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  1. Hopefully we line up like this (they've all trained this week): Martinez Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz SJM AEG Barkley Jack Watkins I'm really not a fan of our opposition tonight, their fans are quite possibly worse than Man Ure fans nowadays for self-entitlement and they've dicked us so many times over the years. Last win I remember against them was 2013 at VP (and before that 2011 with Bent scoring on his debut) but both games we were fortunate to win. The last time we beat them away was God knows how long ago. They don't like us very much eit
  2. And Cit£h won comfortably at Chelsea just a couple of days after their training ground was closed and with a number of players missing. Of course they have a stronger squad than us, but the simple fact is no one knows what effect this virus has had on the squad. I would like to think the majority of the first team have come back fine and are ready to play otherwise we wouldn't have agreed to play this game (admittedly, we're not the ones who decide, but it seems like we haven't thrown up much of a fuss to play it). Personally I'm ok if we lose this game but I always wan
  3. Cit£h - lose Barcodes - win Burnley - win Southampton - draw Spam - win 10 points. Of course COVID could affect us but these are fit men and our squad is young, Fulham had to call off their game with Spurs because of COVID and they don't look like they've been massively affected given their performance against Spurs and yesterday where they still only narrowly lost despite being down to 10 for over half the match. The first game is of course the toughest and the oil barons always seem to batter us, it would be nice to take something or ev
  4. Of course this is so true. Our first team is obviously strong now and can compete with most teams in this league, but we definitely need more quality off the bench. We didn't manage this under O'Neill when he squandered lots of money of money on at best average players, but I think with the management team we have in place now and the lessons we should have learnt from that time we will ensure we invest in the right quality squad players. Sanson looks a decent player, he certainly looks an upgrade on Hourihane and Nakamba and gives us the option to rotate especially wh
  5. Ridiculous that this game is still going ahead, Villa seemed to want to do it that way, presumably to avoid fixture congestion when we already are playing catchup in the league. But it's basically just a bye to the next round for Plop. There is NO way Spurs game can go ahead, we can't compete with our youth team, it would be a difficult game even with our strongest 11 players but it's grossly unfair to play that game with an under 18 and under 23 side. Given how easily the Barcodes got our game cancelled I'm fairly confident Spurs and possibly Everton will be postponed
  6. This is exactly my thinking. No point buying players to be backup, otherwise we'd be buying more Taylors and Elmos and we need better. Targett has certainly improved and is probably playing above his natural ability at the moment, and it's always harsh to displace someone who is performing so well, but to grow as a team that's what we have to do. Targett will find bringing in someone better than him will help him grow too, and he will still get plenty of game time as FB is a position which (in my opinion) should be rotated in the modern game. Zinchenko has been linked
  7. They weren't complaining about finishing 6th, they were complaining about the unsustainability of the team. MON was the cause of our later downfall through his reckless spending (on many players who were quite frankly bang average) and actually deserved the criticism. Signing Heskey when we were in a great position to get 4th, putting players like Beye, NRC and Sidwell on big wages when they offered very little to the first team, failing to replace Laursen or Barry sufficiently, failing to have an adequate scouting team in place to find the best players in Europe/South America, I could go on.
  8. He played a lot in the first 2 seasons at PSG including the first when they won everything except the CL, but as sne says he's had some injuries and I agree it can be more hassle than it's worth going for a player who can take us to the next level but is never actually fit to play. Having said that, he has featured 9 times for PSG this season and if he is available in the summer on a free I do think, given his talent, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a look at him in January if he's available at a cheap price. Wages of course will be high, but then so are Barkley's.
  9. We should be all over that. Another very talented player whose career hasn't quite gone to plan, a bit like Barkley. It would be a great fit for both him and us, even just a loan.
  10. OK, yeah, sorry only just realised you said big South London club which I guess for that part of London Palace are. Yeah he's doing well at Palace and linking up with Zaha must be enjoyable for him. They're a decent side on their good days Palace but don't see them ever being more than upper bottom half of the table, so be surprised if he does a Zaha and stays there for his peak years (unless Palace price him out of a move or no one better comes in for him).
  11. I like Trossard and I think we were linked with him the summer we got promoted. He's not pushed on so much at Brighton but I think that's because he doesn't have so many good players around him. Whether Brighton go down or not, I'd like us to go back in for him. Him, Jack and Ollie would be a really good front three.
  12. Palace aren't exactly a big club He's a huge talent and I'd be surprised if Palace hang on to him long term. Though they kept hold of Zaha for so long so you never know.
  13. Fair enough. I think Chelsea are stacked with midfielders though, I'd be surprised if Loftus Cheek can force his way back into the plans unless they move on one of Jorginho/Kovacic/Kante.
  14. The funny thing is, RLC who went to Fulham has been available every game for them and actually has a more severe track record of injuries than Ross. Maybe if Ross’s injuries continue to be a problem for us we should look at RLC in the summer instead (not sure how good he’s been at Fulham, but he was always considered a talent). I still think Barkley is worth buying if he can regain fitness and stay fit this season, but this lengthy spell out is concerning. He’s really needed for spurs (as is Trez to help defend against son). Olise was mentioned as an alternative, I’d cert
  15. The media and FA will love it, now that they're favourite clubs are in the top 2. Another dodgy pen for United last night, but not one mention of its controversy in the press despite Pogba tripping over his own leg. Strange that. But then we all know football is corrupt at the very top. United have been awarded 20 penalties over this and last season (over 54 games), that is a pen every 2.7 games, it's ridiculous. In contrast we have been awarded 6 - that's balanced. Another thing I noticed is how many fouls United get away with, especially Maguire, McTominay and Matic when he came
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