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  1. Sorry meant to say ‘style of play’ not ‘player’. But I totally agree with you. It’s one game, it was poor but one to forget, there could be many reasons why we played the way we did. What’s important is that we respond well to this defeat, we don’t want to go on a bad run of form which happened on several occasions last season.
  2. Of course not but when you lose a football match, especially in the manner we did on Friday, people will understandably look to identify the reasons behind it. If people didn’t give their opinion, positive or negative, there’s not much point in this forum.
  3. I think to get to the next level (which is Wolves/Leicester standard) we have to have a mix of good players and a good system. To be honest I still don’t know what Dean Smith’s style of play actually is. I think we have a number of good players now but are still being outdone tactically. Leeds are an anomaly in that they have a great system full of runners and ball players but hardly any individuals who you think wow when you see them. That’s why Bielsa is a great manager. I still think we’ll be fine this season and do much better than last. But Friday was a big wake up call for sure
  4. Yes, they are a much better ‘team’ than us. Relying on individuals, remember, is an indication that the manager is a bit sub par. He needs to bring the best out of limited players too otherwise he’s not doing his job properly. Someone like Bamford is not particularly talented, but Bielsa has found a role for him and he’s performing it brilliantly. He couldn’t even score for Boro in the Championship before he joined Leeds. It wasn’t just the manager, the players also let themselves down. McGinn, Grealish, Barkley, Watkins, all below par. Now I suspect that is tiredness, and though it d
  5. To be honest it's one game and the start we've had is better than I expected. So I don't think one result justifies laying into the manager too much. However, I would like to make a few points. A lot of people on here made a similar sort of remark about Bielsa that Gabby did during the week, that he was a myth and overrated. But what Bielsa has done with Leeds is nothing short of extraordinary. I've always rated him as a manager and can see why Leeds are so excited to have him there, he's simply a better manager than Smith. Last night when they had a guy on a yellow he made a chang
  6. Cash was probably our man of the match despite being exposed time and again. Jack was poor apart from a couple of moments along with Barkley, McGinn and Luiz. All of our midfield were shite and kept giving the ball away.
  7. Disagree. Didn't see what our game plan was tonight except to hit hopeful long balls up. We were really poor, as bad as we were at times last season, sorry.
  8. He does need to up his game. Didn't think he was great tonight or against Leicester. Think he has a lot of potential but he needs to win his battles more against defenders. Was too easily beaten to the ball tonight and it allowed Leeds to take the initiative.
  9. I think the performance rather than the result is the most concerning thing. You can lose any game in this league but you have to at least take the game to your opponents, we didn't even lay a glove on them. 12 shots to their 27, they bossed possession too, completely deserved to win. We couldn't even string two passes together the whole game. We've started the season well but that game was a huge wake up call. I'll be worried if we perform the same against Southampton.
  10. It was generally an awful performance. Don't remember us doing anything, our midfield was so poor. We have to bounce back against Southampton. Have to.
  11. Yes in my opinion it's a bad miss. He has to at least hit the target.
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