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  1. gaz90

    Tom Heaton

    He's costing AC Milan 3.5 million euros per season, apparently they want him off their books and he'll be retiring very soon. Let's start the bidding at £7 million! Realistically, I think they'd accept around £1 million for him, so if you're talking about saving money for other positions we might want to start the bidding a little lower...
  2. Probably the signing of Stine Larsen for our Women's team.
  3. If we manage to stay up, I hope that the owners match his ambition and convince him that we can grow into a team that's capable of competing closer to the level that he can play at. I get the feeling from the post-match interview, though, that the wheels are already in motion for him to leave (not to say that anything's finalised though). If we have to sell him, there are many clubs that sell their best players and build a better team off the back of it (hopefully we manage to recruit effectively), so I won't be too annoyed with him leaving his boyhood club. It's better to have had him play for us and for him to have helped drive our club forward (especially considering what could have happened following our relegation) than to never have had him play for us at all.
  4. I'll wait until after the Everton game to decide if I want Watford or West Ham to win. If we manage to get 3 points against Everton, I'd hope for a draw as you'd hope Man Utd beat West Ham, leaving it in our hands on the final day to potentially put them down (unless we manage to beat Arsenal as well). If we get anything less than three points against Everton, I'd hope for West Ham to win as we could potentially stay up with 4 points (with them hopefully being on the beach on the final day).
  5. gaz90

    Dean Smith

    Smith lost me tonight. I know that things have been getting progressively worse, but I hung onto hope that we might get a result somewhere over the next few games. The fact that tonight we had no structure, style, tactics, heart and we looked like we've never seen a corner taken in our lives (and none of this is new to tonight either), I feel like there's no turning this around. I'd get rid and look to get a manager in that we'd like to lead the team into next season, which will more than likely be in the Championship.
  6. I'm sure that theoretically we can spend progressively more over the next two years if we stay up. I think FFP works off a three year cycle and whilst this year we've had premier league revenue (TV money etc), the previous two years we've been in the championship so revenue would have been much lower. As an optimist, I'd hope that next season we spend at least as much as we have this season just on fewer, higher quality players.
  7. This place is going to erupt.... Jim White just said on SSN that we turned down Ighalo last night (who's just signed for Man Utd) and we rejected approaches from Celtic and Sheffield Utd for Neil Taylor.
  8. I could have swore that I read somewhere that he had been training with us. I'll try and dig it out.
  9. Yeah, I think Wesley got 1 point under the Part A criteria as he played all but 18 mins of the CL group stage games for Club Brugge last season.
  10. He has 50+ caps, so he'd already be ticking one of the main boxes for a work permit. Wesley didn't have caps, so my understanding was that his value had to be proved in a different way (i.e. his transfer value).
  11. I thought it was the case for both.
  12. Apparently we paid more than his true value so that he would get a work permit.
  13. I agree with this - I didn't take to him in his initiation video, but I took to Reina. Hopefully that's not too indicative of his personality, otherwise I reckon he might rub people up the wrong way. After reading that NY Times article, it seems the backroom staff need to help him to enjoy his football again in order to get the best out of him. With a love for the game again and a tireless runner in front of him, like it seems we might get in Samatta, we may seem glimpses of the player that he was at Leicester. As you say, I don't think we needed another quarterback-style midfielder and I was really not in favour of signing Drinkwater, but getting him alongside a combative midfielder (Nakamba or, hopefully, a new signing like N'Zonzi), and with everything else falling into place, it could actually work.
  14. I might be wrong, but I don't think @StefanAVFC was being serious...
  15. Not sure if you know, but there's a Benteke thread in Other football, where people love to talk about Benteke all day long! I think some of you should check it out Please! I can't take it anymore...
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