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  1. Not sure how reliable this guy is, but seems to have got a few things right recently. Despite his age, I do like Ings if we can get him for a reasonable price.
  2. When asked if he was aware of Olise's £8 million release clause, Reading's manager said not at all. Now whether that means there is one or not, I'm not so sure, but many Reading fans seem to think it would have been met by now if it was so low. They're pushing for promotion for the first time in years and apparently have billion Chinese owners (sound familiar?), who my Reading-supporting mate says are really stubborn and wouldn't accept anything but a really high offer if there's no release clause (probably around £25-30 million). I'd love to get him in and to be wrong about how much he'll cost, but he might not be as cheap as everyone thinks.
  3. Don't get ahead of yourselves lads, it was only Liverpool. It's not like we played against Aston Villa.
  4. I hope I'm wrong in this instance, but I get the feeling that Percy's not as informed as he usually is this transfer window...
  5. The way I read it (which involves a bit of guesswork on my part) is that WB are the blockers due to fee/payment structure (as discussed) and Milot is happy to come here. WB probably either want us to cough up a bit extra or want Milot to put in a transfer request, so that they get to keep more of the transfer fee. Milot originally had his heart set on (and expected to join) a Champions League club, so is unlikely to force a move to us and is happy to hold off until the last possible minute, so that he doesn't lose his share of the fee for not requesting a transfer. Also, if another Leipzig-style club comes in, he then has the luxury of options. I think everyone knows that WB will cave at some point due to their financial situation, but it's a waiting game until then. I can understand Milot not handing in a transfer request (like it seems a lot of people want him to do so that he can come here quicker) but I'd probably do the same as him in that situation and pocket a fair chunk of money in the process. I do, however, believe he's been convinced that Villa will be a great club for him, with our ambition to get to where the likes of Leipzig are and with his old friend Nakamba being here. That's how I see it anyway, though it could all be pollocks...
  6. Is he our first Argentinian player.......? All of my Arsenal and Reading supporting mates arce telling me that we've got one hell of a keeper on our hands. Someone that also has the right motivations and who seems like a really good guy. He may seem a tad expensive right now but, in the long-term, I think we've got a bargain here.
  7. Ramsey looks so composed on the ball. Love to see that!
  8. So much hyperbole in this thread with people getting very stressed out over something they can't control. He might have been rubbish previously, but many players have looked dreadful, then come good in the right environment. How about we wait a few months and see how he's doing once he's played a bit? With all of the good that's going on at the club at the moment I'm surprised to see so much anger.
  9. I like versatility in players and there are clear benefits to being able to mix things up during a match and between matches. I do get the feeling, though, that by getting in Watkins and Cash, Smith will think we've got enough for RW, even with it being both player's secondary position. Whilst I think we need round pegs in round holes and I'd love an out-and-out LW, RW and ST to come in, I think if we get those two in and someone like Rashica (which looks increasingly unlikely) who can play LW and up front, Smith might think that we're covered across the front line, which leaves me nervous. I also don't think we'll get more than one striker in - I think it'll be Watkins and that's it. Whilst I'd love 3/4 players to come in across our front line, realistically I don't think it'll happen now.
  10. If you're looking to discuss Edouard, you want the John McGinn thread. This is the Edouard thread.
  11. I'd rather he was sold than loaned out, but villareport is probably talking rubbish like usual anyway.
  12. His feet must have been massive!
  13. I'd rather not fund/encourage them to write that fabricated tosh by clicking on it and contributing to their digital ad revenue.
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