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  1. Maybe I’m being too lenient on Barkley, he’s clearly well below par, but none of our other midfielders create anything so when he comes on I have hope he might actually be the provider for us. It’s probably misplaced hope in all honesty and he’s been shite for ages now. Maybe he’s just a lost cause now and we should give up on him, I don’t know, but without Jack there’s no one else to create anything for us. Traore was awful in my view and couldn’t even control the ball, McGinn likewise. Watkins was my motm but even he was sloppy at times. No one was great in all honesty against a
  2. Barkley is being used as the scapegoat as per usual (as all our other midfielders are offering nowt either) but the chance at the end he should have shot or passed. Dithered then lost it and the chance was gone. Just playing like a player with no confidence whatsoever. We will finish below Arse, Leeds and even Wolves at this rate if we’re not careful. Tough run in and we always bottle it against the top teams regardless of what form they’re in. Leeds have also got a tough run in but they’ve proven they’re not bottlers by beating city with 10 men today.
  3. Could easily have got a point at least here, bad decisions in the final third yet again.
  4. I would take everything Dean says with a pinch of salt to be honest. We've been fed continual bull about this mysterious injury from the start.
  5. If he's out until May as reports suggest, I don't see him going to the Euros sadly. He will have to come back and play out of his skin I would have thought, even though he clearly should be going. Like Maddison he's got injured at the wrong time of the season. Mount, Foden and now bloomin Jesse Lingard (who's done nothing but sit on his arse for 18 months before he joined Spam) have probably edged ahead of him and all three have always been pretty reliable when it comes to injuries unlike Jack. I'm pretty exasperated that a shin injury keeps someone out this long. Havin
  6. That's a very nice scenario, but I don't see why we can't get 1 or 2 of those. De Paul £30-40m, same with Tammy (rumours are they are happy to move him on and £50-60m would be silly as it's pricing him out of anyone making a move for him). Neto unlikely (as much as I'd love him), also Wolves wouldn't sell to us, but the other 2 very possible if we go for it. I don't envisage us spending £30-40m on 5 players (we won't resolve all our issues in one summer), but quite possibly on 2 players and then using Lange's experience to bring in young players with potential in the other positio
  7. From the Championship I think Sarr and Buendia are the best down there, but unfortunately Watford and Norwich are pretty much nailed on to go up. Both those players play on the right too which is where we could strengthen. Of the other teams only really Brooks and Olise appeal, maybe Toney or Henry, but Brentford would ask a lot and we could get players more proven in those positions now I think. I think the signings we need in order of importance: 1) Creative, attacking midfield/no 10 - e.g. Dele Alli, De Paul, Odegaard (for me this player needs to be star quality to link up
  8. Davis has always had that natural strength and ability to hold off defenders, he also deserves praise for his impact on Sunday, and as you say has barely had much of a look in. Though previously when he's come on he hasn't had much impact, he needs to keep doing what he did Sunday if he gets more chances in the team. Whether it's the right time to go two up front against Liverpool, I'm not sure, I don't think it is given the difficulty of the game but he could play Davis up front and push Watkins out wide (especially if Jack isn't fit, but I really really hope he is because we need
  9. He is still not good enough if we're going to progress next season let's be honest (one game doesn't change that) and we need to improve on him and AEG, but I can't fault his work rate and desire to get into the box and try to help the team. He deserves praise for helping us get the win yesterday probably more than anyone else. He also has a knack of scoring important goals at vital moments like the goals he scored last season to keep us up. If Barkley had anywhere near his desire or work rate (being a significantly better player technically) then he'd absolutely still
  10. We won yesterday and that's the main thing. But ultimately we were poor for nearly 80 mins of that game, didn't register a shot on target until the 71st minute or something like that, and Smith only made the subs when he was forced to. Fulham also collapsed defensively and generously allowed us to come back into the game by retreating when they were 1-0 up. If it had stayed at 1-0, the reaction would have been completely different. Because we ended up winning, it's an opportunity now to have a dig at fans who were criticising the manager during the game. It shouldn't b
  11. I'm pleased we won, as I always am. I don't rate Trez but he made a difference when he came on, AEG was awful once again. Ramsey added energy to a ponderous team and Davis did well. But we didn't have a shot on target until over an hour into the game, similar to Spurs, and the defending for the goal was half arsed and could easily have been avoided. We didn't start playing until 1-0 down. So a decent, well overdue win in the end, but ultimately we were rubbish for 75% of that game. Still a lot of concern for me, but maybe that final 12 minutes will give the team a kic
  12. Oh my word. Abject all game and Trez of all players gets 2. We've still been utterly woeful for most of this and this will paper over that.
  13. And who's spent all the money (£250+ million) assembling this so-called Championship squad?
  14. Seriously if we continue this rubbish from now to the end of the season (and we probably will if we lose to shite like Fulham) then why give the manager any more time. I don't care where we were when he came in, or how he did so well for a 3rd of this season. He nearly cost us our place in the PL last season because of his average management, he survived literally because of COVID, and he's taken us backwards and still so reliant on one player that he didn't even sign. Not good enough.
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