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  1. The only interest for me is the Coventry City fixtures. I am assuming that they will be playing "at home" on the same weekend as us. Will the times of both fixtures be moved to accommodate policing requirements?
  2. Not sure but Stoke need a striker. Think we can do a swap deal Hogan for Butland? I wonder how much Hogan would knock off the Butland fee?
  3. mattyg38


    We have just been promoted and yet we currently have no strikers and no central defenders. It will take time to integrate these new players into the team so that we can hit the ground running at the start of the season. Losing the first 10 games whilst the squad gets to know each other is not an option. This player will fit into the DS way of playing as he has done it before. For a very small outlay this is a very clever signing that will allow us to concentrate on other areas of the pitch
  4. I would absolutely watch matches on the red button on Sky, however i am over the moon that I never have to spend my Saturday nights watching the highlights on Quest
  5. When Sheffield Utd won promotion, the Sheff Wed owner released a statement on Swfc.co.uk congratulating them. Come on bcfc.com, you know what you have to do!!
  6. How would you rate Hughton on the Peppulis management scale? He centainly isnt anti -football so I am not sure where he is better suited to West Brom or Middlesbrough. I think he plays decent football but I am sure if you asked Brighton fans see him closer to anti-football that total football.
  7. I think you are confusing FFP with the TV money deal. Distributing the TV money more evenly across the leagues could reduce the chances of failing FFP for the lower league clubs as their income would be higher, however I suspect (no evidence for this) that this would just mean that the wages and transfer expenditure of the lower league clubs would increase. The point is that simply increasing TV money will not remove the concerns that people have with FFP. I think the fundamental principle of clubs not spending more than they can bring in is sound. My concern with FFP is that should a rich owner(s) decide that they want to put there own money into the club in order to acheive what they want then this should be allowed as long as the debt does not become attached to the club, i.e. the money should be gifted. An owner may want to do this is they believe the club will be worth more if promotion is achieved, but does not tie the club to debt from their owner or investors if there is not promotion.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday fans reckon he has been interviewed last week to replace their manager
  9. Here is his twitter handle rather than instagram if anyone is interested. https://twitter.com/bigal2881
  10. I am wondering would any of us accept that. If you have a contract that going to pay you for another twelve months and access to club doctors and physios during that period, would you accept half the money? If he was going to another club then fine, he gets additional money, but if he plans to retire due to the injuries then surely all of us would try to maximize any final payouts. What does the club get out of it if it has to pay up his wages in full ? Just curious.
  11. Is that any worse than buying utter shite from other leagues and hoping for the best?
  12. I think you will find we came 20th in the Premier League last year so "by rights" we belong in the championship and until we manage to get promotion we belong to stay there. I think Bruce is our best chance at getting promoted but I think this season would be too much of an ask for anyone.
  13. Better offer from someone else? I remain optimistic that he will leave (wondering if he still has a good friendship with Moyes from his Everton days)

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