard and Harry Winks have done to deserve selection either other than the fact they play for Man U and Spurs
  13. The side that beat Everton looked very resilient, can't see us losing more than 19 games over the course of the season. Yes we've lost 2 of 3 so far, but the side hadn't fully settled or adjusted to the league and probably still hasn't in all honesty. No one can say for sure how many we'll win or lose, but Wolves lost 13 last season and Fulham lost 26. I'd say we'll lose possibly 16 or 17 and win a dozen or so games with the rest draws. I think if we lose more than 20 we'll be lucky to stay up.
  14. To be honest, this is a game we should rightfully be going in to looking to win. Just beaten Everton, a better team than Palace, albeit slightly fortuitously you could argue. Our second string has just battered a team 6-1, even if they are a League 2 side. The positivity running through the club at present is at its highest for 10 years. Palace are also pretty poor at home, with just 13 points from their last 12 home games. They did win at United but they're usually pretty good at playing the underdog because they're so good at countering teams. United dominated for much of it, Palace were clinical. Against us being at home their fans will want them to go for it so they can't sit back, which will play into our hands. We need to watch Zaha who is head and shoulders above anyone else they have, but he clearly doesn't want to be there and that's affecting his performances currently. Ayew and Townsend blow hot and cold, but more often than not aren't great. Benteke looks past it and has been poor for two seasons, definitely wouldn't get in our side. Meyer is their creative player but looks too lightweight for this league. So all in all, unless Zaha turns up, I'd hope our defenders can handle their attacking players, particularly as we've just contained Richarlison, Sigurdsson and Bernard. Would take a draw, a win is achievable and should be the aim. Definitely don't think we should be losing this one.
  15. A long way to go for Engels and Mings to be compared to Laursen and Mellberg, but they looked rock solid tonight and I've been impressed by them. Both good ball players as well and don't panic when in possession. They were mightily unlucky to come away from the first two games with five conceded and I'm delighted they got a clean sheet tonight. They look like a partnership that could really blossom and tif they keep the consistency I could certainly see Mings in the England squad and Engels strutting his stuff for Belgium. Let's see how they go over the next few games

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