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  1. Has it been confirmed that both Emi's are in Croatia?
  2. Hi Omar. Does the new format mean the demise of Chadsy and Juggsy. I really enjoyed their observations.
  3. Does anyone know if he is Argentina Olympic squad. ? That could affect timing of signing if link is real
  4. Yes, Birmingham were just as bad as us last season. Hope they are on right course
  5. Another player signed Chantelle boys From Everton
  6. Agree totally. I was only pointing out stats re increase in cases, which may backup observations of increase hospitalisations. Im in Australia but cousin works at Queen Elizabeth Hosp....he says hospital cases on the increase as well.
  7. Weekly trend show a 24% increase in cases over the previous 7 days. No idea how cases impact on hospitisations....still reason for concern there
  8. Yep. . Really missed the pod during absence... hope your family is ok. Am a keen podcast listener having started with Villa View. Have to admit your is far and away my favourite pod. Have to ask was blue between Chad's and Jugsy real or just amped up for the pod... presume it was.
  9. Hi Omar. Love the pod... thank you. As a matter if interest are the two regular guests mentioned above villatalk posters. Love their analysis and would like to pay more attention to their posts if they are here.
  10. So any idea what he would be worth now ?
  11. So what's the consensus on whether he starts or off the bench against Liverpool. I suspect he will come off the bench given CH goal against Fulham. Dean seems to ease new players in. I personally would play him from the off.
  12. So is he available against Liverpool... minutes against Stoke?
  13. Hi mate, I live in Australia... please don't underestimate how important your podcast is to all tge overseas fans. I love listening to a host of podcasts and am glued to Villa Talk . Think your podcast is superb. Sincere thanks
  14. Forgive me if im mistaken. When this guy first joined wasnt there observations that the liverpool fans thought he was crap because he couldnt get deals over the line. Ie wasnt he trying to sign Barry for Liverpool. Which as we know was unsucessful.
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