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  1. That was a disgraceful half of football by Villa. I wouldn’t be against a triple substitution at half time with nakamba elmo and Conor coming off for drinkwater trez and el ghazi and play grealish in the middle. But instead we will see nothing for 20 minutes until we’re 2 0 down when he will swap samatta for Davis
  2. A step forward from Southampton yes most definitely but we could have done more today after keeping it within one goal I expect a little more drive in an attacking sense
  3. I have to agree with this, I didn’t see much of a fight and we only ever looked adventurous when it was too late with minutes to go. Were 1 goal down in a final and we allowed city to spray it around like they were in a pre season training camp.
  4. Should have gone 2 up top. Why take Samatta off? He’s so clueless
  5. Can’t blame other results were second from bottom because that’s where we deserve to be
  6. The teams around us ability to take points from the ‘top’ teams once again proving why we’re dead certs to go down. We have taken 1 point all season from the top 10
  7. **** it, didn’t sack Smith In December and now we are Paying the price. Anyone who thinks we have a glimmer of hope of staying up must have started watching football yesterday
  8. We are going down, absolutely atrocious. We are really really poor. Even grealish has given up now, see ya back in the championship
  9. If we never bought 3 championship centre backs in the summer we would have stayed in this league comfortably. We played some excellent stuff in that first half and looked a very good football team. But you can’t win games with defenders like that
  10. didn’t expect such a shockingly bad performance after such a positive couple of weeks, but that’s villa in a nutshell. If we can’t beat Bournemouth or even look remotely threatening against their 10 men we really are doomed. We need 5 wins and have lost our first winnable game. Relegation very likely
  11. Not really sure we did, I think we nicked an early goal and tried to defend it for 70 minutes. Perhaps we need to go for a second more often if we get in those situations
  12. We need to start taking the game to these so called bigger teams because everyone around us seems to be doing it. Are we the only team to lose every game against the top 10?
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