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  1. Actually Leicester were 5,000-1 to win the league that season I believe. We’re 1,000-1 to win this season. So obviously sports betting agents think we have a decent set of players and a strong management team, which actually is very accurate. If the team gels, the team could do really well. If it doesn’t, we could find ourselves struggling. I still don’t think we’ll get anywhere above midtable but if we can finish 12th-14th we will attract a higher calibre of player next summer and can continue our journey of looking to compete with the likes of Everton, Leicester and West Ham, which is the minimum this club should be doing.
  2. But Kante, Mahrez and Vardy were complete unknowns at PL level that season. Kante had been played one season in Ligue 1 with Caen, Mahrez had scored about 4 goals the previous season and mainly played in the second tier before that, and Vardy had a bit of good form end of 14/15 season but had played most his career in the lower leagues. None of that team was proven at the top level, but Kante and Mahrezturned our to be two of the best signings the PL has ever seen. Anything can happen in football, that season shows that. Engels, Guilbert, Wesley and Luiz could turn out to be unbelievable signings and I am optimistic they could be given how well they were rated at their old clubs. Same withTrezeguet and Konsa. We will soon see, but the management actually seem to have a clue what they’re doing at Villa now, unlike under Lerner. I still would like to see a marquee signing though, particularly one who scores goals. Leao is one of the best young players in Europe, he would be a really top signing if we could pull it off.
  3. We definitely need strengthening in attack. We've improved the defence considerably and with Luiz hopefully imminent I think defensively we should be ok. But in attack, even if Wesley settles I can't see him getting more than 10-12 (going on his previous seasons), Grealish and McGinn didn't get that many even in the Championship but might score more if Wesley creates more than Abraham did, El Ghazi will get a few and Jota might, and possibly Hourihane and Kodjia will get a few, but that's about it. Apart from a GK, who we can probably bring in on the final day of the window if needs be, we need to be getting in some attacking quality. Leao would be an absolute belter of a signing, even though he's only 20 I reckon he could score 10-15 goals if we signed him, but unfortunately looks like we have some serious competition. Trezeguet would be decent, reckon he'd score a few, as would someone like Benrahma. We need a player like Sigurdsson who can create chances as well as score them. I'm hoping a couple of quality attacking additions aren't far off so we can bed them in before Spurs.
  4. Konsa is an excellent prospect, hope he adjusts to the demands of the PL quickly. Reports that we're in advanced talks with Bjorn Engels who was exceptional for Reims last season. Would be another very good signing, not sure whether we'd play him with Mings or three at the back. Hopefully we can sign up a RW (Trezeguet), a GK and DM in the next week or 2 and we're looking good. Maybe they'll cap it off with a bit of a marquee signing at the end - Leao or Bergwijn would be nice
  5. I'd have Axel back in a heartbeat even on a loan. I don't want our squad filled with loans and would rather a loan to buy with an agreed fee, but it's only one player in the squad on loan which is a much different situation to last year when nearly half the team was on loan. It also keeps the same continuity from last year and I think the Axel-Mings partnership worked really well. If the choice was between Axel, Cahill (on extortionate wages and probably wanting a 2-year deal as opposed to a 1-year deal) or Webster, it would be Tuanzebe for me. Then we have retained four of our five loans from last season and can put the extra investment into signing a quality GK, DM and RW which we need to do.
  6. I hope that we can still get a deal over the line for Butland. I think we all agree we needed to sign Mings and he was worth the money given how important he was to us, but Butland is an established England goalkeeper and I fail to see how £23-25mil is too much for him. If we get say Hegazy and Trezeguet for £20mil combined, plus a decent DM for a reasonable fee, I think we could still potentially go after Butland. If not him, someone else would still need to come in I think. As much as I love Steer for helping us get promoted, I just don't see him dealing with shots from the likes of Aguero and Kane. We need a top level goalkeeper to gain us 10-15 points next season and I think Butland would be the sort of signing that would do that.
  7. And a goalkeeper. Maybe not Butland (though I hope he still comes) but another one. Steer did great last season but don't think he's PL quality.
  8. He looks a talent, as you say though his performances have probably upped his value and also will have alerted a few clubs. We should be looking at him though. The Argentinian winger, Pavon, could be a good signing too, plays predominantly on the right. He's very, very quick and has a decent cross on him, still plays in Argentina with Boca so is certainly available at the right price and would jump at the chance to play in the PL I'd imagine. Once we've got Mings signed up, I'm hoping we can nail down a GK, another CB, DM and RW fairly quickly and looking at some of the South American players wouldn't be a bad idea imo.
  9. £20mil is a bit steep, £15mil would have been fairer, but he was amazing last season for us and glad he's coming back. He knows Dean's set up, has a great relationship with the fans, was a great leader for us, and very rarely put a foot wrong. Yes, this was in the Championship, but he looked far too good for that league and I really hope that means he steps up and becomes a really good PL CB for us. If he does I can see an England call-up in the not too distant future. Now I hope that we bring in another quality CB to play with him. Webster is far too expensive for an unproven player and we need to move on and find someone else imo. Cahill on a free + a punt on a foreign defender (or maybe even Janssen at Leeds) would mean we can focus all of our efforts on finding a DM, RW and GK to get us ready for Spurs.
  10. This is very true. I don't think it will be quite like the disaster Lescott was, as I feel Cahill is a much better professional and a much better player overall. Lescott hid between top players at City and I think was always bang average, not sure how he won so many England caps. But I actually think Cahill has always been a good player, albeit maybe lacking at the truly top level with England. Would much prefer him over Webster, who I am very sceptical about especially at that fee and looks like just another good Championship player to me. Cahill and Mings as our centre halves for next season would be ok by me, if we can get a proven quality DM in front of them (not Phillips for me, maybe Nakamba) plus Butalnd in goal we could be decent defensively and with our forward players I'd be relatively optimistic of a decent first season back.
  11. Come on guys, we can do a lot better than Gayle! He's basically a Championship striker, never done it in Prem Would rather just keep Kodj as the backup.
  12. It is quite worrying that we still haven’t sorted out several positions, including GK, CB x 2, DM and RW. That’s five players we still need minimum. I fancy a couple from the Championship (Butland and Benrahma, maybe Maupay) but we’re getting priced out of moves for them by the looks of things. I think if we can get Mendy and Trézéguet for a combined £15mil we should put in the offer now - that strengthens 2 positions immediately and doesn’t take up too much in transfer fees. Both have played at a good level. My other choices would be Gbamin, Mings and Tuanzebe. I don’t understand all this messing around for Phillips, who is too expensive for a player who has ad one decent season in the Championship. We need a player in that position we know can step up, Gbamin is highly rated and young. We we just need to get it sorted, but if we get the required quality in then waiting a couple of weeks won’t be a bad thing. It’s even a relatively quiet window from everyone so far.
  13. He got injured, then Sissoko came in and was outstanding for them, probably their best player last season. Wanyama was still getting in the squads, just couldn't get his first team place back. But to say his body is shot is premature, the guy's only 28.
  14. He's definitely a better choice than the unproven Phillips, much less of a risk. Wanyama isn't even that old (just turned 28) and has done well in the Prem before for Spurs and Southampton. He'd be playing in a decent midfield with McGinn and Grealish and would shield our defence. And his wages wouldn't be that high as Spurs are one of the tightest top six teams. How much they ask for is another matter but I reckon as long as they get back what they paid for (£11mil) plus a little extra they would sell.
  15. Agree it's good for us. And agree Wolves are being extremely well run and look very good on and off the pitch. Their progression should really help us push on and try to catch them and overtake them, touch wood. But I don't like them after reading what they've said about us on their forum. Ridiculing us and putting us down. Can't understand the arrogance of a club that's spent about 5 seasons of the last 25-30 years in the top flight. But then again, once any club gets any modicum of success, even if it is just a 7th placed finish, then all the ****s come out of the woodwork. Tinpot may seem a harsh term for a neighbour of ours, but actually yes before the last 2 years they were the very definition of tinpot. Not saying that means they were a small club, just run very badly and languishing in the 2nd tier. The last time before now they were any good was the 1950s.

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