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  1. The way things are going for both teams I'd be disappointed with anything less than a draw despite Spurs clearly underperforming with the players they have. We are capable of scoring at least a couple, Eric Dier is still playing in their defence and he's woeful. The RB they signed looks as much a liability defensively as Aurier was. Hopefully Nuno doesn't pick Romero on Sunday as I think he's their best defender based on his Atalanta form. We should definitely be targeting a win but I'd still take a point and it means we still go into the international break in form. Wonder whether Kane will turn up, he looks like he doesn't want to be there. Ollie could do with a goal.
  2. You mean 1996 I think opening day of the season IIRC. Maybe we can do the double over them this season, imagine!
  3. It was a great win today but I think Smith should revert to 4 at the back and drop one of Ings or Watkins (Ings for me because Watkins does more off the ball). Maybe he won't do it for Spurs but after the international break when Bailey is back I'd like to see 4-3-3 with Bailey, Watkins and Buendia in attack. But Ollie's finishing currently is a major concern. We're more solid with 5 at the back but it negates our attack and Ings-Watkins isn't really working. After the international break the games aren't as difficult so we should be able to take the handbrake off more.
  4. We hadn't beaten these b*stards since 2009. I sure hope we don't have to wait that long to beat them again.
  5. Finally beaten these cheating c**ts again. Great feeling.
  6. So frustrating. I thought Ramsey was going to ripple the net but instead he slips and injures himself. Typical.
  7. Smith needs to be bold and put Buendia and Traore on. Game is there to be won.
  8. Surely we should be looking at changes soon. Two of their first choice defenders off now.
  9. What a surprise, Dean misses another foul on McGinn. Plonker.
  10. Referee is an absolute word removed. How is that not a foul by slabhead.
  11. Keep playing a dangerous game inside our own half when we should just get it up the pitch.
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