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  1. Not sure about headers but out of 24 duels, he won 18 and had 16 clearances. Grealish was fouled 11 times and won 14 out of 16 duels.
  2. I'm hoping this is an intentional dive out of the cup in spectacular fashion so he gets a war chest of cash to throw around.
  3. Except instead of hiring RDM we'd be having the second coming of McLeish.
  4. Always liked this away kit, something similar would be great but I dont think we'll get it judging by the teaser.
  5. It's the first thing on the OS?
  6. To be fair, if you're going to throw yourself at everything then there's always a decent chance of an OG. Still think he was great as a DM.
  7. Don't be surprised if you see Jean-Luc Picard there.
  8. The decision makers have taken Kingman's concerns into consideration.
  9. Harry Redknapp, the only man capable of getting you dropped 3 tiers in one season.
  10. I love visiting my Chinese relatives, they just feed you to the brim. A lot like Irish mammies who are habitual feeders too.
  11. I may have a smelly poo face but my pants are only wee, not wee wee.
  12. Actually, just disabled easylist and it's working. I'll see if I can change some settings to suit my needs/enable ads.
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