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  1. To be honest, not playing free flowing football against Man City is acceptable (though we played defensively and still lost 6-1, Christ knows what would happen if we actually had gone toe to toe with them). But Norwich facking City of all teams have shown us up in how to play football this season, it's embarrassing. Let's be honest TRO, Smith is a Championship manager managing Championship players on the whole. Wolves are set up with a manager who had managed at clubs in the Champions League before joining them, and they've brought in players who have played at the very highest level. Despite our so-called riches we went for a manager mainly because he was a Villa fan and he would 'get us' and not getting our first choice which I believe was Brendan Rodgers. No proven pedigree outside of the Championship, so despite promotion being our goal there was no long-term plan because no one had any clue how Smith would manage the step up. He clearly hasn't managed it very well based on our performances this season. I'm going to try to switch off from football this season, it's depressing. I see very little difference this season to how we were run under Randy Lerner and we've suffered another pasting at home like we did that season against Liverpool (and we all know what happened after that). Unless we by some miracle bring in a couple of really top players in this window, this season is just going to end miserably and I don't want to witness that.
  2. Of course it's possible. Wolves have shown how to do it, as have Leicester as you mentioned. I'm not convinced Sheffield will last, certainly when you look at their personnel, but they've taken to the PL much better than we have for sure and at least show the same levels of commitment and desire as their opponents at this level (unlike us). But we've been so badly run for as long as I can remember I just can't see us going the same way as those clubs. Under every owner, every manager, every set of players, we just look a basket case every time. We seem incapable of attracting any players of real calibre to the club, whereas Wolves have brought in proven quality players time and time again under Fosun. We can't even identify hidden gems on the whole, McGinn being the one exception in the last few years. And we have no distinctive way of playing, we brought in a manager who was supposed to get us playing free flowing, possession football and there's absolutely no evidence of it. It's like there's a cancer at this club and there has been for a long time. What we can't keep doing is making the same mistakes in terms of recruitment and the vision for the football club, but it seems like we always are. I just can't see us ever getting it right.
  3. I look at highs in terms of winning something. Of course there have been some good moments like winning the playoffs and winning 10 in a row, but I guess seeing how far we've fallen in the last decade has made those moments more noteworthy because we've generally been despicably bad for our standards in the last 10 years. Even when we've gone down in the past we've generally gone straight back up, instead we languished in the Championship for three seasons and only went up via the playoffs being the 5th best team in the division. Certainly been a lot more lows than highs anyway. Can only really think of Sunderland who's had it worse in the same time period.
  4. Think if we get to Wembley to face Sheikh Mansour FC again we'll struggle to sell our allocation to be honest, could be worse than the Arsenal FA Cup Final defeat of 2015!
  5. We actually did used to win stuff a long, long time ago. We've just been left behind by the likes of Man City who've thrown money around much more successfully than we have. I'm starting to think you're right that we're never going to be that team ever again though.
  6. We were getting slapped by the opposition and it's horrible to watch! I agree walking out is counterproductive but I understand people not wanting to go through that
  7. And by the way, this is not an overreaction to one defeat. Today I expected us to lose (not in the manner we did, but hey ho). But I've watched us all season and since early December we are by far the worst team in the league. Norwich, the bottom club, outplayed us at VP and we were fortunate to win. We were dire at Sheffield, at home to Southampton. We conceded 2 goals to a Watford team down to 10 men. Even Burnley away, we played well first half but reverted back to being shiiiite again in the 2nd half. Smith has had 15/16 months to get us playing similar type of football to that he played at Brentford and we're nowhere near it. Given how they're performing under the manager they have now, I'm inclined to believe it was Brentford's internal structure and system that enabled them to perform the way they did and not Smith himself.
  8. It's very easy to say the players aren't good enough, but today Smith's team selection was absurd. Elmo at RB over Guilbert, Taylor at LB (if Targett was injured ok, but Smith said he trained and was fully fit), starting Drinkwater, and he's seemingly dropped Engels recently in favour of Hause. Why this is I really don't know, Hause couldn't get in Wolves' team in the Championship, Engels has a lot more experience of top flight football and is clearly a better player. He also left Trezeguet on the bench despite the fact he would be a threat on the counter with his pace. It was a car crash of a team selection and 4 or 5 of the players who started today shouldn't have done. I think we're stuck with Smith regardless, but I wonder what will happen if he fails to win either of the next two games. If these owners are serious about us staying up and pushing on they need to consider if this man is really capable of delivering that.
  9. To be honest he'll have only been staying in the 2nd half to watch the oil barons players run rings around us. Anyone who stayed was only watching one team as we as ever didn't bother turning up.
  10. They've spent billions on their squad bypassing FFP in the process while we continuously get media saying we're close to breaking FFP after one or two summers of big spending forgetting that we spent nothing under Lerner in 6 years. Game is completely facked to be honest.
  11. Said this before ko and got slagged off for it. The writing was on the wall really. Still think we'd have lost, but Targett, Engels, Guilbert, Trez and Nakamba should have played today. Selecting Drinkwater really shows how out of touch Smith is - the guy has not played a full game of football in 2 years. When you play a side of their quality you have to play your strongest team - it was obvious that players like Taylor and Hause were going to be shown up today as quite frankly they probably aren't even Championship quality. It pains me to see how Pearson has turned Watford around while we sink ever lower with Smith at the helm. I know we have had injuries etc and that can't be helped, but his tactical awareness is so bad it's painful. These players play like a deer in headlights most of the time.
  12. Think Trez has been ok, offers a bit of pace on the break and has scored a few goals for us. We're gonna have to get high up the pitch in the transition and he might have helped with that.
  13. Guilbert, Trez and Nakamba all on the bench - you'd think at least two of them would be starting in a game like this.
  14. That's a strong City team. Sterling has been dropped because recently he's been off colour.
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