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  1. The problem with Kane is he always drops so fecking deep to get the ball. He needs to stay in the box otherwise we have no focal point. I also don't think he looks fully fit.
  2. Jack and Rashford on the right are not as good, but I'd certainly be tempted to play Jack on the left, Sterling on the right, and Mount in the middle. Two ball players (Mount and Jack) and one runner (Sterling) would be good. Kane needs to stay in the box though.
  3. Fair point on Alli who had very impressive stats at a young age at Spurs. At the time though Alli was considered one of the best young players in the world and he's had an almighty fall from grace let's be honest. I still think Foden looks a much better prospect in terms of his all round game than Alli, technically Foden is phenomenal. I always thought Alli was a great goalscoring midfielder but had a gangly feel about him and never impressed me that much when he wasn't scoring. I think it's easy to say Jack would have had a better impact than Foden yesterday given Foden was avera
  4. Well that's open to debate but seeing as he's listed what I would consider a striker (Mbappe) as being above him then I think the likes of Kane, Haaland, Lewandowski, Neymar, Messi, Lukaku etc would be above him too. If we're only comparing with who plays in a similar position to him (LW or CAM) then of course the likes of Son, Fernandes etc have better stats. It's difficult because we know Jack carries this Villa team so it's easy to say he's better than such and such, but the reason I don't find it helpful is we only watch Jack week in week out and not the other players who we're comparing h
  5. We don't know this, all we can do is speculate. Mount and Foden were both pretty quiet today so you'd think he would have done, but Kane was poor and most people would say he's the best player in the England squad so you just don't know how players will perform game to game. Plus Jack still hasn;t looked fully fit since coming back from injury. I hope we see him for the Scotland game.
  6. He's my favourite player at Villa but I don't find these statements helpful.
  7. Foden is absolutely not another Alli or Lingard, he's far more talented than that. I can't believe you would think that to be honest. You don't get into that City team if you are not special that is for sure. I personally think both Foden and Jack are unbelievable players, I'd choose Jack over Foden because I watch him week in week out but I can also understand why another manager would choose Foden. And I say this as someone who's not a fan of Southgate and would like England to appoint a better manager. But going on today's performance I agree Jack would have had more influence.
  8. I love Jack but I think we put him on a bit of a pedestal on here. Fantastic player but England has many of those especially in the forward positions. Saying he's superior to Mount and Foden is doing them a disservice - Mount has always performed for England and Foden is a generational talent. Shaw, Chilwell, Sancho and Saka could all be pretty pissed that they weren't involved today either, not just Jack. It's disappointing he didn't get on and if he doesn't feature in the next 2 games then of course beaky deserves a lot of criticism, but to say it's becau
  9. There were no Man U players in the starting 11 for England today.
  10. Whilst I would have liked to see Jack, England won and the attacking players played well (other than Kane) so I actually think Southgate's selection was right (other than at LB). As much as Sterling has his faults, he is great at getting in behind and did get the goal which vindicated the decision to play him. We've also got to remember that the likes of Saka and Sancho didn't get any minutes today either which shows the depth of the squad. I think Jack will play some part in the next 2 games, in fact he'll probably start the game against the Czechs if we ha
  11. Trippier at LB over Shaw is just weird even if he supposedly can take a decent free kick.
  12. Disappointing that he didn't make the Copa America squad. Not quite sure why he was called up to the provisional squad if they weren't going to have a look at him in a game, even that Brighton squad player who hasn't done anything of note (Mac Allister) has won a couple of caps for them so it's not like Argentina is a super strong squad these days. Hopefully he gets called up again next time and the manager actually bothers to use him.
  13. Depends on what happens over the summer with incomings, but top half has to be our minimum aim. Think if we can equal or slightly beat our points total from last season well be top 8 next season. Buendia looks like he'll be a very good signing, but we'll need more to cover our deficiencies, not least a DM and a pacey winger plus a couple of defenders to add depth and maybe another striker. I doubt we'll get all of them but 2-3 more high quality players and we'll be looking good. Keeping Grealish is also absolutely key. He's being linked left, right and centre with Cit£h
  14. France definitely has the strongest squad, but I think England is up there in an attacking sense at least. We have a tough route to the final though. Portugal have a lot of top players it seems and could go far. Will be interesting to see who gets out of the group of death (Group F).
  15. I've mixed views on the squad. Was disappointed for Watkins as think he would offer something different and personally prefer him to DCL, but I also really wanted TAA. Four RBs is excessive but that is a ridiculously strong area. Very happy Jack was given no 7 but he really should have been no 10 and swapped with Sterling. By having the no 7 shirt, it does suggest he will start for England so really hope that's the case. I hope he doesn't go with 5 at the back as I think England will be much better playing with as many of their quality attacking players as possible. 4-3-3 makes sen
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