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  1. A colleague of mine went to school with him and Butland was telling people last summer that he was signing for Liverpool before they got Alisson. Apparently this summer he's saying that he's definitely moving to the Premier League, but that's all my colleague knows. Hopefully we're the team he moves to, as I think he'd earn us a fair few points this season.
  2. We were talking about how the only way to become really successful in the Premier League was to have loads of money. I said that Arsenal have done it without spending billions on players etc. Yes the other clubs have spent loads, but Villa have spent more than Arsenal since the start of the PL and we're not in the CL. Money alone cant buy you success, you need a good manager, but good manager can get you success, such as Arsene. I really don't see how this discussion can go any further when you keep repeating yourself.
  3. I reckon MON would have definately kept us in the top half, probably even top 7 or 8. It was his team this season, he had some players here who would run through a brick wall for him. We did show signs of getting worse at the end of last season, but we wouldn't be in this position if he were still here.
  4. Yeah, what about them? My original point was it can be done. The facts and the figures prove that Arsenal are a top 4 club and haven't spent billions to get there. I said a good manager could potentially get us in the top four. A good scouting network, some good cheap signings and a manager that knows how to manage could well get us there, regardless of how much money we spend. Money is a major, major factor in the Premier League atm, I'm not doubting that for one second. What I am saying is that a great manager, with Lerner's resources, could get us into the top 4. However near impossible it may seem.
  5. Yes, I said they should have an open bus parade.... I reckon if Wenger were our manager, he could lead us to the top 4, and I wouldn't be complaining. Would you reject Wenger as manager if he wanted to come to us then? And if you want facts and statistics, he's brought success to Arsenal without spending billions of pounds. My mate's an Arsenal fan, he's not complaining. He gets frustrated at the lack of silverware, but financially they're very strong, they have a fantastic new stadium and great foundations for the future.
  6. What I meant there was it doesn't matter how we've been this season with regards to the future. I just said it wrong as I'm not great with saying what I mean. David Moyes has surpassed what O'Neill achieved. Houllier has a better CV than Moyes. I do not believe that Houllier will surpass O'Neill's near successes, but I believe that there is a possibility, like there is with everything, and that if he were given a chance he would do a lot better than this season.
  7. He's still consistently at the top of the league and challenging in every competition season in and out. I reckon if it werent for Barca (one of the best teams I've seen in my lifetime), Arsenal would have won the CL under Wenger. And he is also one of Arsenal's most successful ever managers, although a lot of his trophies were won before the big bucks came into the league.
  8. I agree that money is a huge factor, but I look at Wenger, who is an extraordinary manager, who hasn't spent billions at Arsenal, and just hope that we can find and attract a manager that can do the same for us.
  9. I meant with regards to move forward, like what you was originally talking about. IMO this season will not have a massive effect on how we progress.
  10. Totally agree, they wanted to play for the last manager, and they were good, without that kind of motivation they're barely average.
  11. It doesn't matter how we've been this season, it's how we will be in the future, and I believe that MON wouldn't have taken us much further. We all know we've been bad this season, but we can't compare this season with a season when MON was at his peak at Villa.
  12. gaz90

    The Film Thread

    I watched Wanted the other day. With Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman. Action film. Twas pretty cool.
  13. I feel that Lerner sees appointing a manager in football as the same as appointing a manager in other business sectors. From Houlliers appointment I presumed he looked at his CV, which is strong, and looked at his plan for the club. I think these factors sold Houllier to Randy, and they are big factors, however, I believe that you need more than that in football to manage a club. For these reasons I believe that Lerner wont go for someone like Lambert, as he doesn't have the experience in the top flight, which is disappointing. I hope I'm wrong and he surprises us.

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