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Are we turning into the new Stoke?


Is hoofball our game now?  

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  1. 1. Are we becoming the new Stoke?

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    • I can't be arsed to even credit this question with an answer

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What's with all these big men strikers we are signing instead of creative footballing players? Anybody else worried about the amount of big blockhead front men we are signing? We only really have Westwood (and Benteke when we aren't hoofing it towards him) who plays with a footballing brain now Bannan as gone.
I'm guessing the Scottish manager cliches are coming into play here but I see more Stoke City than Borussia Dortmund with our new signings! 

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Any better evidence apart from a goal against Rotheram? Why are all our strikers big and tall? Worrying direction is it not?


Yeah if the players are strong and/or tall then we're definitely going the way of Stoke.


Should try watching the Agbonlahor chance at Chelsea (which he should of finished) some fabulous passing, shame about the finish. We've played some really good football as of late.


Still laughing at you using the size of the strikers to insinuate that means we play hoof ball.

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