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  1. Making it sound like he’s on Messi’s level. I love Tammy and it would be ambitious to get him back here, but if we can’t bring in players at his level we ain’t going anywhere quickly.
  2. Well as someone said, we ain't bringing Kane or Rashford to VP. So a moot argument. I agree Chelsea are attacking, but 15 goals in 34 appearances is decent especially when quite a few of those appearances were off the bench. Giroud got 8 in 18 but most of his games were starts I believe. There's also the age factor, Tammy will definitely improve further in the next 3-4 years, if it was with us I believe he would turn into a 15-20 goals a season man for us. If we signed him for next season I'm pretty sure he'd hit double figures minimum, which makes £40mil (if that's what he'd go for) a very good investment. It's very likely Chelsea would want more for him though, but if it was £40mil plus add ons I'd go for it. Of all the strikers we've been linked with, I think Tammy and Eduoard would be most likely to shine for us and are both at a good age to improve quite dramatically.
  3. Strange view. He was top scorer for Chelsea last season despite injures and not starting games after the restart. He's 22 and already firmly in the England squad.He knows our set up and club so wouldn't need to really adapt. If they wanted £40mil I'd snap their hands off for him.
  4. I definitely see a lack of ambition too, I suspect that a lot of it is to do with Smith, which is why I was wary of keeping him on despite him kind of pulling off a miracle in the final weeks keeping us up. He did seem to have learned in the last few weeks from his mistakes, but we can't say for sure how much that was down to the teams we played having nothing to play for and not putting the effort in. I like Dean but I see him like so many of our managers down the years as very meh and I really want us to push the boat out for a big management appointment who can bring in the talent we need. Our last big name appointment was 10 years ago when we appointed Houllier, and even then we appointed him 5-10 years too late. I hope the fears are dissipated over the coming weeks when we bring in big name signings and hit the ground running when the season starts - we can live in hope.
  5. I'm being optimistic somewhat and voted 12-13. I do think we'll spend a fair bit again as the owners have said (think it may even be more than £100mil) but I'm unsure how good the quality of player will be. I think Konsa, Mings, Luiz, Jack and McGinn are five very good players for this league and if we can add some goals to the team and an extra bit of quality in certain areas we should be comfortable. But I say this with still a few doubts about the manager, but he did impress me in the final few games and I hope he carries that on into next season. I don't think any of the promoted sides (maybe Leeds as an exception) will do too well, Sheffield United I think will struggle next season, and the likes of Palace, Burnley, Newcastle, Brighton and Southampton are all teams we should be aiming to finish above. So the aim should certainly be to finish in the upper reaches of bottom half, I'll be very disappointed if we really struggle again.
  6. The question is, are we going to do anything more than struggle again next season if we're buying players from the Championship? I can see the same arguments between fellow Villans if we do struggle next season, those defending Smith saying what do you expect when he's buying from the Championship, and those arguing Smith isn't a big enough manager to attract big names in European football. Another question is why bring in a new Sporting Director who is supposed to help us identify potential top talent, and then just go and spend our money on Brentford players who Smith already knows? Example - Rashica has a buy out clause of £33mil. He's proven in a top league (Germany). He would almost certainly improve our first eleven by a significant amount. He's wanted by other clubs who are no doubt in a better position than us currently in the football pyramid, but ultimately we won't get anywhere until we can bring players of this calibre in. That's the way I see it.
  7. I'm in agreement with a lot of others on here that he's a decent signing at the price, but if he's coming in to be our big signing up front I'd be worried. We need someone proven in that area - I've always said I wanted Tammy but even someone like King or Wilson, or Edouard who has been mentioned a fair bit, is more proven than Watkins. He's had a great season, scored 26 goals in the Championship, but it seems a risk given he's not that young and it's his first season being prolific. I think I'd pursue Eze and Benrahma from the Championship over anyone else right now, as they're the best talents down there imo. We'll see how this plays out.
  8. Some of the names I've seen mentioned that I think we should be aiming higher than are Lolley, Swift, Bannan and Albrighton. First three if we were in the Championship maybe, but not when we're trying to build a competitive PL squad. Albrighton might be OK for the squad but we need a starting level winger who can add regular goals and assists. Think we'd be better off sticking with Trez and EL Ghazi for backup wingers anyway.
  9. Who knows what he's thinking, but I think he genuinely really loves this club. When he tweeted after the Spam game and said "MY club" it shows the affection he has for Villa. Of course he wants to be playing at the highest level and I really hope we can one day offer him CL football every season, but ultimately as you say he's playing in the best league in the world, captaining the club he's supported since a kid, and playing for a team that is striving to make progress every season. Ultimately we have to improve next season, we can only do that by keeping Jack otherwise we'll be in a situation where we have to replace a player who carried us for much of last season in addition to trying to improve other areas of the pitch. But it's completely understandable that Jack wants to see us making high level signings to complement him on the pitch. To an extent a midfield trio of him, McGinn and Luiz is very credible at this level and they're all young enough to improve further next season, but we need another winger who can make things happen and a reliable goalscorer to put away the chances Jack creates. None of our current strikers are reliable enough to do that.
  10. I think if he stays and we continue to build and invest each summer we'll become the team he aspires us to be. It's possibly 2-3 years down the line but it will happen. I think he'll be selected for the Euros if he stays here and possibly even start. He just needs more quality around him, that's why we need a good window.
  11. And Luiz too I believe. So you never know I guess, but it appears as if Southampton lead the chase in this one.
  12. I think we'd be mad not to be interested but I've not seen anyone linking us to him.
  13. Cannot believe we’re not trying to get McKennie either. Already looks quality and at 21 can go to the very top. Him, McGinn and Luiz in midfield next season would be an exciting proposition.
  14. I'd take Mike Smalling without a doubt.
  15. Batshuayi has a much superior goalscoring record.
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