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Cup o' tea


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There's a British Standard for making tea - no kidding - see linked pdf

BS 6008:1980 ISO 3103:1980:


Method for Preparation of a liquor of tea for use in sensory tests



7.1 Test portion

Weigh, to an accuracy of ± 2 %, a mass of tea corresponding to 2 g of tea per 100 ml of liquor (i.e. 5,6 ± 0,1 gofteaforthelargepotor 2,8 ± 0,05 g for the small pot described in the Annex) and transfer it to the pot (5.1).

7.2 Preparation of liquor 7.2.1 Preparation without milk

Fill the pot containing the tea with freshly boiling water1) to within 4 to 6 mm of the brim (i.e. corresponding approximately to 285 ml in the case of the large pot and 140 ml in the case of the small pot described in the Annex) and put on the lid. Allow the tea to brew for 6 min, and then, holding the lid in place so that the infused leaf is held back, pour the liquid through the serrations into the bowl (5.2) corresponding to the pot selected. Remove and invert the lid, transfer the infused leaf to it and place the inverted lid on the empty pot to allow the infused leaf to be inspected. In the case of fine, powdery dust grades, special care should be taken and a sieve may be required.

7.2.2 Preparation with milk

Pour milk free from any off-flavour (for example raw milk or unboiled pasteurized milk) into the bowl (5.2), using approximately 5 ml for the large bowl and 2,5 ml for the small bowl described in the Annex.

Prepare the liquor as described in 7.2.1 but pour it into the bowl after the milk, in order to avoid scalding the milk, unless this procedure is contrary to the normal practice in the organization concerned.

If the milk is added afterwards, experience has shown that the best results are obtained when the temperature of the liquor is in the range 65 to 80 °C when the milk is added.

While addition of milk is not essential, it sometimes helps to accentuate differences in flavour and colour.....

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There is also the ANSI standard for tea, which bars adding dairy products and deprecates adding sugar.

This sort of ANSI versus ISO conflict is nothing new in standardization proceedings...

(Why anyone would want to adulterate perfectly good tea with milk or sugar is beyond me)

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People from New England know **** all about tea Levi. Last time we tried to teach you lot how to make a good cuppa the locals got a bit confused and threw it all into Boston habour. Heathens.

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