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  1. Anyone know if Drinkwater played in behind closed doors game against Cardiff
  2. Does his contract expire this summer. Transfer market has his value at 6.5 million pounds. What's people's thoughts on his value. If we have not done do, hope we renew his contract.
  3. Conjecture earlier that he going to play on the right... did he or on his preferred left. Thanks in advance
  4. Sorry don't post often. @useless didn't quote above... it was my post .. sorry
  5. soezetoc

    Wesley Moraes

    Anyone aware of injury sustained in closed door game against Kuwait?
  6. So that's significantly different to past years... We have to get it right from the off.... (no wait a month and see where we need strengthing. ).
  7. Hi. Can anyone advise when transfer window opens .....and then "slams" shut. Cheers thanks in advance. .
  8. soezetoc

    Dean Smith

    I thought Whelan had retired from International play. Yes stupid me forgot about Elmo and Connor. Wonder if Tammy will still go given he came off injured.
  9. soezetoc

    Dean Smith

    In his post match presser Smith indicated 8/9 players called up for international duty. Wondering who they are. Taylor, Mcginn, kodjia, Kalinic and BB is all I can come up with. Just wondering who Smith will have available to work hi magic with over the break
  10. Same here using samsung mobile
  11. Thank you .. much appreciated. Do the club still do buses to away games ( realise there is a fee )
  12. Hi Guys. I am Australian and will be holidaying in UK in April. It seems the only game I can remotely make is the away game at leeds. Obviously I have no booking history . Would I still be able to get 2 tickets. Also advice on best way to get there. ( I won't have a car) Thanks in advance.
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