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  1. Good shout on Kluivert. Like El Ghazi his career seems to have stalled since he left Ajax, though younger than AEG and with more potential imo. Recently lost his place in the Dutch squad but he’ll be desperate to play at the Euros and we could help him get there. Need to have a few agreed to buy him permanently in the summer though.
  2. 5 goals in 11 games at Palace, would hardly say that's crap. His goal record for Belgium, Dortmund and Marseilles shows he is a prolific frontman if playing regularly with decent service. Agree with you about a pacy forward though - that's something we lack. A younger version of Jamie Vardy would be ideal.
  3. Exactly, Howe certainly knows what he's doing. Given Mings wasn't part of his plans and he got £25mil for him, you'd be looking at £40-50mil for King and £60-70mil for Wilson I'd say seeing as they're both pretty key men. Maybe a bit more.
  4. Batshuayi on loan with an option to buy in summer 2020 for say £25mil would be a great bit of business. He's coming into his prime and if he was a regular starter I could see him getting minimum 15 league goals a season for us. I'd take Wilson or King too but doubt Bournemouth would sell either, particularly Wilson.
  5. Of course £22m isn't much these days. Wolves spent £30m on Jimenez, the Spammers £40m on Haller, Leicester spent £28m on Iheanacho who can't even get a game, even Newcastle spent £40m on Joe Linton. Out of those only Jimenez has really been a success and even he isn't quite a 1 in 2, more like a 1 in 2.5/1 in 3. Wesley hasn't been a bad signing at all for the money spent, 1 in 3 so far, but what this shows is we probably need to break our transfer record again in this area to get someone more reliable as Wes goes missing too much at this moment in time. For me personally, I don't think Kodjia is good enough at this level and is also fairly injury prone, while I think Davis is adept at holding the ball up but couldn't hit a cow's back side with a banjo. I reckon we should sell Kodjia, send Davis out on loan to a Championship side to see if he can find that goalscorer's touch, and spend big on another striker to compete with Wesley. If we need to recall Davis we can insert that into his loan clause. Morelos has been heavily linked and looks good but as it's the SPL it's difficult to tell if he would step up - however, I would welcome us gambling as he's young and could feasibly double or treble his value at us if he takes to the Prem.
  6. I think there is so much more work to do with the squad going on yesterday's performance. We’ve got ambitious owners who are prepared to spend, immediate priorities should be a winger and striker then I feel upgrades on the full backs are necessary as they were constantly exposed yesterday. If we want to be a top half team I honestly feel we probably need to spend another £150m, but this time on 4/5 players rather than 12 and of course of a better quality than we currently have (obviously this needs to be spread over several windows so we don't break FFP). Jack is sorely missed when he is injured and he seems to get injured every season, so we need a player with his quality on the ball who can be that talisman when he's out but is also able to play alongside him when he's fit. I just don't think McGinn is capable of being that player when Jack is out. I'd love someone like Dani Olmo, as highly unlikely as his signing would be. I still think even with our current squad we’ll be fine. Got to be beating Newcastle next game, if we don’t I might get worried. But our position at the moment is not too perilous. Bournemouth in their first season up in 15/16 had 8 points from their first 12 games with a GD of -13 and finished 16th with 42 points. Leicester’s first season up in 14/15 they had 10 points from 12 with a GD of -7 and finished 14th with 41 points (and they still had 10 points after 18 games as they lost the next six in a row!). I think both those sides had less quality than we have as well, but the PL is probably also a tougher league now when they came up. Newcastle last season had 9 points from their first 12 with a GD of -6, they ended up 13th with 44 points. With this in mind, I still believe we can finish 12th-14th as long as we bounce back from these setbacks. Three defeats in a row can happen in this league when you play the sides we have played, though it's always horrible to lose. I think we need to start grinding out some points away from home, but the home games against weaker opponents are the really big games. We have home games coming up in November and December against the likes of Newcastle, Southampton and Norwich – those are the games we have to be winning if we want to be ok. If we don’t, then it will be panic time.
  7. Giroud certainly has massive experience and would be an ambitious move, given he's not played regularly for a couple of seasons I don't know how much of a gamble that would be but he seems to still be scoring pretty regularly for France. You're right though, we'd be competing against many sides in Europe but if you want to get top players to come to you you have to do that and to entice that type of player you need to convince them that Villa is a club that is going places. That is up to the management team. Joao Moutinho was an older head that Wolves brought in and he seems to be doing a great job in that midfield for them. As a club we need to raise the bar for our transfers. I like DS's approach to transfers but I'd like to see him be more ambitious with our targets and sign players where other teams stand up and take notice. I'm hoping in January we see a big name come in that gives us a big boost to our chances of staying up. It will be a disaster if we go back down again after all the work we put in this summer.
  8. Good post Chris. I feel we gambled on a lot of our signings in the summer, probably didn't help that we needed to replace so many departing players but a lot of our signings were unproven. Wolves remarkably signed Neves and Jota in the Championship (from huge clubs in Porto and Atletico Madrid) and both were in or on the fringes of the senior Portugal team at that time. Then once promoted, they signed Patricio (85 Portugal caps), Dendoncker (in Belgium squad, similar hype to Tielemans at Leicester), Moutinho (over 100 Portugal caps) and Jimenez (79 caps for Mexico). They signed these players from CL clubs in the main. Wolves, a team that's barely played in the top flight in the last 30 years, only just got promoted, signing this level of player was astounding, but they did it. That is what you call ambition and that is why they are where they are now and considerably better than us at this time. It doesn't matter who they have in the background helping them with recruitment etc, if they have a better system at attracting players than us then we need to find a way to attract these players too. We need to show a level of boldness in the transfer market that I've not seen at Villa since the late 1990s. I'm not sure I agree with you that they have to be older necessary, I do like us going for younger players in the early to mid 20s, but they need to be at a higher level than the players we bought this summer. That's why I've mentioned on many threads looking to buy a player like Michy Batshuayi. He's an established Belgian international, has played for big clubs, played in the CL, and I think he would provide a massive boost to this team and score lots of goals for us. That for me is an ambitious signing but is it one DS is capable of making? We will find out in time, but the level of recruitment needs to go up a gear if we're not only to survive in this league but get ourselves competing with the likes of Wolves and Leicester which is what we need to be doing.
  9. Have to win. 1-1 not good enough with the games coming after this one. We need some confidence and a draw against one of the weaker PL teams won't do that. We MUST get everyone fit for this, most importantly Jack Grealish. Newcastle are in good form and doing better than I expected but if we can't beat sides like Newcastle at home I really think we'll be going down which will be a disaster with all the investment we have made. Must win.
  10. We need more quality, simple as. As much as I like McGinn, he has been very poor for weeks and again today disappointed. Clearly missing Jack and we need him back, but to also have Heaton, Engels, Steer, Targett get injured really buggered us today. Wolves fans are giving it large, but they beat us without four or five of our first team players the ****s and we still gave them a scare at the end. I am concerned especially with the games coming up but clearly we need our first team players back ASAP. We have to beat Newcastle, the next three after that are tough, but we have to be getting 3 points over the Christmas period against sides like Southampton, Norwich and Watford. If we can get to January in around 14th place we can hopefully strengthen with a couple of top quality additions which will require the cheque book coming out. Today we played very very poorly but still could have got something, really must bounce back next game after a disappointing last few weeks. International break is very welcome.
  11. All these injuries are a ****ing joke. Are these players made of glass?
  12. Does make you wonder. We’ve had a week’s rest and Wolves played Thursday (and have played over 20 games this season) yet we have more injuries. Why can’t they just wrap our players up in cotton wool two days before the game ffs!
  13. Agree, Heaton missing is a concern. Steer worries me between the sticks so our defenders need to put in a great performance today.
  14. Typical that we have two first teamers pull out before ko and Wolves are still full strength (minus Boly). Still think we are capable of doing a number on them but need to get it right tactically. UTV
  15. Strangely, the Guardian has him starting today and hasn't even put him in as doubtful, do they know something we don't?: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/09/wolves-aston-villa-match-preview-premier-league Either way, if you take Jack out of that team and put Douglas Luiz in it's still a good side and there's enough quality there to get something at Wolves. We will miss Jack's quality in the final third though so fingers crossed he does make today.
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