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  1. Don't like that we are taking long throw ins at every chance in the oppositions third. Save it for a few times in the match. Other than the Ings goal, can't remember too many times we looked very threatening from it.
  2. His chance will come. The current formation is not optimal for him.
  3. There will be a lot of experimenting with this squad, so feel we need to be patient until the 2nd half of the season when we will have a better idea of what works best.
  4. We rode the 3-5-2 as much as we could. Now back to regularly scheduled programming.
  5. Why is GK kit yellow? Clashes with Wolves. Should be the green one.
  6. 7 pts from these matches and we are in business.
  7. Wonder if mid-season we will recall some of our loanees (Barry, Young) and send a few from this group out instead (Caleb, A.Ramsey).
  8. Recently top sides have shown you dont need a prolific goal scorer and can do it by committee, so I am not too concerned about how many goals our strikers get, however the number of chances Watkins has missed is poor and needs improvement.
  9. Our formation will really dictate who we sign in the next two transfer windows. For example if we play 3-5-2 we probably need a proper left wingback.
  10. We are still not in peak form. Watkins, Buendia, Traore and Bailey have a lot more to give.
  11. I'm feeling good about today. Believe we can get a result.
  12. We were drooling over Barkley after his first few matches too.
  13. Perfect for the squad. Would love to have a foursome of Konsa, Tuanzebe, Mings and Hause for another two years with Bogarde replacing one of them when he is ready to step up.
  14. Thought we played really well. Buedia just does not look comfortable in the middle. Think he really needs to be on the wing.
  15. Read that injury record is a key criteria in our recruitment. So we are really having rotten luck.
  16. Thought he had a really good half. He was holding his head and the physios did not touch his body, so maybe a head-knock?
  17. This is a good balance of fielding a strong side and giving minutes to players who need it.
  18. They look quite good. They will be fine.
  19. Can you substitute like that after the penalty kick has been awarded? We should bring on El Ghazi anytime we have a PK late in the second half.
  20. I don't feel we have the wingbacks to play a 3-5-2 on a regular basis. Save it for the odd game. Needs to be 4-3-3 with a rotation of Ings, Watkins, Bailey and Traore up front. Smith needs to manage playing time delicately.
  21. If we acquired Smith-Rowe and he played like this in his first 5 matches, we would all be saying it was 30M well spent!
  22. Looking forward to seeing Sanson. Hope his omission from the Everton game was not injury related and Smith knowing he was going to start on Wednesday.
  23. Not worth getting too invested in any one player in the Academy, as youth development is unpredictable. JPB and Archer were hardly talked about even up until a few weeks back.
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